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The Journal of an Orphan

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S: The Journal of an Orphan

BC: Stephen, Kalisse, Bric, Ashleigh, Jordan, and Mason Publishing Company | 2020 Copyright | Key: Stephen: Red Jordan: Pink Mason: Blue Bric: Purple Ashleigh: Orange Kalisse: Green

FC: The Journal of an Orphan | By: Stephen, Kalisse, Jordan, Mason, Ashley, and Bric

1: Prologue: I lived in a mansion for the begging of my life, First, my parents lost there jobs and went into debt. Next, they moved into an apartment. Then, my parents left me in a park that was very far away. Finnaly, an orphanage onwer found me on the way home from the store. 10 Years Later... Then, I ran away from the orphanage and found an abandoned Sam's Club...

2: August 8, 2020 Today, I just started school. We learned the diffence between hypothesis and a question. A hypthesis is a guess on what will happen in an experiment. A qestion is asking about what will happen.In science we learned some important vocabulary.We also learned the sceintific method. Ms. Issabel told me that an investigation can be set up by using variables. Another resource is the internet. We could also survey people on how they feel about the enviorment . Using constants we can list things about our investigation. We also learned that with a control group you can't change anything.

3: August 9 ,2020 | I'm not liking the fact that i live in Sam's Club, because i can't really do much in here. Although i do like the fact that i have this entire warehouse to myself; it's quite big. Now, that I don't live with anyone I can throw parties.

4: August 10, 20 20 Today, at school in math we learned about charts.. First we have to make sure the data is elligable and easy to process. We also learned that if you have a good question and a good answer you will a good final product. Also we learned different charts some are a line graph, dotIn social studies, we learned that in the past I was not nice and I was sellfish. Now, he is. When Igot home, well Sam's club. I did my normal routen of getting ready for bed. Tonight I could hear mice, so I couln't sleep.

5: August 11, 2020 | Today, we were told to research a topic of our choice.I decided to do the scientific method, so I can learn more about it. I guessit means that if you have a question, you must also find a solution. i asked people if the knew about it. Not many did. That made me feel smart. Then, I headed home for Sam's Club. WhenI got got to my place, the gates were locked. I drew out my plan in the sand. My plan was to get a paper clip and insert it into the lock. The first time I tried to do it, it didn't work. So I tried another thing and had a hypothasis that this one was going to be the one that will get me in my house. My plan was to call a lock smith and have him unlock the gates. So while I was calling him, I saw ten dollars inside of the gates for me to pay him for getting in. So when he got here and opened the lockhe asked me to pay him. I said that I will be right back and ran to go get the ten dollar bill. So i gave the ten dollars to him. So he left and I went inside my house.

6: August 12, 2020 | At school today, we determined that that the importanceof mean, mediean, mode, and range. Mean meansthe average of your data. Median means the center number of all data. Mode means numbers that appears the most in your data. Range means the difference between the greatest number in your data to the least number of your dataWhen i got back to my house, (Sam's Club) i was able to get the power back on.

7: August 15, 2020 | In class we had to tell our friends what our traits are. I told my friend that I go to Canyon Ridge, and that I live in an abondoned Sam's Club. He was suprised when I said that. I probly shouldn't have saud were i lived.

8: August 16, 2020 | In math class we had to talk about recording data. We said you can record data in many ways. For example, we could use bar graphs, pie charts, double graphs, tally charts, line graphs, and many more. It took us our entire class time to talk about this. Tonight I built a mouse trap and i'm going to leave it here untill I get back tomorrow.

9: August 17, 2020 | Today, we had to talk about how to present information. First you can present data to a couple of people at a time Second you can do a Prezi, a powerpoint, etc. Third you can present to everyone at once in a giant room. We also learned that all questions are not good for the scientific method. The qustion has to have an answer. It can't be a question like, what will happen? During our experiment I was about to ask a silly qustion when I rememberd what to ask instead. My question was, What do you think the texture will feel like on the crystal? When i got to Sam's Club I went strait to the trap, it was filled with mice. Now what was I going to do with them. Then i got a idea.

10: August 18, 2020 | In social studies we learned that one can contribute to a school, community in many ways. For example, one can donate money to the school, community. One can also assist in helping the community. When I got home I took the mice to the food closet so eat the rotton food.

11: August 19, 2020 | In math class we talked about distribution of data. It taught me many things. I was also able to make connections to before when i distributed data. There are many ways to display data.

12: August 22, 2020 | Today, at Sam's Club I found over 20 cash registers. The best part was that they all had money in them and the total was over 20 million dollars. then I remembered what we learned in school. So I decided that tomorrow I will give it to the City of Surprise.

13: August 23, 2020 | Today, when i went to give the money, they asked me were I wan't to have the money go towards. I told them to ask the community. So they made a poll. The options and results are the following: Education-2000, Construction-400, More Companies-1200, Grocery Store-800. The total votes were 4,400 votes. Then they decided that the money would go to education. The mean of the data was 1100; median: 400; mode: none; range: 800. They used the data swell.

14: 2000 | 1200 | 400 | 800 | What do you want to use the money for? By:Kalisse H. & Question and results by Stephen

15: Epilogue: | 1 year later... the education improved times 100 persent . Then, they gave my the left over money. 20 years later... I marry my fiance. I have two children and lives happily ever after.

16: NO 3% | Yes 97% | What is your favorite food? BAD!!!!!!!!!

17: 2000 | 1200 | 800 | 400 | What do you want to use the money for? Total votes:4,400 Good!!!!!!!!!! By:Bric H. Question and Data Was Made By: Stephen

18: Number of mice for a 3 day time period | Day 1 Day 2 Day3 | 12 | 14 | 19 | The number of mice increases by day | Brown mice Black mice White mice | 16 | 10 | 14

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