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The Great Gatsby Scrapbook

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FC: Surviving the struggle never satisfies

1: Jay Gatsby | For Jay, I used a picture of the angel Lucifer falling from Heaven. I think it symbolizes where Gatsby came from; a small town lifestyle in middle America, and what he became; a big city bootlegger with a taste for decadent stylings. In the end, much like Lucifer, his pride got the best of him, and I believe Karma played her role. | -Born James "Jimmy" Gatz (p.98) -Traveled around the Continent 3 times with Dan Cody (p.100) -Was commisioned a Lieutenant in the Army during the Great War (p.66) -Now owns a 40 acre estate on West Egg, NY (p.5) -Fell in love with Daisy before he left for the war, and never stopped loving her (p.110) | His possesiveness over Daisy never left him. He always fought, against the current I might add, a long and grueling struggle to gain her heart back. That is what truly defined the Gatsby we know.

2: Jay Gatsby | "Only Gatsby, the man who gives his name to this book, was exempt from my reaction--Gatsby, who represented everything for which I have an unaffected scorn. If personality is an unbroken series of succesful gestures, then there was something gorgeous about him, some heightened sensitivity to the promises of life, as if he were related to one of those intricate machines that register earthquakes 10,000 miles away." (p.2) | Gatsby was to everyone a representation of opulent decadence , and everyone knew he got what he wanted. It was explained later in this passage, though, that there was something that clouded him, and ultimately eluded him.

3: Jay Gatsby | Decadent-As a West Egger, Gatsby had a responsibility to be gaudy and showy. He always hosted lavish and orgastic parties. Much like Trimalchio, but in a way not. He would never participate, but enjoyed hosting. | Ambitious- Throughout his life journey, Gatsby always wanted something better, and he stopped at nothing to get what he wanted. When he wanted to leave his hometown, he left in a manner similar to Errol Flynn. Especially when he wanted Daisy, as he did everything he could to get her back. | Hapless- From the very beginning of the book, we could tell Gatsby's fate would end badly. Truly, no matter how hard he tried, he could never get to where he wanted to be; that is, with Daisy. He was never destined to be the man he was.

4: Repentance and Spite: A Letter from Jay Gatsby | Well, I truly have lived a life of everything and nothing. No matter how hard I tried to win over my love, nothing worked. Fate was never my friend. The only person who I can say was my true friend was Mr. Nick Carraway. Nick, that crowd was a vicious one, and I was never truly meant to be in the middle of them. You were one of my only true friends, and up to the end, you pulled through for me, old sport. Mr. Wilson, for what reason you murdered me, I shall truly never know. If it was of my fault, I shall regret it always in my time in purgatory. Miss Baker, I never quite knew you, but I thought it would be nice to say something. To the polo player, I truly believe you to be a hulking and brutish fool. Please take care of Daisy and her daughter, and may you forever realize the pains which you have caused. Lastly, to Daisy, whom I loved more than anything else under God's green Earth...C'est la vie. As always and forevermore, Jay Gatsby

6: Nick Carraway | I used the Playbill picture from Death of a Salesman to sum up Nick's adult life. Nick never really knew where he fit in, or if he fit in at all. Like Gatsby, Nick was alone in his city struggle, and in the end, he conceded that the lavish lifestyle of the Eggs were not for him. | -He graduated from Yale in 1915 (p.3) -He fought, reluctantly, in the Great War(p.3) -He came from a family of wealthy businessmen in the midwest (p.3) -He befriends Gatsby, and his life is changed forever(p.47) | When Nick introduced himself to Gatsby, he truly introduced himself to the world. He learns a valuable life lesson, in that through the nature of humanity, struggle and failure are common occurences, not matter what your station is.

7: "Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that all the people in the world haven't had the advantages that you've had." (p.1) | Nick's father says this to him, and I believe it truly defines him. He says he reserves judgement in consequence to this quote, but he often forgets, and in turn contradicts himself. | Nick Carraway

8: Nick Carraway | Mundane- Nick was really nothing out of the ordinary. He was an average commuting plebian, who just wanted to get through the day to day rigamarole and go back to be. The only reason his life really experienced any change was because of his chance meeting with Gatsby. | Tame- Nick never seems to lose his temper in the novel. He barely raises his voice. Contrary to Tom's behavior, he tries to maintain a certain air about himself, one that reflects a life of a gentleman. | Watchful- Nick is a very observant man. Throughout the chain of events that occurs, Nick documents everyone in enourmous detail. I even considered him to stalk a little bit.

9: Gatsby, You Wise Fool... A letter from Nick Carraway | Gatsby, your life always seemed to amaze me. Like something out of a Dumas novel, you always pulled ahead and wore a smile. You could've done so much more with your time, met so many other people, but alas you fool. You sophmoric genius. You had an agenda, and it failed you.I tried to help you out, but your stubborn nature got the best of you. You lived much to fast for your own sake. Maybe one day, I'll see you again, and I'll tell you in person how I think of your actions. Still I can truly say you were a friend. Most sincerely, The Old Sport

10: Daisy Buchanan | Daisy, to me, was best represented by a flower. Not a full and luscious rose, but a wilting flower that has lost its beauty, just as she lost her innocence and free spirit in the novel. | -Daisy was Gatsby's first true love, and her first "experience"(p.110) -After Gatsby left for the war, she married Tom Buchanan.(p.104) -She loved Gatsby, but she also loved Tom. She decided to stay with Tom.(p.147) | When she turned off the light in her room, Daisy was turning off the light on her and Gatsby, finally leaving her past behind.

11: Daisy Buchanan | Broken- She was never truly the same after she married Tom. She was more submissive and lived her life on a kind of invisible leash, with Tom at the lead. Ignorant- She never really knows what Tom is up to, but she has a vauge idea, and tries to forget about it. Shes living in a state of denial. Gentle- Throughout the story, Daisy maintains the aura of a nice northern gentlewoman. She, much like Nick, never really loses her temper.

12: To Jay, A Letter from Daisy | Jay, I have moved on. You were a great man, and I will never forget your actions, but I have my own life now. The world does not wait forever, and I have a daughter to raise. Please don't think I am dismissing you as a demon in my past. Just please. Move on with your life, as I did with mine. Love, Daisy

13: Tom Buchanan | The fire in Tom's eyes is a great description of how he looks at life; as a fighting ring that he owns. | -Tom was cheating on Daisy with Myrtle Wilson(p.15) -Tom was a violent man, and broke his mistresses nose.(p.37) -He was a racist that believed in only himself(p.14) | When Tom was describing the books on racial purity, we got a grand idea of what defined his abbohorrant life.

14: Tom Buchanan | "It's up to us, who are the dominant race, to watch out or those other races will have control of things." (p.14) | When Tom says this, it introduces us to the boorish man that is Tom. It shows that his ego and ignorance are immovable and he will be a problem to the rest of the charachters.

15: Tom Buchanan | Boorish- Tom is a man that imposes on everyone, and his manners are never satisfactory to anyone but a member of the Nazi party. He treats everyone as his subjects. Hulking-As many had described him, he is a rather large built bully that hovers over all and makes everything his business. Spiteful- When something happens, he always takes it personally and makes it his business. He is a vengeful man.

16: Rotter, A Letter from Tom | You rotter. I'm glad you died the way you did. Trying to vilify me, like you ever had a chance with Daisy. I show no remorse at all for what I did, and I hope you are getting yours in purgatory now. -With spite, not sorrow T.B.

17: Jordan Baker | I chose the picture of a golf club because Jordan was based on Fitzgerald's fiance's s friend, who was a female golfer. | -Jordan was a golfer (p.20) --She has a problem with telling the truth(p.57) -Daisy tries to hook Jordan and Nick up (p.19) -Jordan is oblivious to others around her (p.9) | Jordan is a very cold person that is somewhat like Tom, as in she thinks of the world revolving around her.

18: Jordan Baker | Miss Baker's lips fluttered, she nodded at me almost imperceptibly, and then quickly tipped her head back again. (p.9) | Jordan seems to be a kind of elitest that does not have any favor for people she even suspects to be below her station. She seems very materialistic.

19: Jordan Baker | Juenile- She acts like a child around others. She often blames their problems for ruining her day. Inconsiderate- When Nick was having trouble in his life, Jordan came out and said that he was rude in leaving her. She gave no heed to his troubles. Mysterious- We never really know of Jordan's real past and she never truly confides in Nick or anyone else of how she thinks.

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