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The Journey of John and Madison

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The Journey of John and Madison - Page Text Content

S: The Journey of John and Madison

FC: The Journey of John and Madison

1: There was once two teens named John and Mattison. One day the went for a walk deep in the woods, and they spotted something. They had spotted an abandoned tree house that was very high up in the trees. So out of curiosity, they climbed the tree house, and as soon as they entered the tree house the door shut behind them and a storm broke out. "We should probably get home, i don't want my mother worrying about me" Said Mattison "Yeah me neither, it is probably best we get home as soon as possible." As soon as the two left the tree house they realized that where they were was not their normal home. They were in Mesopotamia, there they saw a flying horse, a Pegasus, the Pegasus with the face of there good friend Austin, he was their guide. He led them around the classical civilizations for them to observe where they had been taken.

2: Soon they arrived in Mesopotamia, which in Greek means between the Rivers. John and Madison soon arrived at a farm. There they saw a man picking corn, and they saw man using a wheel barrel made of wood and bronze. They kept on flying then they came upon two large stone with a strange writing. John said “Madison what is that,” before Madison could reply. Austin interrupted and said “This is the Hammurabi's code, and it was the first laws ever to be written down.” then they came upon a big building,. Austin said "this is were the emperor lives there the government was monarchy that means ruled by king.”

3: They kept on flying then they came upon three men praying,they asked “what are they doing.” The men replied “we are praying to our gods we have many of them.” Then Austin said “This is polytheism that means belief in more than one god.”

4: John and Madison hopped off Austin and looked around in amazement, as they have reached yet another time period and location. Austin informed the kids that they had been placed in classical China, during the eastern Chou Dynasty. The year was 270BCE, about 2,270 years ago. John pointed out a small hut that a loud banging was coming from. The kids rushed inside, there they saw a Chinese man banging a a hammer against metal on an anvil. "Hello," pipped Madison, "who are you and what are you doing?" "My name is not important. I am making bronze body armor that I have just taken out of the furnace. A strategy new to this Era. They are for the soldiers of my city-state. They have been fighting long and hard, and deserve to take over the nation and end this Warring State Era." "Man i am starving, what do you have to eat?" John said obnoxiously. "I have corn from my field that I can go retrieve. We here in China depend heavily on our agriculture for trade and survival"

5: The man unwillingly stopped his project to go get some corn. While the man was gone, John and Madison decided to look around his house. They saw strange looking characters written on white pieces if paper. The teenagers quickly identified them as Chinese characters, which was the writing system at this time. John, who luckily and randomly was fluent in Chinese, read what was on the pages. "The Chou is losing power, and this dynasty will end soon. Eventually society will run on philosophies such as Legalism, where harsh laws that benefit most people in society. This Feudalistic government is not doing the trick." The kids thought this guy was insane. In a panic, they rushed back to Austin, hopped on his back and flew away.

6: The the pegasus trembled as they stepped onto the warm desert sand. John and Madison had been placed in Classical India. They walked up to a crowd huddled around a young hurt boy. The men shouted hurtful things at the boy. John helped him up and they ran to safety. "Who are you and why was that happening to you?" asked John. The boy replied "I am called a Sudra or the lowest of the caste. And I stole from a Brahmin the highest of the caste." Madison asked "What is the caste and why does it matter so much?".

7: "The cast is a system of social classes in the Hindu belief." said the boy. "Well stealing isn't right regardless to weather you way of life is fair or not." said Madison. "And if you steal this stuff will happed daily." said John. They boys said their good byes and hopped on Austin and left to fly to the next location.

8: Austin decided to take a brake and went to a great mathematician's house where the boys met the man who created the new concept of the number zero. Austin decided it would be a good idea to let the boys use a sharp drawing tool when John cut his hand open. They had to go to a local medicine man who showed them new ways of healing that are still used today. They hopped onto Austin and flew off to the next location.

10: Next, they arrived in Greece, land of mountains and many split up cities, these places were called city states. "This place seems very mountainous, Austin, that place down there, its interesting." Stated Madison. "That is Athens, home of the goddess Athena, although the Greeks were polytheistic, the preferred some gods over others. lets go down." Replied Austin Down they flew, to Athens. "If all these places are separated... then how are the ruled with such success?" Asked John "Well, Athens is ruled using a direct democracy, this is where men are allowed to vote, and women only enjoy some rights." Said Austin "What?! That is ridiculous, i should have just as many rights as john." Argued Madison. The two children noticed a man very concentrated at his work table. "Hi, sir, what are you doing that requires so much thought?" Asked John "I am studying geometry, it has to do with shapes, and figuring out how they work." Replied the Mathematician The two teens stood there trying not to laugh, because they have taken that class in 9th grade during there own

11: generation. Next they went to the Parthenon, the temple that the Athenians created for the goddess Athena. "Wow the goddess Athena must be beautiful! This temple looks like its built so perfectly!" Yelled Madison Little did they know, the temple was an optical illusion, and it was not build perfectly. Now they fly to Sparta, the land of a very strong army. This place was different than Athens, they ruled using an oligarchy, it is similar to a direct democracy but it is based off of a very strong army, also women do enjoy few rights as well as direct democracy. "What is all that cheering that i hear?" Asked John "Could it be the Olympics?'" Replied Madison "Indeed, it is the Olympics, lets go watch!" As they observed the Olympics they got bored watching the men compete, so they flew off to the next civilization, the two teens were very excited. The Parthenon:

12: John and Madison looked down on the buildings of a strange place in amazement and knew this was not an ordinary place. John asked "Where are we Austin?". "For we are in the great empire of Rome."Austin said proudly as they landed. "When are we?"asked Madison. "We are in the time of Pax Romana or a time of peace and prosperity."Austin replied.

13: They walked up to a crowd huddled around a young hurt boy. The men shouted hurtful things at the boy. John helped him up and they ran to safety. "Who are you and why was that happening to you?" asked John. The boy replied "I am called a Sudra or the lowest of the caste. And I stole from a Brahmin the highest of the caste." Madison asked "What is the caste and why does it matter so much?". John looked at the man and started screaming and crying. Madison looked at the man and said "I've seen bigger". This only made the man angry. The man stepped forward and spit on John and went to hit Madison with his massive hand, when Austin swooped down and sent the man fling back. "Get on" yelled Austin.

14: The leaped onto Austin's back and just in the nick of time they were off in flight. "Why did that man try to hurt me?" asked Madison. "He is a great gladiator and that is one of the dangerous games played the the Colosseum at this time." said Austin. The two of them sat quietly on the pegasus' back as they swiftly road with the wind. They watched the land move underneath them and for some reason this road they were following had no end. "What is that dirt road and why is it so long?" Austin replied saying "That is one of the many immensely long Roman Roads." "Austin why were we pushed in to that fight?" asked Madison. "My guess would me the emperor Caesar Augustus was making you fight." Austin replied. "Why do they have and emperor?" asked John. "Because there form of government is an empire." said Austin. "Well lets get out of here its no place for a teen." said John.

15: Austin agreed that they had had enough adventure for one day and they should go back to the rightful time and place. Austin flew to the tree house and said "Goodbye good friends. Our adventure has to come to an end." "But I don't want to go i want to have more adventure!" said Madison. "Goodbye good friend." said Austin. Austin flew off and the door to the tree house shut and with the sound of the wind they were back in the woods where their adventure started.

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