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The Legacy

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S: The Legacy Volume 1 Goss-Schulze-Hrebenar-Franks-Medrono

BC: And The Legacy Continues...

FC: The Legacy | A Recollection of Ridge Point's first year. | By: Katie Goss, Cassidy Schulze, Leeanne Hrebenar, Kieria Franks, and Joshua Medrono | . | .

1: The Legacy | A Recollection of Ridge Point's first year | By: Katie Goss, Cassidy Schulze, Leeanne Hrebenar, Kieria Franks, and Joshua Medrono

3: Table of Contents | 1.Traditions 2-3.Ridge Point Firsts 4.Sports 5-10.What We Thought of our First Year 11-15.Dear Future Self 16.Remember When 17.Spirit Week 18-21.Current Events | 22-23.Prices 24-25.Top Tens 26-27.Common Text Acronyms 28.Fashion 29.Hang Outs 30.Technology 31.Friendships 32.Alma Mater and Fight Song

4: Ridge Point High School started construction in 2008. The inaugural school year was the 2010-2011 school year. This is our story.

5: Traditions | This being our first year, we were able to set all the traditions to be held for years to come. The pep rally and tailgating will always take place during spirit week, and the entire community will be involved. The Newcoming Dance set the precedent for how amazing the dances have to be from now on. Panther Fest will be a day for fundraising and FUNraising. Thursdays are Chic-fil-a days and Fridays are pizza days. | 1

6: RPHS | -Decorating the school -Touchdown -Home run -Yearbook -Panther Fest -Coke Prom Fundraiser -TAKS tests -Day of school -Last day of school -Broadcast -Holiday break -Theater Production -Marching band -Choir -Color Guard | 2

7: Firsts | -Cheer team -Cross country team -Softball team -Baseball team -Football team -Tennis team -Golf -Volleyball team -Trophy (Volleyball tournament) -DI team for Ridge Point -Newcoming -Pep rally -Tailgating -Spirit Week -ATP Coffee | 3

8: Sports | This year, sports were a huge deal at Ridge Point. Many of the students attending this year were part of the first of many sports teams to come. Even though we were all Junior Varsity, the student body supported all the teams as if they were Varsity. If we got this much support from the community with just JV teams, then who knows how much support we’ll get for Varsity teams! | 4

9: Spirit Week | ~ pep rally ~ football ~ battle of the classes ~ pink vs. green ~ neon/80's day~ camoflauge/ animal print ~ | ~ crazy day ~ clements ~ rangers ~ here ~ we ~ are ~ game ~ purple out ~ crazy day ~ | ~ homecoming dance ~ stomp those rangers ~ making ~ purple ~ reign ~ spirit ~ panthers ~ pride ~ sports ~ | ~ spirit week ~ purple ~ silver ~ white ~ sophomores ~ newcoming ~ freshman ~ first ~ | 5

10: What we thought of our first year | The first day of school was not only the first day of high school, but the first time seeing the brand new school for many of us. – Ryanne Martz | During my first year at Ridge Point,I had one of the best learning experiences of my life. I learned who I was and became friends with people I never thought I would. If I had the chance to change anything that happened this year, I wouldn’t. –Ellise Perry | 6

11: The first time we went past Baines to go to the football field house at Ridge Point and going into the field house for the first time was my favorite part of this year. It was so amazing. –Adam Berman | The thing I remember most about my first year at Ridge Point was how clean the restrooms were at the beginning of the year. –Nicolas Lam | 7

12: I remember the first day of school when we gathered in the commons together as a family. –Noelle Abraham | The thing I remember about this year is how well we did in soccer, even though we didn’t think we’d do very well. -Madeline Camp | 8

13: Something really memorable from this year was one time I was walking into the bathroom and chose a stall and there wasn't a toilet in it (because they weren't finished building everything yet). Does that count? -Alexis Brown | I have to say the one thing I remember most about our first year was Newcoming. The set up was gorgeous and everyone really went all out. -Cara Jackson | 9

14: The thing I remember about this year is how much fun I had with my volleyball team and how we became such great friends! -Hayley Wilcox | I'll never forget singing a duet with Sugarland and being part of such a supportive and loving school:) -Savannah Berry | 9

15: Dominating DAC DAC score results show that Algebra II and Geometry placed first in the district. World History and World Geography tied for a third place spot. As a first year school, Ridge Point placing in the district made history. We have set the standards high for both freshman and sophomores, because as we continue to grow our new fellow Panthers are expected to live up to or exceed those standards. 12/1 Ms. Edwards announced a message to her panther pack. We will be taking the English DAC test today during our English class period. She wants us to do well under no pressure and interpret her encouragement as a push. A push that will put us in the 90%, first place, and that will make us the best. 12/8 Ms. Edwards announced more good new to us that the English DAC scores are in. Freshman English I tied for third place with Clements and Dulles High School. With a one point difference English II placed second in the district right behind Clements High School. | 10 | Academics

16: Dear Future self... | The only thing I want to tell my future self is to be good, and don't GET ARRESTED. – Edgar Esparza | Dear future Madison, I hope you’re doing good and have accomplished many things since high school! Keep doing your best. Love, 9th grade Madison Breau(: | 11

17: Hey dude. That 16 year-old guy who dressed up like a cheerleader for the Powder Puff game in May of 2011 is now having an adventure of his own in the world. No matter how it's going, the goal is surely the same: enjoy life to the fullest. If you have strayed off of this, then get back on and keep on going. Oh, and get the Bugatti you've always wanted! ;) -Zachary Keener | Hallo Heather, Do you still have that accent? I hope you've done something good with your life. And if you haven't, I want you to look at these words, look back at your life as it once was, and remember all the dreams you used to have. The things you aspired to be and to do for the world. If you realize now that you've failed in some way, you should take a moment and cry. Weep. Snivel, whimper, wail, and bawl that these words have to hit so close to home. Of course, if you're doing fine and dandy, good on you. I hope you've got a proper accent now. -Heather Payton | 12

18: Dear future Chris, I trust that you have a well-groomed and highly praised mustache by now, or you have found it annoying and shaved it off. Either way I hope you can look back at your high school self and remember all the good times and of course, the very lame times. I hope you had fun at college and haven't forgotten that maturity isn't the goal in life. Never forget your idealistic self and the way you used to see the world. Never stop believing in the people and their ability to do great things. Tell Stephanie that she is a big loser, if you can get an appointment to see her. I hope she is still your best friend and she has straightened out her priorities. I hope that the future is free of those who wish to hold back human progress. Finally, act on your strong opinions and do not forget what you are capable of. Sincerely, Chris Hamborsky(circa 2011) P.S. try and find some of your old friends, if you've lost them | 12

19: Hey future self. Having fun? You should be, because you're reconnecting with my friends, and I've got some pretty sweet friends. A word of advice: Don't let things get to you and don't over analyze. You tend to do that. One more thing: if Heather Payton doesn't have a significant accent, tell her to read her letter to herself, then to you. -Cassidy Schulze | Dear Duff, When you read you'll be 46 years old, and probably a Dad by now. If things are going well, keep up the good work; remember to keep your priorities in line and your drive pushing you forward. If things are going south, keep your head up and work harder. I know you know you have what it takes to be the best - trust me. YOU ROCK! Now get back to being a old man and kicking butt! This Year: - Top Goal Scorer in Season - Almost finished with Eagle Project!!! - 1st Student Body President - All A's baby - This summer you plan on working out 5 days a week, hopefully it paid off - Things are looking good :) Sincerely, Duff Dean Soft-More @ RPHS PS. Tell your son, I have been planning on naming him Duff since I was at least 16, and tell your daughter she is precious. And tell your wife ;) | 13

20: Dear Katherine, First thing's first, I hope your back is alright. That backpack you were carrying freshman year was a killer. I hope you got far in life because you always wanted to be the best. I hope you are now addressed as Dr. Goss because that was your biggest dream. Academics were what you had and hopefully still have. Also, remember when you thought this project was dumb? Well now I bet you think its great because look at all the great memories it holds. You're probably crying right now. I never got that about you. You took a softball to the mouth and had to get surgery, but as soon as something kind of sad happened you bawled. It's okay I forgive you. Well, this is goodbye. Tell your husband I said hello. And if you're not married, you better get on it because you are not getting any younger. Unless you discovered the Fountain of Youth. In that case take as long as you want. But only in that case. L<3ve, Katie. Age 15 Height: short Weight: who's counting | 14

21: We're going to go on a journey back in time. Close your eyes and clear your thoughts. Now, I want you to go back to that first day of school. Remember walking in and sitting down in the cafeteria. You take in the scene around you: the huge glass windows, the new faces, that "new school smell," and the tangible feeling of general anticipation in the air. Remember looking around and realizing that the entire student body is surrounding you in the 750 chairs. Take a deep breath in. Now you're at the Newcoming football game. If you were a cheerleader, remember how it felt to pump up the biggest crowd of your high school years. If you were a football player, remember how it felt to win the game against Clements. If you were in the marching band and guard, remember how proud you were to play the fight song after every touchdown. If you were a spectator, remember how it felt every time a panther made a touchdown. Now, everyone, remember when you sang the Alma Mater at the end of the game. Remember how you felt as a school, a body, as one. Remember how great it is to be a panther. | 15

22: Current | April 20, 2010, BP had the greatest oil spill in American history. 210 million gallons of oil were spilled into the Gulf of Mexico, trumping the Exxon Valdez event that only spilled between 10.5 million and 31 million gallons. Hundreds of creatures living in the Gulf of Mexico were affected. The oil spread out between 2,500 and 68,000 square miles throughout the Gulf. | Oil Spills | Since September 11, 2001, the United States has been searching for Osama Bin Laden. Finally, on May 1, 2011, President Obama announced that America had captured and killed Osama Bin Laden. He was found in the mountains of Pakistan. The U.S. has his body and conducted DNA tests to confirm it was him. | Osama Bin Laden | 16

23: Events | The United States is in major debt. How is “major” defined? Try $14,293,999,297,364.67. We import more than we export, and we aren’t producing enough goods in our own country. How did America get to be this way? The large companies are too big to fail. The government bailed out the big companies, but to do that, they borrowed money from China, putting us in even more debt. | The budget for Fort Bend ISD has had some major cuts due to the economy issues. Schools across the state have lost teachers, good and bad. Students in Katy ISD went so far as to walk out of school when they found out a popular teacher was laid off. Finding a job as a teacher has become next to impossible. | Economic Crisis | Budget Issues | 17

24: Trouble in Libya | A big issue in the news right now is the conflict in Libya. The dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, is upsetting not only the people of his country, but the countries of the world. Triggered by the protesting in Egypt, people in Libya realized that they, too, would like to hold democratic elections for the leader of their country. However, Gaddafi is adamant about keeping his country his own. When interviewed, he said, “There is no other state with democracy except Libya on the whole planet.” This civil war has been tearing the nation apart. | 18

25: Prince William married Catherine Middleton on April 29, 2011. The wedding was held at Westminster Abbey. Many people, students and teachers, woke up at two o’clock in the morning to watch the events of the wedding. Along with talk about Middleton’s dress, the cake, and general hoopla about the wedding, people were talking about the unusual hats that people wore. | Royal Wedding | 19

26: Prices | 1. Kleenex $1.99 2. Milk $2.31 3. Eggs (dozen) $2.74 4. Bread $2.66 5. Flour $4.79 6. Corn Flakes $4.15 7. Apples $3.15 8. Bananas $1.70 9. Grapefruits $2.30 10. Oranges $2.43 11. Carrots $1.82 12. Potatoes $4.83 13. Ketchup $3.21 14. Coffee $6.11 15. Baby food $0.80 16. Peanut Butter $2.85 17. Cigarettes $7.00 18. Gas (per gallon) $3.73 19. Avg. cost of a car $32,000 | 24

27: Prices | 20. Avg. cost of a house $200,000-450,000 21. Avg. cost of a Personal Computer $400-1000+ 22. Avg. cost of a Macintosh Computer $700-5000 23. Clorox Bleach $2.39 24. 22ct of diapers $10.29 25. Lysol Spray $2.99 26. Oxiclean $6.59 27. 12 pk. Quilted Northern TP $7.99 28. 20ct of batteries $9.97 29. Sunscreen $8.97 30. Chapstick $1.87 31. Webkinz Moose $10.00 32. iTunes Song $1.29 33. iPod Touch $209.98 34. Barbie doll with Accessories $24.98 35. Lego set $19.97 36. Nerf Gun $10.97 37. RipStik skateboard $44.85 38. Razor Scooter $49.54 | 25

28: Top | Top ten songs: 1.ET – Katy Perry 2.Rolling in the Deep – Adele 3.Just Can’t Get Enough – Black Eyed Peas 4.S&M – Rihanna 5.Down on Me – Jeremih ft. 50 Cent 6.The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars 7.On the Floor – Jennifer Lopez 8.Look at Me – Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes 9.Blow – Ke$ha 10.F**k You (Forget You) – Cee lo Green | 26

29: Tens | Top ten Movies 1.Toy Story 3 2.The Social Network 3.Inception 4.Winter’s Bone 5.Exit Through the Gift Shop 6.Black Swan 7.True Grit 8.The Kids are Alright 9.The King’s Speech 10.How to Train Your Dragon | Top ten TV shows 1.NCIS 2.Bones 3.Glee 4.Gossip Girl 5.Supernatural 6.Grey’s Anatomy 7.The Vampire Diaries 8.Lost 9.True Blood 10.The Big Bang Theory | 27

30: Common Text Acronyms | LOL: Laughing Out Loud (This is rarely used when one is actually laughing – See ROFL – Most of the time, the user is idiotically smiling at his/her phone) ROFL: Rolling On the Floor Laughing (This is used when the user gives a barely audible chuckle. Some variations include ROFLMAO or ROFLMFAO for those who wish to use profanity.) SMH: Shaking My Head (Used when one hears or reads something so dumb, no words can describe it.) | LOL | ROFL | SMH... | 28

31: What they really mean... | IKR?: I Know, Right? (Used when one agrees with something previously said, but has no way to reply to it.) NP: No Problem (Used when one doesn’t particularly want to talk to the recipient.) TGIF: Thank God It’s Friday (This is less commonly used due to the viral video “Friday” by Rebecca Black.) | IKR? | TGIF! | NP | 29

32: Fashion | 30 | ~ clothes ~ accessories ~ shoes ~ bows ~ colors ~ patterns ~ hats ~ scarves~ | ~ cute ~ trends ~ jeans ~ fabrics ~ brands ~ styles ~ jewelry ~ sparkles ~ hair ~

33: Hang Outs | 31 | - eating - restaurants - movies - games - sports - beaches - | - malls - friends - weekends - shopping - skating - sleepovers

34: Technology | 32 | ~ social networks ~ game systems ~ applications ~ phones ~ webcams ~ computers ~ | facebook ~ xbox 360 ~ words w/ friends ~ droid ~ facetime ~ iPad ~

35: Friendships | 33 | ~ love ~ hanging out ~ sleepovers ~ parties ~ sharing ~ caring ~ smiles ~ | ~ together ~ fun ~ drama ~ music ~ late-nights ~ walks ~ movies ~

36: Alma Mater | As I grow through the ages there's a place that warms my heart. Panther pride fills my memory forever I'm part. As I travel through all time, as my life passes by I will remember Ridge Point High My Ridge Point High | Fight Song | Panthers might, we came to fight, we make the purple reign! We proudly wear our Ridge Point colors, purple, silver, white. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Onward panthers, onward panthers don't give up the fight. We'll bring great honor to our school, the purple, silver white. Let's go win! Let's show might! Ridge. Point. Panthers fight!! (Repeat) | 34

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