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The Life Journals of Moving West

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The Life Journals of Moving West - Page Text Content

S: By Jaclyn Fulmer, Zorea Marbury, Marissa Haisten, Eric Bryant

BC: The Smith Family

FC: Immigrants Traveling From New York to Utah | Mollie Smith Julius Smith Zelda Smith Clara Smith

1: 1-15 | First Journals | 16-20 | Second Journals | 26-34 | Third Journals | 35-44 | Fourth Journals | 45-54 | Fifth Journals | Table of Contents | Jacklyn Fulmer ---- Mollie Smith Eric Bryant ---- Julius Smith Zorea Marbury ---- Zelda Smith Marissa Haisten ---- Clara Smith

2: New York 1865 | 1

3: Covered Wagon | 2

4: April 17, 1865 is the first day of our journey from the East to the West. We currently live in New York and we are hoping to move to Utah. Our names are Julius Smith, Clara Smith, Mollie Smith, and Zelda Smith. We have moved to New York from Germany once we heard that we could pursue our dreams and never be stuck in poverty. Sadly, these rumors weren't as accurate as we hoped it was. We came here and realized that there was an even bigger opportunity out west. Some of our family had already moved out west, but we lacked the money to go along with them. After a year, we finally head westward in search of wealth and prosperity. In order to do this, we have to leave behind our old home and small jobs. We've decided that we will travel by covered wagon pulled by oxen that were given to us by our grandfather. We realize that this will take many months or it could possibly take up to a year to accomplish the move. The trip will be long, but it will be worth it. | Smith Family Journal #1 | Let the journey begin | 3

5: Because of this, we had to pack nearly 400 pounds of food and water, along with the rest of our belongings which aren't much. We have heard many stories of bandits and outlaws on the trail. We also have to watch out for Indians.They aren't really that friendly with anyone else but their own. Because of the risk of bandits and possibly the need for more food, we have decided to take Julius's rifle that he used for hunting. We had to save our cash for nearly a year to even attempt this trip. We had to use all of our money for this trip, and we are determined to make it count. We are in pursuit of the “American Dream ” that we were promised in New York. Our plan is to get to Illinois and get on the “Mormon Trail” from there. That will take us to Utah, where some of our family currently live. There should be plenty of places along the way to stop to rest or trade if we must. If we meet up with some other travelers that's moving west, we are willing to travel with them and be protected at night by forming a big circle with wagons. Because we have packed as much food, water, and clothes, we will have to sleep outside in a tent or under the wagon. -The Smith Family | 4

6: Mollie Smith (Jaclyn Fulmer) | 5

7: Jaclyn Fulmer April 17, 1865 Personal Journal # 1 My name is Mollie Smith, I'm 28. Today, me and my family left our home to move west. We left from New York to head to Utah. We will travel there by a covered wagon, which could take awhile to get where we need to be. We also packed plenty of food and other things we needed, that Julius made sure we had. Our journey shall be long and uninteresting, but i will feel better now that we have left New York. It was filled with slums and petty jobs. If me and my family was to stay in New York, there would be no more us, because we would die as soon as we didn't do something right. I feel now as we are moving west, that we could do better for ourselves. I really need to be alone with my family, and be away from the way the people in New York would always treat us and make us out of their slaves. In this travel, i will be with the family and making my way to Oregon. I kinda don't want to leave, but then again i do because of the way the people in New York treats you. I was beat for not doing anything to help the people out. Julius, my brother, is a really good dude and he has brought his gun for protection and to hunt for food. At night if we gather with some more people traveling on wagons, we will gather in circles for protection of our stuff and our lives. We all have our little bags of supplies packed into the wagon. At night we could either sleep inside the wagon, outside the wagon, or inside a tent. Our nights traveling are like being alone inside a dark room, not knowing anyone we might travel with. I feel like this traveling would be good for me and my family, but how would the people in New York feel about us leaving them. They would probably act sad and not want us to leave, but if we don't leave we would still be going through the same thing we was, being their slaves, and being mistreated. Until Next Time, Mollie Smith | 6

8: Let the journey begin | Julius Smith | 7

9: Julius's Personal Journal #1 My name is Julius Smith, and today me and my family began our journey to the west. Our destination is Utah, and we will travel there by covered wagon. I plan on opening a gun shop once I get there. I have some knowledge of guns that I learned in Germany. I also plan on owning a piece of land for my family. We packed plenty of food and water, I made sure of that. Before we left on our trip, I had just enough money to buy a yoke of oxen. I also made sure to pack my Winchester for our protection. I have heard many stories of bandits and I am not taking any chances with the Indians. I don't trust them at all. They worship false gods and aren't friendly with anyone. If we encounter them, I won't hesitate to put a bullet between their eyes. We might also have to use the gun for hunting should we need more food. I have confidence in my family. It took us a long time to save up enough money for this trip. They are trustworthy and are just as determined as I am. Working together will be essential if we want to be successful in our journey. I am sure we will succeed, and if we don't, I would rather die than stay in New York. That city is wretched and cruel to people like us. At my old job, I had very little pay and had to work long hours. Most of my coworkers didn't like me just because I am German. If me and my family continued to live in New York, we will live and die in rags. We came to this country for the “American Dream” but I think we are worse off here than we would ever have been if we stayed in Germany. I am also very eager to see more of the world. I am an adventurous man, and this trip will be just the thing I need to quench my thirst for exploration. We want to go west and create a name for ourselves, or die trying. -Julius Smith | 8

10: 9 | Zelda Smith

11: 10 | Zelda's Personal Journal #1 April 17, 1865 Hi. My name is Zelda. I am thirteen years old and I do not understand but my parents say that this move will be better for all us. They also said that I should just think of this as a permanent vacation but as I say goodbye to my friends I start feeling as if this will be a nightmare. I am going to miss our little village in New York. I had many friends because I am very likable and popular for my age. My sister Clara is so excited to leave in search for the “American Dream” whatever that is. She is four years older than me so she is practically grown up and she thinks that she knows best. I guess I will find out soon or later. We do have hard times here in New York but I did not think that we would ever move. I feel like this trip is going to be a drag, but I hope when we get there that I can make new friends. I always wanted to travel, but I never been outside of my little town. When I think of travel I think of a small trip to my aunt and uncle house not a move all the way across the world. Now I am suppose to be helping my family pack but it is hard and all my stuff is not going to be able to fit. I wish I can keep everything and that we had a larger Conestoga wagon. It is all small and old looking. Sometimes I wish that, in this year of 1865, that we could afford something faster and better but I do not think that anything like that has been invented yet. If I was smarter, well I am already, but if I was some type of genius I would invent it. I will be able to see the outside of New York and probably strange animals too. Now, that I think about it, maybe this trip won't be that bad after all. I hope we meet a lot of fun things as we go but for now I should dream of what is ahead of us. Soon, Zelda Smith

12: 11

13: 12 | April 17, 1865 Clara’s Journal Day One My name is Clara Smith and I am seventeen years old. Today, we are traveling west to find a better life. I am really excited to be a part of this journey so I can live the “American Dream.” My family has sacrificed a lot to travel. We all left our miserable jobs and we sold almost everything we have. We’ve been saving up for a long time and we think we finally have enough to start. We decided to go on a covered wagon. I think we’ll be putting the small amount of stuff that we own on the wagon and walk beside it. We haven’t ever had much. I hope that once we get settled we’ll be able to have more. It doesn’t seem real and I’ve been too excited about getting a better life to put much thought in leaving my friends behind. When I had to say goodbye it became more realistic. I am going to miss the people here, just not the life here. Almost everyone is poor. I also haven’t thought enough about all the bad things that could happen. People tell all these scary stories about what can happen to families along the way. I don’t think anything will happen too bad, at least I hope not. I couldn’t imagine losing a family member or being lost in the middle of nowhere. We have a good bit of food and a big bucket of water to last us a couple of weeks. I think we’ll be okay til we can stop again and hunt. Now, that Im thinking about it, it sounds kind of scary. Some people talk about how they hire guides who just use their money and leave them in the middle of nowhere. We don’t even have the money to hire one, so we tried to put maps together from previous travels by my father’s friends who have already made the trip and who have came back for family. Hopefully, there right. I haven’t put much thought to what we’re going to do once we get there, just what we are going to be doing on the trip. I am nervous about how our family is going to adapt. But this is all for now, I need to go help my parents. Until next time, Clara Smith

14: 13

15: 14

16: April 24, 1865 Family Journal #2 Today, we arrived in Ohio. We have traveled for nearly a week now without any problems. Our supplies are still in good shape, and our oxen are still healthy. Every day, we would wake up at the break of dawn and would prepare food. After breakfast, we travel until noon. Then we take a short break before starting again. Sometimes at some of our stopping points we can refill our water supply at rivers and by trading in towns. We would then travel until an hour before dusk and set up camp. We would gather firewood before dark and build a fire. Then we would cook dinner on the fire and rest afterwards.The wagon was too full, causing us to sleep outside. As our supplies diminish we will be able to sleep inside eventually. Throughout the night we would take four hour shifts watching out for bandits or thieves. We have met a couple of travelers on the way to Ohio but no caravan to join up with. Luckily enough, we also seem to have evaded any problems with thieves or bandits. | 15

17: We also haven't encountered any Native Americans yet. Mostly because they are further out west. Using this process, we have managed to move two states over without a problem until today. Sadly, Julius has become ill with what seems to be an infection. He doesn't seem to be doing too well and we are concerned for him. At one of our stops near the border of Ohio, we asked some of the locals there about a remedy for the infection. They informed us that the only thing they knew of was using red clover. They said it would purify his blood. We were a little skeptical, but we bought some red clover. We all hope that this will help him get better. Tomorrow, we will continue our journey to Illinois by traveling through Indiana, after that we can get onto the “Mormon Trail” from there. If all goes well, we can possibly get to Utah in about a month from now. Until next time, The Smith Family | 16

18: 17

19: Jaclyn Fulmer April 24, 1865 Mollies' Personal Journal #2 Today, we arrived in Ohio. During the travel we stopped at a place, and Julius started getting sick. But then we found out he has an infection. The onliest thing that will help with the infection is a Red Clover. I feel that if he doesn't get any better, then us girls will more than likely have to travel alone. We was doing great on the travel and then something always happens. I hope he gets better after a time of using the Red Clover. Our oxen are really healthy. We intend to stop if we see a creek or a little valley with clean water in it, to fill up our water bottles if we are running low and to let our animals get water. We often wash off or take a small bath in the creeks we find. We have done well to prepare food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I feel that while traveling that we are doing the best thing by leaving where we came from, to go to a much better place, and it will take awhile to get there but it is so worth it. The more red clover we let Julius take, the better off we will be. He is the onliest guy traveling with us, so most the time we let him do the protection at night while we get sleep, then we end up taking turns and swapping out. Our long journey is getting better day by day. I just hope nothing else happens to my family. If we travel at our pace we can get there in almost a month, or longer. We are taking the “Mormon trail.” We are traveling to Illinois. At night we will prepare our food for breakfast after we get all cleaned up. We normally sleep under the tent, since we have so much of our things packed up in the wagon. As the days roll by, our items will intend to go down, and we will have to hunt for more food, and travel until we find more water and a safer place to sleep. So far, we haven't had any problems with bandits or Indians, so i think we are doing good by protecting each other. Until I write next time, Mollie Smith | 18

20: 19

21: April 24, 1865 Personal Journal #2 I am writing this journal from our camp located on the border of Ohio. This is the second entry of my journey with my family to Utah. We have been on this journey for a while now without any issues, but just yesterday, I figured out that I have gotten an infection. We were hoping to get through this trip smoothly, but it seems that my infection will slow us down. I hate to be dead weight on this trip. We did stop at a town today and spoke with some of the locals. We asked about a cure for the infection. We were told that red clover would help with my blood somehow. To be truthful, I didn't believe a single word they were saying. Red clover? I doubt that will help me in the slightest. We bought some of the stuff anyways. I guess it is better than nothing. Also, it is getting hotter. That means that our water supply is diminishing even faster than usual. I already had prepared for this before we left, and I don't regret leaving in the spring instead of the fall. Having to get a little more water is much less of a problem than having to prevent ourselves from freezing to death. Journeying throughout the summer is also better for hunting. We are now traveling to Illinois next. When we get there, we will continue to Utah by following the “Mormon Trail”. We have discussed the decision of joining up with other travelers on the way there, as the Mormon Trail is popular. We came to the conclusion that we will join up with a caravan if we meet one that is willing to. Although we decided on this together, I don't really like it. They could easily steal our supplies once we join up, or even worse, they could slow us down. My other concern is, as we go further west, our chances of encountering those natives increase. I hope that we don't cross paths with those savages, otherwise we might have a very violent encounter. Hopefully, this infection will pass, and I will be ready should that time come. -Julius Smith | 20

22: 25

23: 26 | Zelda's Personal Journal #2 April 25, 1865 This trip has not been as bad as I thought it was going to be. We have been traveling for weeks and it feels like it could have been years. I was thinking that we were going to get attacked by some mean old Indians, but we have not seen or experienced anything like that. Which is a blessing for us because we could be tortured or worse. As the days goes by, I see different faces and new plants. Some of the plants are very strange looking. My father is sick and I am scared to death for him. Especially, if he does not get any better. I hope no one else get hurt or sick either, because it will be too overwhelming for me. Ma says that it is just an infection and I hope that is all that is wrong. Some people that we met on the trip told us to get some red clover which, in my opinion, looks more pink than red. I try to find or do something to help him feel better everyday. I dance and sing to make him smile, but somedays it is just a little one. Today, we have stop a couple of times because he felt like he was going to throw up over and over again. We all hope that he heals, especially me because I want to play a game with him again. Almost every day is boring because Clara is “all too grown up” to play with me and my games. I swear I do not understand her sometimes. For my Paw’s sake, I am going to make the best out of this trip, even though it is so hot. I am going to stop complaining too because Ma always says that I do too much of that. If this trip gets any better, I might consider traveling around the world to bigger and better things. That’s only if it doesn’t take so long to get to my destination. I pray for the best for my family and I because times are hard for us right now. Until Next Time, Zelda Smith

24: 23

25: 24 | April 24, 1865 Journal Entry 2 It’s been a long week. Nothing extremely bad has happened, our trip is still going about as good as expected. But, we have hit a few bumps along the road. Dad has an infection, we think. He said it hurts pretty bad, so we stopped and asked some people we ran into. They told us Red Clover was our best bet. It doesn’t seem like that could fix it, but I’m sure they know more about it than I do. I am tired. We have already gotten two states over. We’re making good progress, everything is still looking alright. I was really worried about our supplies but the food looks fine and the oxen don’t seem like anything is affecting them. We have to sleep outside for now, atleast til some of our supplies are cleared out. The wagon is completely packed. The first couple of nights it was scary, but now it just seems like a routine more than anything else. We have even passed a few families that are a lot like us. We still haven’t found anyone to travel with, though. All the stories of bandits out here really had me paranoid, but we haven’t came across anything unordinary. For Zelda to be thirteen, she is doing really good. She hasn’t complained too much and that makes things so much easier! Dad is saying if we keep moving and everything goes as planned we may possibly make it to Utah in about a month. It seemed like a long time at first, but it isn’t too bad. I think we can handle it. Our whole family wants this really bad, it’s the new start we’ve been needing. I can only imagine what we’re going to do once we get there. Mom and Dad have worked really hard to make this chance possible, and we all plan to make the absolute most of the whole situation. Even Zelda has high hopes for Utah, she has been really mature during this trip. But, this is all for now. I need to go help set everything up for the night! Until next time, Clara Smith

26: Family Journal #3 May 7, 1865 Many things have occurred since we have last written a journal, so it is time to catch up. Julius seems to have made a great recovery. It seems that the red clover actually helped him. After his recovery, the speed of our travel has increased greatly. We traveled to Illinois about a week ago. We finally started traveling on the “Mormon Trail” shortly after that. Not long after we started on our trip, we ran into a group of traveling Mormons. We had already predicted that we would meet up with some travelers on this trail. Although we were not Mormons, our destination was the same. They saw us traveling all by ourselves and they offered to let us travel with them. There is strength in numbers, so we thought the best idea was to join up with them. Our routine greatly changed after that. We didn’t have to stay up throughout the night because of the many people that were with us. We also now feel safer. Sometime when we were in Iowa, we encountered Indians for the first time. They were peaceful people. We didn’t get too close, but the caravan leader actually traded with them. We continued on our journey. When we got near the border of Nebraska, tragedy had fallen on the caravan. | 21

27: One of the caravan members had contracted Cholera, and died very soon after that. Our morale fell after that. We were quickly reminded that disease can strike at any time. Now we are being even more careful than before, boiling all of our water before consuming it. Also we have been double checking our food to make sure it is still safe to eat. Now, we have arrived in Nebraska, and we have taken a break which gave us the time to write this journal. This group that we have been traveling with has been of great help to us. We will continue to travel with them all the way to Salt Lake City, Utah. After that, we will meet up with our family, and this trip will be worth it. Until Next Time, The Smith Family | 22

28: Mollie Smith

29: Jaclyn Fulmer Mollies Personal Journal #3 May 7, 1865 As I write this journal today, I am currently in Nebraska. My family and I have made it a long way, and we plan to make it to Utah by June or July to be with the rest of our family. Julius’ infection is getting better as the days go by. I am so glad that Julius’ is getting better, because when he was really bad sick we couldn't travel the way we normally would. Normally we travel at least a couple of miles a day, but we had to help him get healed up and make sure he used the red clover. We are still making stops on the trail to get water for the oxen and to at least wash up a little bit. So far, we haven't been invaded by the bandits or anyone else that would steal our things. The more we travel the better off everyone starts to feel. My feelings about traveling is getting better. The farther we travel the more i don't think about the way it was in the city. We have a little ways to go before we reach Utah. I hope its nice there, and hope our family still remembers us. But if they don't we have all the time in the world to sit down and talk. The way we was treated back in the city, it was really uncalled for and i know the people in Utah is not gonna do anything to hurt us. We have so much to catch up on, and we all need to rest. But i doubt our family is gonna let us do that when we get out there with them. Over the days many things have occurred. We have many things to talk about but not much time. The main thing that we are very worried about us reaching our destination and accomplishing the goals we have made and those goals are making it to Utah before June or July. I can hardly believe that we are finally free at last. Until Next Time, Mollie Smith

30: 29

31: 30 | May 7, 1865 Julius’s Personal Journal #3 It has been a long time since I have last written a journal. It seems that I have made a great recovery from my infection. Everyone else thinks that the red clover had something to do with it, but I believe that it was just a coincidence. Seriously, a red clover? We wasted our money on that. Nonetheless, I stopped slowing the rest of the group down. Our speed nearly doubled after that. We finally made it to the “Mormon Trail” in Illinois. Not to my surprise, we met some Mormons on that trail. Since they saw us traveling by ourselves to the same place they were, they offered to have us travel with them. Strength in numbers, they said. We accepted the offer, but I didn't like it. I don't trust those people, and I have distanced myself from them. We all knew that as soon as things went wrong, they would steal our supplies and leave us stranded on the trail. The rest of my family feels safer with them, but not me. The Mormons offered to keep watch throughout the night, which saved us the trouble, but for all we know they are planning something against us. We continued on to Iowa, and we encountered Indians for the first time. My family stayed away from them thankfully, but the Mormons spoke to them as if they thought of them as friends! They even traded with them! I trust them even less than before because of that. After that, we arrived at the border of Nebraska, and one of the Mormons died from Cholera. I was almost certain we would have been kicked out from the loss of morale, but we didn't. We continued on our journey, being more careful than ever before. Today, we stopped and I was able to take the time to write this journal while the others wrote our “Family Journal” that we started before we left New York. We are still traveling with these Mormons, and I continue to not trust them, even though the rest of the family seems to trust them fully. I don't understand how blind they can be. Hopefully we can make it to Salt Lake City before anything drastic happens. -Julius Smith

32: 31

33: 32 | Zelda's Personal Journal #3 May 7, 1865 I am so glad that my father if starting to feel better. He is smiling every day and his skin does not look pale as it used to be. When I saw him get up this morning, all I could do was jump for joy because I knew I had my daddy back. I am glad that the people told us about the red clover because it really helped him a lot. As soon as he got better, I felt like we were moving faster than ever. He was moving like he was a new man. We made it to Illinois last week and it was alright there. My mother said that we are back on track. I think it is called the Mormon Trail; which is a coincidence because we had met some Mormons on the way. They were trying to get to the same place that we were. We are traveling with them for now on and they are very helpful. There are a lot of them too. Some of the stuff we do every day has changed a little because now we have more help and stronger men too. When we came to Iowa we had met some strange but nice Indians. We had made sure to stay out of their way so we would not get harmed. Our caravan leader, who was a man who looked older than my father, traded with these Indians. As we near towards Nebraska, one of the Mormons had caught some disease that I have never even heard of before. She died before anyone could help her. I guess some of the other caught it took because more of them got sick or even died. Death is a scary thing and I hope neither one of my family members get trap by its evil ways. Since that happens my mother has been getting on to me about watching what I eat and make sure the water is boiled and cooled down before I drink it. It is hard trying to watch everything and anything. I can't wait until we finally get to Salt Lake City. But until then, Zelda Smith

34: 33

35: 34 | Individual Journal #3 May 7, 1865 Today I am going to write again for the first time since a lot has happened. Father is better, the red clover did the trick! We also did something else kind of exciting, we grouped up with Mormons! We have been traveling along the trail and like our parents said we would probably run into some other people traveling as well. At least these Mormons are nice, they invited us to join up with them. At first I was hesitant. But like they pointed out, there are strength in numbers. Plus our family feels safer this way. We all can sleep at night and we have a little more relaxed journey. Except for one thing, one of the Mormons got sick and passed away. He was so nice! He contracted Cholera somehow. It got everyone all upset. It was just a reminder that diseases still can happen, numbers don’t matter to them. So with that being said, we have all tried to do our part in making sure everything is cleaned properly. We even boil our water before using it. I really don’t want anyone else getting sick. It’s not like our family is apart of this group or anything but they have taken us in. Once we get to where we are going, everything will be worth it. I can’t wait to meet up with our family. It’s exciting to think about, knowing that not too long from now we should all be together. For right now we are in Nebraska. We are taking a break so everyone can rest up. From what Dad has been saying, we’re going to get to go along with the Mormons all the way to Salt Lake City. Our family doesn’t seem to attached to them but I have really gotten to like them. They are caring and act as if we’re one big family. Nobody is ever left out. Once we get to Utah, I don’t know how we are going to break apart. I try not to ask many questions but I think it’s going to be harder than my parents expect. I feel like we owe them something, they have helped us so much. Our journey goes by so much smoother and faster than before. But, this is all for now. I should go help everyone set stuff up. Until next time, Clara Smith.

36: Smith Family Journal #4 May 25, 1865 We are currently in Wyoming. Today we found out something none of us wanted to hear. Julius has warned us this whole trip about Indians who aren't happy with our travels. A group of the Mormons decided to go hunting yesterday morning and they invited Julius to go as well. At some point, twelve Indians attacked them. We couldn't see anything but we could hear a little. The group we were with tried to find them but didn't get there in time. They were way too deep in the woods to get there easily. Poor Julius had just got over the infection he caught when we made a stop in Ohio. He had just recovered from it, and then this morning we get really bad news that he has passed away from an attack from twelve Indians. I guess now we will have to travel with other people, and group up at night for protection. Everyone is still together, we are just missing nine men. They were our strongest of the group but we can still make it. We don't have very much left of this trip, its going to be the hardest once we make it to Utah. Continuing the family there will be miserable at first. Julius kept us together when times got rough. | 35

37: We are currently running out of food, and the oxen are starting to get tired. Everyone is trying to avoid the death of all the men. Zelda is affected by it the most. Julius and Zelda was the closest ones of the family. We buried all the ones that was attacked this morning. With our strongest men out, we have to be more independent and get things done ourselves. This is gonna be hard, but it will eventually get better. We just have to take it day by day. Once we get to Utah we can figure out how we will handle this, everything is going to be okay. But, this is all for now. We need to go get everything set up for the night. The ones traveling with us, is gonna form a circle and put our wagon in the middle, so they can watch over and protect us while we are sleeping. Until Next Time, The Smith Family | 36

38: Mollie Smith | 1865 Immigrant | 37

39: 38 | Jaclyn Fulmer May 25th, 1865 Mollies Personal Journal #4 During the time that i haven't wrote in my journals, we have had a lot to go on. We are almost at our destination. We found out something that we didn't never wanna hear. Julius was attacked by twelve Indians. He was invited to go hunting with the Mormons but turns out we got to the group of them at the very last minute. Julius ended up dieing and we couldn't save him. A group we was traveling with had decided to go look for them, but they was way too deep in the woods for them to find them. Poor Julius. He has just got over the infection that he had, and now this. What will we do without him? Three girls traveling without a girl to protect us. I guess we will have to continue to travel with other people and not leave their sides. We was going so good and now we lost one of our good people. Everyone is so sad, but things happen. The time we get to Utah with the rest of our family, its gonna be hard to cope with at first, but then after awhile its gonna get better. Julius kept us together when times was rough and now we have no one left of our family trip except Zelda, and Clara. We can make this trip, the more we try to keep it off our mind, the farther we can make it. We are running low on food and water and the oxen are starting to get unhealthy. The oxen haven't stopped to eat that much, i guess they are getting sick or else they just getting tired from all this traveling. The more everyone says things about Julius, the more we start to get upset. We have to make it to our family as a whole. We have to be strong for ourselves. Our strongest men died from an attack. They protected us at night. They also didn't let the bandits or Indians get us. They watched over the girls. I have never felt this way, but i guess everything will eventually get better. We just have to take it day by day. Until Next Time, Mollie Smith

40: 39

41: Julius’s Personal Journal #4 May 25, 1865 Today was a very sad day. I knew that I was right about being cautious of Indians. We had stopped for some of us to go hunting. I was invited to go along since I had a little experience with hunting. Me and some of the Mormons went out into the woods and hunted for about 30 minutes. It wasn't long after that we heard a rustle in the bushes. Thinking it was an animal, one of the Mormons shot at it as soon as he saw their head. Little did he know that he didn't shoot an animal at all. One of the Indians fell out of the bushes and died. We immediately heard a war cry come from behind us as nearly twelve Indians chased after us with bows and arrows. We took a couple of them out, but before we knew it, half of our men were down, and I had taken an arrow to the knee. I couldn't walk, much less escape the Indians. The remaining Mormons escaped, but they had to leave me behind. Luckily, the Indians didn't finish me off right after they caught up to me. Instead, they captured me and took me back to their camp. I can hear some of them talking. I think that they are holding me for ransom, but i’m not sure ill be able to make it with all of this blood loss. I took this time to quickly write one last journal in hope that someone can find it. Without me, i’m worried about how the others can make it to Salt Lake City. Hopefully they can so they can see the rest of the family and escape the danger out here. Even though I was suspicious of the Mormons, I hope that they can lead my family home. This will most likely be my last journal, so I guess this is goodbye. -Julius Smith | 40

42: 41

43: 42 | Zelda's Personal Journal #4 May 25,1865 My family and I just made it to the Dakota Territory. I do not like it here already. Today may have been the worst day of my life and it all started after we met the Mormons. Some of the Mormons’ men came and asked my father would he hunt with them and he said yes. Little did I know that would be the last thing I heard from him. They started out in the woods and a few moments later I heard a bunch of men screaming and I knew my father was one of them. I tried to run but somebody grabbed me from behind. Instead, the rest of the people went after them and left me behind with my sister. It was too late when they got there and they said that the Indians had got them. Papa had always warn us about the angry and mean Indians. I thought we were going to be able to dodge them. I wish I could give them Indians a piece of my mind but I know they would get me too. That would be bad for my mother and my sister can’t lose two people out of the family. My father with eight other men died today. At least, we got to bury them together this morning. I am heartbroken and I feel like I lost my only best friend. I felt like we were the closest together.Now we are going to travel with the Mormons. Maybe now we can have help and a better chance of survival. I can’t wait until we get to Utah because, then maybe our lives will be better. It is going to be so hard without my father hear to play with me and to hear him laugh at my jokes. Even though they were not always funny. I am going to miss my old man. I met a Mormon girl name Elise maybe she can be my new friend for a little while. Her father was one of the men that died with my father. I hope this all works out for the better. We have to stick together through this and stay strong. But this is all for now, as I walk along depressed with Elise. Soon, Zelda Smith

44: 43

45: 44 | Marissa Haisten Day Four. Yesterday was horrible. I am trying not to even think about it but I think if I write about it one time I can just push it out of my mind for good. At least for a little while, anyways. Everyone decided we were running low on food so some of the men decided to go hunting. We needed to make a stash again to finish this trip up. So, some of the guys volunteered. Julius was one of them. Of course some of the strongest and bravest men wanted to go. There was a total of nine of them. They told their goodbyes and started to walk to the woods. Julius has always been cautious with the idea of hostile indians and everyone knows their a possibility but nobody expected them not to come back. It was supposed to be just a day of hunting just to get us to the next stop. About two hours into their trip, we heard screams. We couldn’t see them and we could barely hear them, but they were there somewhere. The rest of the men grabbed anything that could be used as a weapon and ran to the woods. My mother was in tears and I was trying to keep Zelda from knowing what was truly going on. Nobody even had to say what they thought was happening, we all knew. The men were gone for about an hour and came back with bodies they could manage to get. It was too late. Julius was too deep in the woods and by the time they got there everyone was dead and the indians were nowhere in sight. Julius’ body wasn't found. It was crazy thinking of him, dead. I’ve never seen him not doing something productive. I wish there was something I could have done to stop it. He has always saved us from harm and he wanted this new life more than anything. He was so close. I just don’t know what we are going to do without him once we get to Utah. He has always been there. He does everything for our family! But, this is all I am going to write for now. I should go find Zelda. Until next time, Clara Smith.

46: Finally in Utah, Missing Julius. Forever Missed and Loved! Love Mollie, Clara and Zelda | 45

47: Smith Family Journal #5 May 31, 1865 WE MADE IT! We are finally in Utah with our family. After spending months of travel trying to make it to Utah, and enduring all of the problems, we finally made it. After Julius's death, we haven't ran into any more issues. We have been very lucky that the Mormons agreed to continue traveling with us all the way to Salt Lake City. Even though we haven't had any problems traveling since then, we still have been mourning over his death. After losing about half of the entire caravan, our travel slowed, and we arrived later than we expected. These last days have been rough. Nevertheless, when we finally arrived, everyone was so glad to see us, but they were also expecting to see Julius. Unfortunately, we had no way to get in touch with them to let them know that Julius had died from the Indian attack. When we told them about his death, they were in tears. They couldn't believe that he could have died like that. We talked for hours, about New York City, Julius's infection, the Mormon group, and worst of all, Julius's death. After all of our conversation, we moved in temporarily. We set up our rooms, and started helping around the farm. We plan on getting some land of our own once we get back on our feet. It is so great being able to feel safe in a home after all of that traveling and hardship. Poor Zelda, she still feels as if she has no one, since her and Julius was so close to each other. We have been here for about a week now, and things have gotten somewhat better. This will be our final journal since we have completed our journey. Hopefully we will eventually make something out of ourselves and begin living our lives without Julius here to help. For now, we will just help out our family with the farm and the house. We will all take life day by day. It is getting better. Only time will tell what is going to happen next. Sincerely, The Smith Family | 46

48: 47

49: Jaclyn Fulmer Mollies Personal Journal #5 Hello there! Me and my family has finally made it to Utah. I am so happy to finally be here with my family, but I miss Julius. This trip has went by fast but slow at times. I wish Julius could have made it to see the family with us. Why did he volunteer to go on that stupid hunt with them anyways? Was it to get us food? Or did they set him up? Because, its strange how he is the onliest one who didn't come back, all the others did. I feel as if they wanted him to get killed, because they ran off and left him behind. None of the other groups could find Julius in the woods, but they said all the other Mormons was okay. So, thats still running through my head. Poor Zelda, she has cried ever since the accident. She was the closest to Julius, and now she has no one to talk to but Clara and I. Our family is hurt but we have to try to make it without him. Its gonna be hard but we can do it. He was the onliest one who could hunt the most food between all of our family members. He always kept everyone smiling. But wow, what are we gonna do without him? The days are going by faster than they did, and we are slowly getting everything off our minds. The oxen are still making it, after all that traveling. We fed them and gave them water. They are still healthy as ever. Clara and I are still helping out with Zelda, and the family with whatever they need help with. The more the time flies by, the more i don't think about it. Julius knows we love and miss him, but he also knows he is in a better place. With the world like it is, we barely have enough food for the family to eat on. We have to go out and kill the food, and we don't have a refrigerator to put the raw meat in so we have to cook all of it at one time, which don't help us save on food. Its basically like we are wasting it, but oh well i guess we can still go hunt during the day for food. This is my last journal. So long world. Hopefully, everything will work out as planned. Sincerely, Mollie Smith. | 48

50: The Chief | 49

51: Julius's Personal Journal #5 May 28th 1865 It seems that the Indians herbal medicine is more helpful than I once thought. I have made it a few more days, so I suppose that I will be able to make a new journal. I still can't walk, but I have been able to feel better. After living with the Indians for a few days, I have been thinking about my capture repeatedly. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Indians didn't even attack randomly. Actually, the entire conflict was our fault. One of the Mormons killed an Indian, and they reacted accordingly. They were probably hunting, just as we were. The Indians have been talking about me a lot recently, and finally decided what to do with me. They gave me a decision to make. Either I had to be executed, or I had to join them in their fight against the United States. I really didn't want to betray my country, even if it was full of broken promises. I also fear death though. It was either do or die, and dying didn't look that appealing, but joining these people could be even worse. They said if I join, I would have to turn my back on my entire past. That means that I would have to forget about my family. I would never be able to see them again. They gave me an entire day to decide. After that, I chickened out and swore loyalty to the Indians. They people that I once considered savages were now my comrades. I know that there are still trust issues, but as I begin to adopt this new way of life, hopefully this will change. Maybe the Indians aren't that bad at all, and we have just been looking from the wrong point of view. After tomorrow, we will go east, the way I just ran away from. I will continue to write these journals as long as my life will allow me to. Maybe one of these days someone can find these journals. -Julius Smith | 50

52: 51

53: 52 | Zelda's Personal Journal #5 May 31, 1865 We have finally made it here in Salt Lake City, Utah and I am so happy. I did not know that some of our family was already down here. That is probably why I have not seen them in a while. We have been down here for a week and I love it here already. The rest of the Mormons have decided to come along with us and they have been very good to us. They have helped us out a lot of times and even though there is only one man left we still are able to stay strong. We stick together like glue. I just wished we met them earlier because maybe this trip could have been a whole lot easier. A few of the Mormons died on our journey down here because some days we did not have enough food or someone else had gotten sick from on of the berry bushes we found. Even my best friend Elise died. She did not die of hunger or disease but she had drowned in the big lake on the way down here. She had just turned thirteen yesterday and I am so sorry that her parents have to live without her as I will live without my father. It is sad that I lost my father and my new best friend. I guess things happen for a reason and we can just take it day after day. We are now staying with our family until we are able to get some land on our own. I remember my mother telling everyone about the trip down here and when she started to talk about my father, I wanted to cry. I know that he would have loved to be here around our family. I cry a lot sometimes for him because he was my best friend and now he is gone. I will always keep him in my heart. Maybe he is somewhere in another place looking and watching over me. As this is my last goodbye, I hope that my family does continue to grow, get better, and stay strong. Farewell, Zelda Smith

54: 53

55: 54 | Clara Smith. Individual Journal Five. So we have made it to Utah. I think I would have been more excited if our whole family could have made it. I miss Father more and more everyday. We’ve given everything we have to make a new life here for us but I don’t think it will be nearly as good without him here. Zelda is handling things okay as well as mother. Our new home is way better than our old one. It may take some getting used to but so will everything else. We are all really lucky to have had this chance and experience. A lot of families wanted to travel but not everyone was as lucky as we were. The Mormons were more than helpful during this time. We have had everything we could have needed and all the support possible to help get through Julius’ death. While we were all together, we tried to comfort each other since we weren’t the only ones who lost a family member. Now, we have all split and went our own ways. I am not sure if we would have made it without them. Father was prepared and good at everything he did, but he was right. Strength is in numbers! For the most part, we didn’t encounter too many problems. We expected a lot more to be thrown our way. The only thing major was the incident that took away our father. I am not quite sure what happens now or what is next. All we have is family at this point. We aren’t going to have much money for a while. Profits are going to have to earn themselves and that will take time. To have made it as far as we did, we’re lucky. A lot of people die along the way. Not just one or two members, but the whole family. Some run out of supplies and starve while others have bigger attacks by hostile native americans. Now that we are here I don’t know what to say. I didn’t think I would feel this way. I didn’t think there would be just three of us either, though. Things will fall into place sooner or later. This is it, this is the end of our journey. Sincerely, Clara Smith.

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