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The Knight's Last Stand

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The Knight's Last Stand - Page Text Content

BC: Works Cited Gravett, Christopher, and Geoff Dann. Knight. London: Dorling Kindersley, 1993. Print. Holmes, Richard, Geoff Dann, and Geoff Brightling. Battle. New York: Knopf, 1995. Print. "Medieval Armor--Armor of a Knight." Knights and Armor. 8 Nov. 2011. Web. 09 Nov. 2011. . Windrow, Martin. The Medieval Knight. Belgium: Franklin Watts, 1985. Print.

FC: The Knight's Last Stand | By: | Jacob Goldstein | and | Dustin Seip

1: The Knight'snLast Stand | By Dustin Seip | And Jacob Goldstein

2: Table of Contents | What is a knight?... Page 3 Weapons... Page 4 Pictures of weapons... Page 5 Armor... Page 6 Armor (cont.)... Page 7 A Knights War Horse... Page 8 Wars for Knights... Page 9 More Pictures... Page 10 A Knights Last Stand... Page 11 Works Cited... Back Cover

3: What is A Knight? | A knight is one of the greatest warriors in medieval times, but not for those reasons. | The knights first started to appear in the late 11 century. | The knights were quite trustworthy and loyal to their king | They also had a code of chivalry that made them protect the weak, be nice to women, and fight for his king. | Knights are usually thought of as a guy in a suit of armor, saving a princess from an evil dragon. Unfortunately, that is not the case, in fact, it is the complete opposite.

4: Weapons | There were many weapons used in these times some examples of these are... | - The sword | -The long sword | - The dagger | - The mace | -The axe | - The great hammer | This weapon is healed in the hands and used to slice or block | This weapon was used to hit opponents and bend or puncture their armor | This weapon is basically a sword except it is held by 2 hands and swung to deliver powerful blows | This weapon was used to dent armor,brake bones,and deliver powerful blows to you're opponent | This weapon is used to slice and hit by swinging it | This weapon is used in close combat to stab you're opponent

6: Armor | Knight's armor was key for making sure that knights survived long enough in the battles and wars. | Most of the time, knights needed the help of pages (knights in training) to put on their armor because it was so heavy, around 50 to 60 lbs. | The knight in full armor was finally made during the early 15th century.

7: Armor (cont.) | The reason that the armor was so heavy was because of all of the layers of clothing to pat the armor down. | It was also because you would of needed to walk a very long distance to get to your battle, which made the armor feel heavier and heavier. | Also, armor was very expensive, the average cost of a suit of armor was around the price of a 5 bedroom house.

8: A Knight's War Horse | A knight's best friend in a war is his war horse. Most knights that could afford them had war horses (not just one) | Knights war horses cost as much as the knights armor, maybe even more. | Even worse, the war horse had to be constantly fed. Keeping a war horse was tough, but even tougher, being a knight!

9: Wars For Knights | Knights were one of the best defender/attacker an army could have | Out of the three soldiers a foot soldier,a archer,or a knight, the knight was better because of his armor and skills so he could last longer in battle | Knights were extremely skilled on the battle field because they have trained their whole life, when the archers and foot soldiers are usually farmers just protecting their land.

10: Interesting photographs including knights, their life, hobbies, churches, and them going into fights!

11: Of course, knights may have never been used again the way they used to, but they were remembered throughout history. | The Knight's Last Stand (When it happened) | The knights were key elements in the medieval times, but when guns and gunpowder was invented in about 15/16th century, the knights were useless since they died from far range attacks

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