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The life and times of Shakespeare. rennaissance, and the Elizabethan times!

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The life and times of Shakespeare. rennaissance, and the Elizabethan times! - Page Text Content

S: Shakespeare

FC: By: Amna Haider | Shakespeare and Elizabethan Times

1: What is the main question? | How did Elizabethan England influence the life and work of William Shakespeare?

2: GEOGRAPHY | England ~ 50,334 square miles Time of Rennaissance

3: -During the Holy Roman Empire -Central Europe during 1555 Elizabethan England-Queen Elizabeth the 1st -Consisted of England Wales and Ireland (with protestants) -Debts with France and Scotland | Mountains in the north ~ the Cumbrian mountains -Southern coast had rolling hills and wide plains -hoses, restaurants, buildings, train station, hotels, pub, cottage, tourist information -used maps for lack of road signs

4: -Irish protestants Witchcraft and Witches -evil -Catholics and protestants with conflicting ideas -first printed books-bibles or religious themes. | -Unexplainable events are blamed on witches -White witches seen as good, black witches seen as bad -superstition and irrational beliefs -much religious turmoil | Religion

5: When a person sneezes with their mouth open it is believed that the devil is going to enter, therefore 'bless you' is said believed to stop the devil from entering your body -counterclockwise stirring is bad -bad and good luck superstitions -persecuted protestants

6: Shakespeare was a famous writer of plays, poems and sonets during the Elizabethan times. | -printing press -Science and literature -architecture | Achievements

7: -Games, Gaming and Gambling, Bear and Bull baiting, Haw King and Hunting -Plays, theaters, fairs and festivals | Iron- Tin and copper were mined | ballads and church music~music -art with meanings within them -decoration came and text usually came second

8: -There were Laws prohibiting religious or political events on stage. Therefore Shakespeare was limited to what he could have acted out in his plays and as well as in his work. | -Amleth -Macbeth | Politics | -The Queen was one of the first female English Monarchs -it was a law to attend church -Elizabethan Era-Queen Elizabeth

9: -Queen Elizabeth is the 1st queen. -monarchy Anglo-Spanish war-end of queen's reign. -King Lear and Queen Cordelia-Cymbeline (Cunobelinus) | Robert Devereux was an earl of Essex and a favorite to the queen. February 25, the rebellion of Essex collapsed

10: Economy | -stole from spanish treasure ships after war

11: -Trade with many countries -England in leading naval power and commercial power -Defeat of Spanish Armada in 1588 -European wars-trade, might and art -poor harvests in 1590s led to economic starvation | -population grew 400% during 1500s to nearly 200,000 -economic boom -increase in monopolies | -wool trade led to the 1601 Poor Law -industry and farming had apprentices -The center of trade moved from Antwerp, Netherlands to London -tobacco consumption increase | -supplementary economy -complimerntary economy -emigration thesis

12: -Food availability was dependent on social status in social class -monarch and nobility classes-more fancy food, spices and decor -upper class-3 meals a day, lower class 2-3 meals a day | responsibilities of wife-in house -responsibilities of husband-outside of house -The Queen was seen as god's representation on earth -hierarchy-family importance | -different clothing for each class -bible-responsibility of children respect parents -knights -birth, devotion, employment -rich clothes not for laborers | Society

13: The Social Structure of the society: Monarch-highest nobility- second gentry-third merchants-fourth laborers-fifth -yeomanry - middle class

14: Shakespeare was born in Stratfors upon Avon on April 23rd 1564, baptized in the holy trinity church on April 26 1564. He died on April 23 1616. He was sick and knew he was dying. He lived most of his life in Stratford upon Avon and London. | Shakespeare's personal life

15: He was the 3rd of 7 brothers and sisters, several whom died in childhood. | Education: Shakespeare attended a boarding school until the age of 14 called King's new school, his favorite subjects being Latin, Grammars and Classics. Relationships: He married a woman named Anne Hathaway, rumors being that he was cornered into marriage for she was already pregnant, as well as that he was in love with another woman. His Children's names were Susanna, Judith and Hamnet. His son Hamnet however died by the bubonic plague at the age of 11. His wife died in 1623 at age 67. Controversies about Shakespeare: Some controversies were that Shakespeare may have not even written his plays himself, but rather taken credit by other's plays and his actual name might even be a pen name.

16: 'To be or not to be, that is the question, whether it is nobler in the mind to bear the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.' ~William Shakespeare (referring to suicide) | Shakespeare's Career | Shakespeare was a >playwright, >poet, and >actor He wrote 37 plays before his death, 40 in total. 2 more co-authored plays and 6 others that didn't survive. He wrote 154 sonnets and 3 long poems. He moved to London to be an actor and he may have had family there. His acting company was originally called, Lord Chaimberlain's men, then later switched to , 'The King's Men'. >"What's in a name? That we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

17: Historic plays: Henry the 8th, King John Comedies: A midsummer night's dream, prince of Tyre Tragedies: Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth | 'O Romeo Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?" These lines are famous within the play written Romeo and Juliet, yet it is believed that Shakespeare himself obtained the idea for it through a love story about Mariotto Giannozza, of a secret marriage, and also that he had tweaked it from other written plays of Romeo and Juliet adding his own originality to them.

18: The Globe theater was co-owned by Shakespeare. He owned it along with, CCuthbert and Richard Burbage, and the 'King's men' troupe The theater was outside city limits of London because theaters were being banned of noise and betting, as well as the plays spreading the bubonic plague. The theater was also believed to have had it's lease expired so they moved the theater. The opening date was: sept.21 1599 it was, shaped like a polygon on the outside, there were 3 tiers of roofed gallaries, a circular arena on the inside, a roof above the stage supported by pillars. | The Globe Theater | Outside

19: Inside | There were no female actors because it was thought inappropriate. Queen Elizabeth was influential by going to his plays and she was the Queen of England. Shakespeare had envy from other writers as well as a statue for his fame. Social class and money influenced where you sat. The globe theater caught on fire in 1613. | Shakespearean Language: art- are, coz- cousin, hark you- listen you or hey you, knave-scoundrel, young servant, rascal, stay-to wait/stay, thrice- 3 times, 'tis-it is, ope-open, o'er-over, gi' give, ne'er-never, I' -i am, e'er-ever, Oft- often, a'- at have, e'ev- every. | -early modern English language -not how spoken in regular conversations.

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22: Annabella Haider Age 21 Dueling Master Daughter of Dueling master who serves under royalty and Lord Capulet

23: Buon Giorno! Salve! I am Annabella Haider of the age 21. I am a dueling master under my father whom is the leader of the dueling regulations within the capulet military and whom as well as myself have many apprentices. I am a close friend of Juliet for being in the castle allows me to converse with such at her status. Daily i would practice my dueling consisting of fencing and sparring with others to strengthen my skills. I am very high in nobility and as stated stayed just outside the castle. I am 5'4" with dark brown / black hair and blue eyes. I feel myself brave, peaceful, and attentive. Many call me humorous and calm, yet my appearance of tall, fit and lean strike me a formidable master. When conversing my voice is normal,quite musical i've hard, and a tempo of upbeat and optimism. Frankly i use gestures much when i am talking and i think with my head and heart. On fencing occasions and times of war i wear chain mail as well as much armor. A tunic with noble clothing and my trusty rapier at my side is my usual clothing and dress. I have a knight brother with a younger sister and a mother and father closely associated with the royal family of the Capulets. My meals would be extravagant, and filling. I was trained through years of being a page and squire to attain to my status since age of 7 years. Therefore i feel much education was dedicated. I wish best for my fellow Capulets and wish you all a good day. ciao

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