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The Great Wall of China

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BC: Thank you for viewing my Scrapbook!

FC: The Great Wall of China By: Alessandra G

1: Dedicated to all my friends.

2: During Ancient China there was one construction that let China have more visitors, thanks to this construction. This construction that is today still in the country of China, is called The Great Wall of China. Many people ask them self which is the most visited place of the entire Great Wall of China, but even thought people won’t believe these because they will maybe think its the middle of the wall, but its not. The most visited part is close to Beijing, and thousands of people visit that place. In this resume from the notes that I took from many books, I am going to talk about: Where in China does the Great Wall passes, the description of the Great Wall, and for what was used the watch towers. In those paragraphs you can have some information about all those topics that I already listed. So remember the Great Wall of China is still there in China, maybe you want to visit it! If you go take lots of pictures and show them to me so that I can see and learn more about the Great Wall of China. I learned a lot about the Great Wall of China, but I can tell you without knowing that there is much more to learn about the Great Wall even thought you think it is just a big wall, its not only that and I wish my country Venezuela could have one of those walls to help protect my country from other countries that want to attack my country.

3: Many people thought that the Great Wall was easy to build, but it was one of the most difficult things to build in Ancient China. Most parts of the Great Wall were built with granite blocks. The east part of the great wall was made with the granite blocks. The sides had stones, brick, and inside the wall it was full of Earth, Earth was the people in the Earth. The top of the Great Wall was also of bricks that formed a road that was used by the workers who built the wall and by the soldiers who defended the Great Wall. Now in the other side in the West part of the wall, it goes by the hilly areas and along the borders of deserts. Stone and brick were scarce in the hilly areas, and the workers used earth that in this case it was things that were use full and workers were able to get in the hilly areas and in the deserts. To build this part of the wall they wet the floor and there they were going to build and make the land solid to work better. Many years had passed from the day the Wall was build so many parts of it had crumbled so they are not there, but much of it is there still today. Today and during Ancient China Mount Badaling near Beijing, is one of the most visited sections of the Great Wall of China. It rises to about 35 ft high, 25 ft wide, and the base to about 20 ft at the top.

4: The Great wall passes thought many places in only one country. As you know, there is north, south, east, and west in every single country so back there in Ancient China, the Great Wall passes in all 4, north, south, east and west. It goes through, the main line across northern china. In the west part of china, it goes by, the hilly areas and along the borders of many deserts; the end of the main line is in the Lop Nur region of the provinces of Xinjiang. In the east part of China the Great Wall is build by the mountainous Mongolian Border Uplands, still in the east it goes by another mountain of China, the Yellow River, the city that in Ancient China was called Peking that now in modern times it’s called Beijing. Also, in the Yellow Sea you can see the Great Wall, and the main line ends at Shanhaiguan, a town near Qinhuangdao on the big coast of the Bo gulf. At also, by another coast called Citadel located in the Gulf of Liaotung. It took a long time to build this wall many dynasties to build this wall and many people ask where the middle of the wall is. The middle of the wall is located in a big region called the Mud Region. Also, the middle is across the Ordos Steppes that is a desert but is know by the big sand dunes, and then it passes through the big Yellow River.

5: There is something called the Watch Tower that exist in the Great Wall of China and it has a great job and it was used a lot by the workers that built the Great Wall. One of the best things that these watch towers did to let other people do what they wanted to do, was that it permitted Chinese soldiers if the Barbarians were going to invade the country. Other of its job was to let China communicate with other countries with smoke and fire on top of the watch towers and they could also ask for help. Fire meant warning to other countries because someone was attacking all of the countries close to China. Smoke was used as a code so that enemies’ didnt know what it meant. I fire was lit during the night at every time Chinese were going to send specific information about their enemies. During the Ming Dynasty, gunfire and smoke served as specific signals that anyone knew what it meant. In another dynasty one release of smoke, and one shot of gunfire meant 100 enemy troops were coming. Also, three gunfire shoots or more meant that 1000 enemy troops coming. In other cases, two puffs with two shoots meant 500 invaders coming. Each Watch Tower including its fire platform required around 4-10 soldiers to take care of it and to do their work. They were also in charge to pass instructions to the sentries, and for collecting firewood, cow and wolf dung for the fires.

7: As you can see, I am really interested in this wonderful topic, and you saw it reading my resume and I think you learned pretty much about the Great Wall of China. This was a great topic to research about, but it was kind of hard trying to make the notes fit in 250 words without putting anything else. I learn a lot about this topic and I hope you did too. There is more information in web pages and in other books in the library. Many persons from the World wish to go and see the Great Wall of China, and if you have the opportunity to visit the Great Wall of China enjoy it because many poor people wish to go and they dont have the money to go to China. Imagine people who live in China, wont you like to live close to Great Wall and when you wake up you can see the Great Wall that is one of my dreams go to China and see the Great Wall of China. As you can see many people dream to go to the Great Wall of China and they really want to learn about this topic and I had the marvelous opportunity to learn a lot about the Great Wall of China.

8: Bibliography of Books Hardy, Grant. “Great Wall of China.” World Book. 2006 ed. 2006. Print. McNesse, Tim. The Great Wall of China. San Diego: Lucent, 1997. Print. Pruech, Margarete. “Manning the Wall.” Calliope Nov. 2009: 15-17. Print.

9: Quiz of The Great Wall 1.What did it meant when a soldier in the Watchtower made one release of smoke, and one shot of gunfire? 2.How did they call Beijing during Ancient China? 3.With which material was the most parts of the Great Wall built? 4.Which is the most visited part of the Great Wall? 5.List 5 things you didnt know about the Great Wall and now you do.

10: Bibliography of pictures (The Watchtowers)!Map_of_the_Great_Wall_of_China.jpg (Map of the Great Wall) (The Great Wall with mountains)

11: Bibliography of pictures (Building the Wall),0.jpg (Smoke in the Watchtowers) (winter the Great Wall) (Grass and the Great Wall)

13: Contents: Front Cover 1. Dedication 2. Introduction of the Great Wall 3. How was the Great Wall built 4. Where does the Great Wall passes 5. The Watchtowers 6. Picture of the Great Wall 7. Conclusion 8. Quiz of The Great Wall 9. Bibliography for the Books 10. Bibliography of Pictures 11. Bibliography of Pictures 13. Content 14. Back cover

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