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The Life and People of Ancient Egypt

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S: Ancient Egypt

BC: The Egyptians were great rulers and conquerers of ancient times. In this book, you will find much about the old kingdom, middle kingdom, and the new kingdom. You will also find out about the Nile River and its importance to the Egyptian civilization.

FC: The Egyptians and Their History Blake B. 1/5/11

1: The Nile The Nile river was a very important part of Egyptian civilization. It was used for trade, drinking water, and irrigation. The Nile River is 4,145 miles long, or 6,671 kilometers long. Shortly before the water of the Nile reaches the sea, it branches out to form a delta. A delta is a fan shaped land that is very fertile.

2: The Old Kingdom,(2650 BC-2134 BC) is the most creative and richest period of all Egyptian history. All of the pyramids in Egypt we know today as the Great Pyramids of Giza were built at this time. The funds to the pyramids were very high, but because of the great wealth in Egypt at the time, the prices were very affordable for the amount of stone. The last pharaoh of the Old Kingdom went by the name of Djedefptah. He was also the last pharaoh before parliament took over.

3: The following list is the list of pharaohs in order from the Old Kingdom: 1. Sneferu 2. Cheops 3. Kauab 4. Djedefre 5. Chephren 6. Bakare 7. Menkaure 8. Shepseskaf 9. Djedefptah It is thanks to these pharaohs that we have the great pyramids that we have today. These men brought out their lives to rule their country with honor. It was soon after Djedefptah that parliament took over Egypt. The time of which parliament took over was known as the Middle Kingdom.

4: The picture in the middle of the page is a map of the Ancient Egyptian Middle Kingdom. | The Middle Kingdom was the time when almost everything about ruling Egypt changed. The Middle Kingdom was the time in which parliament took over and pharaohs were out of power. | It was the Eleventh Dynasty that marked the start of the Middle Kingdom. | Once the pharaohs returned to power after the Middle Kingdom, it was the start of a new kingdom, but this time the pharaohs didn't have as much power as they used to.

5: As the pharaohs came back into power, the wealth and population soon came back to Egypt. Sadly, a large part of the population wasn't even Egyptian. They had all migrated to the Nile Valley to enjoy the prosperity. There was also no naturalization in Egypt, in fact, the entire middle east had no naturalization. If you migrated to Egypt, you weren't known as an Egyptian. Instead, you would be known as a foreigner. Foreigners had fewer privileges than the native people of that lan

6: It was during the Eighteenth Dynasty that Tutankhamen came into power. It was also at the start of the Eighteenth Dynasty that the start of the New Kingdom,(1550 BC-1295 BC) in Egypt began. During this period of time, Ahmos was the one to expell the Hyksos people who invaded Egypt during the Middle Kingdom. It was also at this time that queen Hatshepsut made ancient Egypt an ancient super power.

7: The picture to the left is of the god of all Egyptian god's, Amon-Re. Amon-Re used to be two seperate god's, Amon and Re. Re was the god of the sun, and Amon was known as the form of a bull or ram. The two were combined in the city of Thebes, and the god soon began to catch on.

8: The picture above is one that you might see at a museum. The picture above is of one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs in history, Tutankhamun. He was born in Akhetaten in 1346 BC. It was when he was only nine years old he took his duty as pharaoh. Sadly, he was only eighteen when he died, leaving him with only nine years in service. He was one of the youngest pharaohs to ever live, as well as on of the greatest pharaohs.

9: In all that we've learned in only a few pages, it shows us that Egypt isn't just about the pyramids. It's all because of the past of what we have today. The Egyptians had to go through so much to get to this stage in civilization, and it is amazing how well they solved the feuds in the country. All I can say is, I'm proud of Egypt for making it this far.

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