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The Hundred Years' War+ Turtles= Mass Murder

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S: The Hundred Years' War+ Turtles= Mass Murder

BC: This book is dedicated to our wonderful history teacher Ms. Hennessy who should give us some extra credit and change the generic comment on Joey's snap grade report. BANGER!

FC: Joey Brinkman Alex Palmer Matt Mutter

1: This War is Just like Any Other War. War is like a game and like any game there are teams. So lets look at the Starting Lineup | On The English Side We Have House Plantagenet Burgundy Aquitaine Portugal Navarre Flanders Hainut Luxembourg Holy Roman Empire | On The French Side we Have House Valois Castille Scotland Genoa Majorca Bohemia Crown of Aragon Brittany

2: Weapons England used heavy English longbows, the Machine Gun of The middle ages. The bows helped the English win many hard battles. The had ranges over 1000 yards. The bows took a lot | training to use. The bow was so good they could defeat Heavy knighted armies taking few losses. Crossbows- the French adopted this weapon to defeat England's longbow, but the crossbow took a lot of time to load. Gun powder and cannons This was the first time cannons were used in war. The last battle of the war was decided by the French's skilled cannon men. War was changed forever.

3: The Hundred Years' War began when king of England, Edward III believed he should take the French throne after the death of KIng Charles IV in 1328. KIng Charles IV had no one to take over the throne and since Edward III already had some control of France, two territories, and he was the son of King Charles IV's sister, Isabella, he believed he should be the ruler of both England and France. Instead King Charles IV's cousin Philip was chosen to take the throne. This made King Edward III mad.

4: KIng Edward III was mad but he wasn't in any position to go to war until around 1337. He went to war for two reasons. He believed the French throne belonged to him and he feared that King Philip would take his two territories in France, Gascony and Ponthieu. These lands were gained when William the Conqueror was the king of England in the Battle of Hastings, which united England and Normandy, located in France. King Edward III put an army together full of men who were looking to plunder foreign land for treasures but they were not as worried about war as farming.

7: The Hundred Years War Is divided into three parts. The first part is called The Edwardian War Which lasted from 1337 to 1360. This phase of the War was one by King Edward III and his Son who is known as The Black Prince. The English won many decisive battles in which they were outnumbered heavily. The English Longbow helped win these battles and lead the English to victory.

8: Many famous battles were fought during the Edwardian War Most of them are Victories for the English. Some important battles are Listed: Battle Of the Sluys- A naval Battle for the English Channel Won by England Battle of Crecy- Land battle won by England Chivalry is said to have ended here. Battle of Poitiers- Land battle won by English Siege of Calais- A port city captured By England The Edwardian Ended In 1360 When The Treaty Of Bretigney Was SIgned Peace Lasted until 1369

9: Next phase of the war is the Caroline War. The War was restarted by Charles V and he put his best general In Charge of Reclaiming the French Lands. Bertrand Du Guesclin. He used guerrilla warfare to | quickly reclaim the lost French Lands. Many of England's Best Generals were captured by Du Guesclin, so the English were greatly weakened. The French eventually won this phase of the War Reclaiming Most of their homeland. A truce occurred 1389 ending the fighting for a little while. This happened because King Charles VI was going insane and France was on the verge of Civil War fighting for his throne. Meanwhile in England two separate uprisings occurred in Ireland and Wales and Scotland was attacking their northern border.

10: King Charles VI The Mad. No one knows what made Charles VI go insane we just know the symptoms he suffered from. Some of symptoms are forgetting his family, insisting his name was George, forgetting he was King, not bathing for five months and going to the bathroom standing up because he thought he was made of glass and did not want to shatter his buttocks.

11: The Final Phase of The Hundred Years War is The Lancastrian War. It started in 1415 when Henry V invaded Normandy in an attempt to take back lands lost in the Caroline War. This is arguably the most famous Phase of the Hundred Years War. It was in this Phase that Joan of Arc, Henry V, and Charles VII became famous. Even though the English won some key battles the French won the war pushing the English out of France. England was weakened by a civil war known as the War of The Roses, which hurt their ability to attack France. Even though the Hundred Years war was over The King of England Claimed to be the King of France until 1801

12: The use of the middle finger as an insult came out of this war. The English longbow the machine gun of the Middle Ages was made of Yew wood. In order to fire it one must pull back on the string with their middle finger. The French hated the longbow so much that they chopped of the middle finger of every captured English soldier. Then at the battle of Azincourt the English who were heavily out numbered defeated the French and as an insult the English raised their middle finger and said "We Can Pluck You". Now we take out the "pl" and put in an "f"

14: Joan of arc Basics She is a national hero of France and a catholic saint. She was born a peasant, and led French armies to Major victories at Orleans and Reims. she was devoutly religious and Claimed Divine intervention . She died at age 19.

16: Joan of Arc was born in the year of 1412. She was born in a small town in France, to a farmer. Her parents were loyalist to the Crown, But her town was all Burgundian. They were always threatened. In 1424, Joan of Arc had her First Godly vision. The spirits of the three Patron saints of France told her to Drive out the English occupants, and to End the French crown dispute. She wanted to join the army at !6 years old , but when she went to enlist she was mocked and denied the chance. Later that year she had three French Dukes as her patrons. When she enlisted, this time she was accepted. Soon after this she was sent to lift the siege of Orleans. She arrived in white armor, and gave hope to all of the men.

17: The Siege of Orleans Joan was sent to lift the English siege of Orleans by Charles the seventh. On April 28th she arrived with a relief army and drove away the English in 9 days. She drove them from forts with only one contingent of men with her. In her victory the uncrowned king Charles was officially the new king of France. He did not thank her well....

18: Divine Interventions?? Joan believed she was blessed by god, and said she had visions of what to do, and she was lucky. She was shot a lot, and lived and she was hit by a cannon round. once her men were starving, while wondering they found a man who made a town plant beans, her arrived and was feed. Whether she was blessed or not she had a lot of things happen to her

19: Wins Orleans Reims Patay Luire river Every Bridge in France

20: Capture Joan went to stop a English invasion in compiegne. She engaged a larger force, and was losing men rapidly. She sounded a retreat, and would be the last to leave the field , the most honorable position. Her back caravan was overwhelmed, and she was incapacitated. King Charles the seventh never tried to get her back.

21: Trial Joan was tried in a English court. She was charged for Heresy , and put in a mans prison where she was attacked and raped. Heresy was punishable by death. The English made her sign a form for her death, she did willingly( she could not read. She was burnt alive at the age of 19.

22: Joan Changed the war and helped end it, she gave France independence as a country, and died unjustly Because of Charles the 7th. She named a king, helping end French feudalism. She was a Great warrior.

24: The Aftermath of the Hundred Years War was the strengthening of the Monarchies of England And France. England may have lost control of their French territories but this made the country much easier to govern. | So for England to lose the Hundred Years war didn't matter matter. France had their Monarchy greatly strengthened. Feudalism in France Gave the central government little power. People were mainly loyal to feudal lords and not to the king. This made France hard to govern as a Country because it will was basically like a bunch of small independent countries with the same name. So Feudalism was holding France way back. It even hindered their military because knights on horses were no match for common English Man with a Longbow. After the Hundred Years War Feudalism ended in France allowing its Monarchy to Grow allowing France to catch up with the times. I

25: Interesting Facts The total war lasted 116 years. Jack Churchill is the only person to get a kill using The English longbow during WWII. During the battle of Azincourt English Archers fought without pants because many of them had Dysentery. Henry V exploits in France are portrayed in the Shakespeare Play "Henry V" Henry V died a week out after the battle of Azincourt The last Duke of Burgundy was Charles The Foolhardy 185250 French and English Died

26: The English Soldiers had experience fighting before the Hundred Years War by fighting the Scottish After The Hundred Years War The Tudor family was the next dynasty to rule England Archers could fire 12 arrows a minute using the Longbow Many Mercenaries Were used during this war on both sides but they were expensive and disloyal. During the Battle of Cercy 1,000 Genoese Mercenaries Were Killed by their French Allies for leaving the Battle. Joan of Arc only carried a banner into battle. The King of Bohemia was John the Blind who despite being almost blind commanded his troops. At the battle of Cercy. Prince Edward of Wales is known as the Black Prince because he wore all Black Plate Armor. Robin Hood is said to Have served King Edward III but this cannot be proved

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