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The Lethal Weapons and Armor of Medieval Knights

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S: The Lethal Weapons and Armor of Medieval Knights | By: Matt Gudonis

BC: About The author | Matt Gudonis goes to Eyer Middle School and is in 7th grade. His Social Studies teacher Ms. Torpey assigned his class a project. This is his project on weapons and armor of knights because he love weapons. Social studies is one of his favorite classes and he love learning new things. He hope you enjoyed the book!

FC: The Lethal Weapons and Armor of Medieval Knights | By: Matt Gudonis | By: Matt Gudonis | The Lethal Weapons and Armor of Medieval Knights

1: SWord | When you picture a knight, you will most likely picture him with a sword. That is because the sword is the most favored weapon of a knight. They were invented in 1000 and favored in 1300. Swords are so sharp that they are able to penetrate armor if you have a hard enough swing and a tight grip on the hilt. It will ricochet back if you have a bad grip. The sword is favored because of it's mobility and its deadliness. They are made by melting metal and shaping it in a rock with a sword indent. When it dries, it will have the shape of a sword and then you can sharpen the blade with a rock. | The hilt of a sword. | Swords from Medieval Times. | hilt: the handle of a sword blade: a sharpened stick of metal

2: SHIEld | You might also picture a knight with a shield. That is because the shield is the knight's second source of protection next to armor. Armor has thin layers and that makes it easy to penetrate, but the shield has a thick layer and it is hard to penetrate. There is no exact time that the shield was invented, because long ago people used makeshift ones like slabs of wood, but the first metal one was invented around 700-1000. Knights put symbols on their shields so allies won't mistake them for enemies. | Medieval Shield

3: ArmoR | A knight isn't complete without it's armor. Armor is one of the most important things a knight needs. The first set of armor was invented in 500. The armor protects knights from flying objects or weapons even though some things can penetrate the armor. Even though you can still get hurt from weapons with the armor, if you didn't have it, you would die. The reason the armor is easy to penetrate is because of how thin the layer of metal is. The reason that it is so thin is so that the knight can move around more quickly and so the armor won't be heavy. There are many different names for different parts of armor. | Visor: The eye protection on armor Helmet: Protects head on armor Gauntlet: Metal gloves protecting the hands of a knight Knee Pads: Protects the knees of a knight | Replica of a knight's armor

4: Bow and Arrow | The bow and arrow was invented somewhere around 1100. Knights in Medieval Times started to use them because they penetrate armor. They are very accurate and they can shoot over 2 football fields. The arrows are made by carving a rock into an arrowhead and tying them to a stick and the bow is made by gluing layers of animal horns, wood, and sinew. | Medieval Bow and Arrow

5: Primary Source | My shield literally saved my life. I was in a war with Barbarians to protect France. A German came charging at me full speed with his sword. Running full speed, I was trying to get away but he was fast and was able to catch up to me. He swung his sword full force and I protected myself with my shield. When I was protected, I heard a clang and then a huge yelp. I peeked in front of my shield and saw a dead body of a Barbarian with a sword stuck in him. There was a huge dent in my shield. I then noticed what happened the hilt came off the Barbarians sword when it hit my sword and the sword ricocheted back at him and killed him. Without my shield, I would have been a goner!

6: What are the favored weapons of knights? | The sword is the most favored weapon of the knight because of its mobility and its damage on others. They also favor, axes, maces, and war hammers. All knights favor weapons with blades. The bow and arrow is favored for it's accuracy. | Bow and Arrows with small sword

7: What were Tournaments? | A tournament was a mounted armor combat for knights fought as contests. The winner of a tournament receives a prize, like money. Many people came and watched the tournaments for entertainment. The tournaments were not always fought for the prizes, but for training for an upcoming war or for practice. The first tournament was held in 1133. | This is a drawing of a tournament

8: What are the duties of knights? | The duty of a knight is to fight to serve their lord according to the Code of Chivalry. The Code of Chivalry is a code saying that a knight should be brave and fearless in battle and show that they are loyal, devout, courteous, and generous. The steps to becoming a knight takes years of training with weapons and knowing you responsibilities. | Code of Chivalry: Code stating that a knight should be brave and fearful in battle and show that they are loyal

9: Works Cited | Elgin, Kathy. Knights and Chivalry. North Mankato, MN: Smart Apple Media, 2004. Print. Glubok, Shirley. Knights in Armor. New York: Harper & Row, 1969. Print. Windrow, Martin, and Richard Hook. The Medieval Knight. London: F. Watts, 1985. Print.

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