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The Life and times of William Shakespeare

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FC: The Life and Times of William Shakespeare By Matthew Miles

1: Geography: Italian Renaissance Italy was the birthplace of the renaissance because the Europeans suffered from the plague and the war, so the survivors wanted to celebrate life and the human spirit and to bring back the culture of classical Greece and Rome. It was the birthplace because it was surrounded by water that helped trade. Many city-states prospered from this renaissance like Milan and Florence.

2: Religion of the Italian Renaissance The role of the Catholic Church changed from the Middle Ages to the renaissance because the church decreased in popularity. Most people were for catholics but their views changed from spiritual to worldly.

4: Achievements: Italain Renaissance Art was a big achievement from the italian renaissance. Artists from the Italian Renaissance were men like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Rafael Sanzio. Da Vinci's contribution to the renaissance was his most famous painting called the Mona Lisa. Michelangelo is famous for the way he portrayed the human body in his sculptures. he is also famous for the Sistine Chapel.

6: Politics: Italian Renaissance The role of government changed because the merchants had all of the power instead of the rulers. Florence used to be a republican government but was taken over by a banking family named the Medici. Merchants succeeded in business by their individual merit.

7: Economy: Italian Renaissance The Commercial revolution was a big part of the Italian Renaissance. It was the expansion of trade and business that transformed European economies during the 16+17th centuries. This method helped to boost the economy and it changed society as well.

8: Society: Italian Renaissance Humanism was the key to society in the Italian renaissance. Humanism is an intellectual movement that focused on human potential and achievements. This changed expectations because it helped people understand ancient Greek values. 25% of people lived in urban areas. Urban life was not very good. It was growing in population and there were lots of people that were jobless. The areas were unsanitary but it had lots of entertainment.

10: Geography: English Renaissacne England was located in Europe and it's capital was London. there were regions also in England. The regions were Cornwall, Chamberlind, York and Suffolk. Also England had bodies of water named the Irish Sea, English Channel, and the North Sea.

11: Religion: English Renaissance In England, Christianity was the main religion. There were 2 types of Christianity that people worshiped in England. Some people were Catholics and some were protestants.At the time of Queen Elizabeth people should be protestants and nothing else. Also in religion people had specific jobs that they had to carry out.

12: Achievements: English Renaissance Their were many achievements that the English had. They had achievements in poetry, music, architecture and art. They had the most success in literature due to Shakespeare. These achievements helped to show how amazing the English Renaissance was.

13: POLITICS: ENGLISH RENAISSANCE Politics was a very important thing during the times of the English renaissance. There were many debates in government. The queen or king was the ruler and it was a monarchy based on hereditary. Most of time there were dilemas because the officials liked to go their own way. In the end people usually relied on the minister.

14: Economy: English Renaissance The economy went up and down. Some times the economy would grow due tot trade and their imports and exports but sometimes their imports and exports were cut off and the economy declined. Sometimes there were people with no money and they had to beg just to get little food. Because of poverty the middle class was considered wealthy.

15: Society: English Renaissance In England you could find entertainment anywhere.At home, at the streets, at stadiums. Most people played dice games and played a variety of sports. Most dice games were played at home while sports could be played anywhere. Also many plays were put on so people got enjoyment out of that as well.

16: My Life William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564. He was born in Strafford on Avon. He had 8 brothers and sisters. He was the 3rd child of Mary and John. His dad was a glove maker who also held spots in office. William attended school for 7 years. From when he was 6 to 13. While he was in school he learned grammar, poetry different forms of literature and religion. He was banned from going to school at age 13 because one of his cousins said while drunk at a bar that he was going to kill Queen Elizabeth. Rumor spread and William was kicked out because people thought that he and his family were a bunch of traders. His family lost everything. They went from being in the high part of the middle class to the lower classes. William later on began to love literature and taught it to others. He loved literature because since he got it taken away from him he wanted it even more so he practiced it until he became very good.

17: My Life He became so good at literature that he taught other kids who didn't go to school literature. He also developed a love for poetry and plays. he wrote many plays and poetry throughout his life. Some plays that he wrote were hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and many others. He married Anne Hathway but he liked to be with more than 1 woman. With Anne he had 3 children but he lost his son Hamlet to the Black Death. Later on in Will's life after his plays became popular he opened up his own theater where many of his plays were performed. he called it the Globe. He also had an acting business. Many actors performed at the Globe. But sadly later in Will's life the globe burned down. As Will began to die off his plays were being preserved for others in the future to read. Finally on Will's birthday in 1616 he died ending one of the best writers ever to live.

18: MY CAREER William Shakespeare was one of the best writers to ever live. He taught literature when he was younger because he got it taken away from him and he didn't want that to happen to others. In William's life he wrote a variety of literature. he wrote many plays but he also wrote poetry. In his lifetime he wrote over 150 poems and he wrote 37 plays. Some of his plays were titled Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Julius Ceasar and much more. His plays were usually revolved around tragedy and comedy. For example Romeo and Juliet was a tragedy based on love and death. His play Hamlet was based off his son named Hamlet who died of the Black Death.

19: His plays were performed everywhere. They were open to the public. Everybody loved his plays. Later on in William's career, William opened up an acting business and as well as building a theatre for where his plays would be able to be performed. Sadly though his theatre that he called the Globe burned down in 1599. After this burned down he began to focus on poetry a little more. He wrote many sonnets as well as writing many long narratives. When he died in 1616 his legacy continued because know many people read his work and enjoyed it just the way he wanted people to enjoy it. His legacy will live on forever.

20: The Language of My Time William Shakespeare wrote his poems and plays in a different language than what was being spoken in real life. instead of using words like had or you or do he said hast or thou or dost. His language was significant because no one ever wrote or spoke in that language so it was different when people listened and read his plays because it was in a language that was confusing to others which made his writing even more unique. Through his language his writing became better and more and more people started using it because it was so unique.

21: Bibliography

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