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the happenings of 1956

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BC: We didn’t start the fire 1956 Quiz 1)What were the two important actions that Nikita made in the year of 1955? He liberated political prisoners and attacked Stalin by criticizing his methods or ways of doing things. 2)Who won the War between the Soviets and the Hungarian revolution? The Hungarians were very close to a remarkable victory but were tricked by the Soviets. 3) Who officially started the Montgomery boycott in the year of 1956? The boycott did not start in 1956 but in 1955 and it was started by a African-American named Rosa Parks when she was arrested by sitting in a white mans seat and refusing to give up her seat when a man asked her for it. 4)what was Bridgitte bardot most famous for? She was famous for a lot of things but mostly for showing herself naked in her husbands movie “and god created woman” 5)was Princess Grace famous before she married the prince of Monaco? Yes she was a famous American actress. 6)what were Egyptian intelligence training? They were training terrorists to attack Israel on massive scale 7) what was Peyton place? Peyton place was a famous novel originally written by Grace Metalious. The was a sequel to it and also a movie was made in its name.


1: "we didn't start the fire"is a very good and most of all is a very important song because it narrates history throughout time between the years of the 1950's. The author of this song was billy Joel he became very famous with this song because even now a days people can hear it and remember the past. Or better even learn about the past. me and the rest of the 8th grade made a project about this song and its lyrics. because they contain important names or events that happened throughout history.

2: BRIDGITTE BARDOT Brigitte Bardot was born in September 28, 1934 on Paris, France. After some time of dancing she decided to try out for modeling at the age of 15 and ended up in the magazine “Elle”. She was a pretty talented woman who for the first time showed herself naked to the public in the film made by her husband “and god created woman”. She acted in this film as a sex kitten. This film changed a lot of things on other movies because women were more intrigued to do it. | She said she liked making nude scenes because she thought people were hypocrites. The film was about a young woman who was very sexually active and encountered many relationships throughout her life but many failed. Before making this film she made many more but this is the greatest event she did in 1956.

3: PRINCESS GRACE Grace Kelly was born on November 12, 1929 in Pennsylvania. She was a famous movie star who met the prince Rainer of Monaco. She and him were not attracted to each other at first but in the second meeting they had with their friends both the prince and her had an instant connection and fell in love. They had a wedding which was known as the wedding of the year or , as the wedding of the century. They got married in a civil ceremony on the year of 1956. They also wed in a public ceremony but the princess said she hated it, because of all the film that was being taken on her and the strong lighting used for it. She died on September 14, 1982 in Monaco.

4: PEYTON PLACE Peyton place was a very famous novel written by Grace Metalious its 1st draft was written in 1955. The Novel was accepted for publishing one year later and although there was a lot of criticism the book was always in the New-York best sellers’ list. This book was the biggest thing that happened to Grace in her career for that it won her a lot of money and had millions of copies sold. After the book was written a movie was made after it produced by Jerry Wald in 1957. This was a huge it and was nominated to the oscar almost a dozen times. Because of this there was a sequel to the movie known as “return to Peyton place” after all the money she won with the book Grace became a very greedy woman and spent most of her money rapidly and also divorced her husband to marry a disc Jockey.

5: BUDAPEST In the year of 1956 a brutal attack committed by the Soviet’s was launched in an intend to completely end the uprising that had started in Hungary several days earlier. As the month of November came to an end also did most of the fighting and this was the time when Hungarian Prime minister Nagy was arrested. There were many important moments during the time of the cold war and without doubt the defeat of the Hungarian revolution was one of the most shocking of them all. Since the uprising started everything everyone thought would happen took an amazing twist and so the Hungarian revolution was very close to triumph even though they were mostly disarmed or only using kitchen materials to disable military equipment such as war tanks. But the revolution was tricked because the very day that Pravda had produced declaration of equality the USSR decided to take down the revolt with the use of violence.

6: KHRUSHCHEV After Joseph Stalin died a new leader for the Soviet Union emerged and his name was Nikita Khrushchev. He became admired for criticizing strongly but many times not directly the Russian dictator Stalin and his ways of doing things. In 1955 he pretty much attacked Stalin by stating that he was abusing of power and gave order for all political prisoners to be liberated. After this many important Russian leaders tried to kick him out of the way but were unsuccessful and Nikita now tried to make his opponents eve more envious in the communist party. He was also very concerned for the problem that was happening in Hungary and tried to put a stop to the revolt by sending in troops into the middle of the uprising.

7: ALABAMA One day in small Montgomery, Alabama a black woman sat in a bus seat assigned for whites only this was considered a crime at the year of 1955 and Rosa Parks the African-American woman refused to give up her seat after she was ordered by the bus driver. For this act she was arrested but she had told someone when she was in jail why exactly she had been arrested and for this a very famous boycott started, black men and women started boarding the county busses and sitting anywhere they pleased after this little | could be done to stop them. The white community tried to put a stop to the problem but it became clear that there was only one solution. In the year of 1956 the supreme court had to say that segregation on buses was to be stopped and that anyone could sit anywhere they wanted in public transportation vehicles.

8: TROUBLE IN THE SUEZ In 1955, Egypt began to import weapons from the soviet Bloc to build machinery for war with Israel. Egypt began training terrorist to attack Israel by making massive acts of sabotage and murder. Then one year later Nasser the president of Egypt took control or nationalized the Suez Canal. This took a lot of countries by surprise especially the ones who owned the canal company and for this they were eager to take it back. Israel, Britain and France made a secret plot, which was denied for many years. They engaged one side of the Suez Canal by using Israeli forces but were forced to use Britain and France too because the diplomacy planned to use did not work. In December of that year the UN demanded a withdrawal of the troops and the Suez Canal was returned to Egypt’s possession.

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