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The Great Depression's Chains

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FC: The Great Depression Chains

1: The Great Depression Chains by Tressa Scott

3: Thanks to the help of google and excellent resource websites I was able to put this little book together on the Great Depression. This was a project for my 9th grade history class of which I very much enjoyed.

4: Index Chapter 1 "Ignited"....................... 4 Chapter 2 "Who?"......................,.10 Chapter 3 "Waiting"..................... 14 Chapter 4 "Break Through"........20

6: 4. | ~The Great Depression Chains~

7: Chapter 1 Ignited The Great Depression, a huge piece in American History is in History books all over America. Some however leave out some important details, such as how it even ignited. The war ended, streets crowded with people, everyone now feeling free to open their pocket books and spend. Stores inventory dwindled, the supply and demand sky rocketing, and money flowing like a river. Neighboring businesses competing for the better sale price , the economy at its high, smiling people, happy with their recent buy. 5. | Ignited

8: ~The Great Depression Chains~ People decided to invest creating a huge flow of money into the stock market. This became known as a bull market. Some people warned that the market would crash, but many did not take head to this advice. The income of money came in bountiful and the stocks rose.This all sounded good but when you look into the details this was actually the beginning of the fall. Businesses compete to stay in business by lowering the prices. The lower the price, the more products will sell but if that price becomes too low than no money will be made. The price of running a business was growing sky high and to stay is business the price of products had to stay knee low, this created big problems. On October 29th 1929 the Stock Market crashed. That day became know as Black Tuesday. 4.

9: Brooklyn Daily Eagle "Wall St. In Panic As Stocks Crash" 5. | Ignited

10: Unemployed men 8. | ~The Great Depression Chains~

11: People lost more than a few bits of pocket change that day, and as an end result they started saving money and stopped spending. Businesses could not stay open because of the business being slow, so shops closed and the percent of unemployment shot up. People had no employment which meant, no money. | Ignited | 9.

12: 10. | ~The Great Depression Chains~

13: Chapter 2 "Who?" The Great Depression was a horrible time in American history. It spread like a wildfire across the nation hitting everyone in it's path. Everyone was effected by the Great Depression from rich Tycoons to the farmers. People all over America in some way felt the pain of the Depression. A rich man might not face the every day struggles of what many Americans had to face but he would face his own struggles such as keeping his business running with the rising cost of supplies as mentioned in "Ignited". | "Who?"

14: African Americans and immigrants faced extremely grave conditions during the Depression. Much of America was still racist which made buying food or getting a job very hard. They had the last pick of the barrel on many things. They received poor treatment from whites and still yet they had the courage to get through. 12. | ~The Great Depression Chains~

15: "Who" | 13,

16: Chapter 3 Waiting The Great Depression took a long and unwanted stead. People waited and stood by sending their families off to other family members. Soup kitchens were filled to their limits with hungry, unemployed men and women. People would do anything just to have a meal. Life was extremely hard after the Depression hit. It took lots of hope just to make it day by day. People watched as their children suffered the effects of starvation, disease, and poverty. Children helped their parents work from dawn to dusk scraping for food, doing whatever odd jobs they could for pennies. 14. | ~The Great Depression Chains~

17: 15.

18: Farming was a hard life before the Great Depression. After the Great Depression however it became miserable. Farmers had a hard time buying seeds and selling crops. Droughts were also a major problem for farmers or people in the urban areas. With out water farmers had no crops and the people had nothing to drink, but this was not the only problem with droughts. Dust storms also know an Dust Bowls took on a tragic role in the farmers and urban dwellers lives. The Dust Bowls could have dust clouds that could be as big as a title wave in a Tsunami. 10.

19: 11.

20: Life in the cities were not the most favorable either. Trash laid on the streets, hungry people every where, ruffly assembled shacks on the outskirts; were all part of the scenery in the cities. All of the trash, dirty people, and diseases also caused an awful stench in some places. Life during the Depression was rough but Americans managed to hang on. | 18. | ~The Great Depression Chains~

21: "Waiting" | 19.

22: 20. | ~The Great Depression Chains~

23: Chapter 4 "Break Through" Franklin D. Roosevelt was the proceeding president after Hoover. He proposed several plans and ideas such as the New Deal and put them in place only to fail. He finally decided to try the idea of rationing. He recruited 12 million people who included women, African Americans and soldiers. World War ll had begun and supplies were greatly needed. With much of America in the army there were jobs available for the rest of America to work in factories. With these new jobs arising people became more confident and were able to start pulling themselves out of the deep pit they had fallen into. 21. | "Breakthrough"

24: ~The Great Depression Chains~ | 22.

25: The Great Depression was a terrible time for the American people. Lasting from 1929 until 1939 it took a deadly effect on America. People died of starvation and diseases, children left without parents, the Great Depression was devastating era. One of which we should learn from and choose not to follow the same path. | "Breakthrough" | 23.

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  • Title: The Great Depression's Chains
  • The great depression, every history book covers it but it is a part of our American history that must be embraced as a fact and seen as it trulely was.
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