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The Iliad Monomyth

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FC: The Great story of the Iliad

1: The call would be the death of Ptriclus because until then Achilles wanted nothing to do with the war or to fight the Trojans and just go home. | ''Tomrrow morning if you care to look youwill see my ships on hellenspoint and my men rowing out to sea," (Homer 150) | "Thus did the two with many tears implore their son, but they moved not the heart of Hector, and he stood his ground awaiting huge Achilles as he drew nearer towords him," (Homer 359)

2: The refusal to the call is when Achellies refuses to fight in battles for Agammemnon becuase he took away Briseis, a prized woman Achilles one in war. Agammemnon took Briseis because he had to give up Chryiseis since she was kidnapped. "Sure and solemly o I swearthat hereafter they shall look fodnly for Achillies and shall not find him. In the day of distress when your men fall dieing by the murderous hand of Hector, you shall not know how to help them, and shall rend your heart with rage for the hour when you offered insult to the bravest of the Acheans'' (Homer 26)

3: Supernatural aid is when Achilles calls on his mother, Thetis, to punish Agamemmnon for taking Briseis away from him and she goes to Jove hoping that he would help ease her sons heartache. Thetis said '' I will go to the snowy heights of Olympus and tell this tale to Jove, if he will here our prayer'' (Homer 30)

4: Crossing the Threshold. This is when Achilles sails for Troy because he leaves his home behind in an ultimate and unpredictable war where anything can happen to him.'Achilles was now holding aloof at his ships by reason of his quarrel with Agammemnon and his people passed their time upon the sea' (Homer 54)

5: The belly of the whale is when Patriclus dies and Achilles decides to avenge his death by killing Hector but if he goes through with this he will be apart of this war wiether he wants to or not. "He eyed his fair flesh over and over to see where he could best wound it, but all was protected by the goodly armour Hector had spoiled Patriclus after he had slain him' (Homer 356)

6: Road of trials. This is everything Achilles has been through to help him improve character by understanding glory isnt everything, These trials would be Briseis being taken, Patriclus dieing, and giving Priam rights to a funeral for Hector. "Dear sir, you shall lie outside, lest some countseller of those who in due course keeping to advise with me you should see you here in the darkness of the flying night, and tell it to Agamemnon. This might cause delay in delivery of the body. And tell me and tell me true, for how many days would you celebrate the funeral rites of noble Hector. tell me, that I may hold aloof from war and restrain the host,"Achilles (Homer 410)

7: Metting with the godess can be with Minerva as she tells Achilles not to get angry at Agamemmnon because ove loves them both and also says Achilles will recieve gifts three times as splended because of Agammemnons insult. 'Minerva came down from heaven and seized the son of Peleus by his yellow hair visable to him alone' (Homer 25)

8: Attonment with the father could be with Achilles and Agamemmnon fight about Briseis in the beginning of the book. They fight like father and son, like Agammemnon acts like a dad because he always trys to get Achilles under his control and sees him as a threat but at the same time sees if he could control Achilles he knows he can win a lot of battles. "For I shall come to your tent and take your own prize Briseis, that you may learn how much stronger I am than you are, and that another may fear to set himself up as eaual or comparable with me," Agamemnon (Homer 25)

9: Temptation This wou;ld be when Ulysses tries to get Achilles to fight for Agamemnon offers all these richs to him. This tempts z Achilles of the path that hie isn't fighting for Agamemnon anymore or have anything to do with Troy. "Moreover though you hate both him and his gifts with all your heart, yet pity the rest of the Acheans who are being harassed in all their host, they will honor you as a god and you will earn great glory with their hands. You might even kill hector, he will come within your reach for his is infatuated, and declares tha not a Danaan whom the ships have brought can hold his own agianst him," Ulysses (Homer 149)

10: Apotheosis happens when Achilles kills Hector and drags his body across the ground with his chariot because Hector was a great warrior amoung the Trojens so it's just a symbol of Achilles being stronger than all of them. | 'On this he treated the body of Hector with contumely, he peirced the sinews at the back of both his feet from heel to ancle and passed thongs of ox hide through the slits he he had made, thus he made the body fast to his chariot letting the head trail upon the ground'' (Homer 367)

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  • Title: The Iliad Monomyth
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