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The Life Of Anne Frank

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The Life Of Anne Frank - Page Text Content

S: By:Sritha Moram

BC: Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart. | I don't think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains. | Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction. | How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

FC: The Life Of Annelies Marie Frank 12 June 1929-early March 1945(aged 15)

1: It's A GIRL! | Anne Frank is born on June 12th,1929 in Frankfurt,Germany.She is the second daughter of Otto and Edith Frank,both German Jews.

2: Otto , Anne's Father had been a officer in the German Army during World War I | Otto and Edith Frank on their honeymoon in San Remo,Italy,in 1925.

3: Adolf Hitler's Nazi party comes to power in Germany in 1933.Hitler begins his anti-semitism campaign during this time.In the summer of 1933, Otto Frank leaves Frankfurt for Amsterdam to set up a new business called Dutch Opekta Company.Less than a year later his family joins him.This photo above was taken before their move.

4: By the mid 30s the Franks get used to a normal routine in their apartment at 37 Merwedeplien.The girls attend school;take vacations at the beach and make new friends .In 1930 Otto Frank expands his business,making a partnership with A Jewish refugee Herman Van Pels.

5: The Franks' believe that Amsterdam is safe from the Nazis but unfortunately the Germans invade Netherlands,and the Franks are again forced to live under Nazi rule.In the picture above Anne attends the local Montessori school but later in 1941 she couldn't attend school with non-Jews. | The Nazi administration begins issuing anti-Jewish decrees.All Jews have to register their businesses.Later they are forced to surrender them to non-Jews.Mr.Otto Frank fearing this already turned in his business to Victor Kugler and Johanne Kleiman.In May 1942,all Jews 6+ have to wear th yellow star of David on their clothes.

6: By 1942 Jews are being arrested for just being Jews.Many are going into German labor and death camps.Fearful the Frank family plans to go into hiding.The Franks already have a place in mind-the annex of the rooms above Otto Frank's office st 263 Prinsengracht Amsterdam.The center photo above shows the office building. | Hiding

7: The members of the Dutch Opekta Company agree to help the Franks.Victor Kugler,Johannes Kleiman,Meip Gies,Jan Gies,Bep Voskuijil,and Bep's father all are trustworthy and risk their lives to help the Franks survive.These friends also keep the business operating in their employer's absence.Mr.Frank also arranges Hermann van Pels,his business parter and his family(wife:Auguste Van Pels,and son:Peter) to share their hideout.

8: While hiding preparations are secretly under way,Anne celebrates her 13th birthday on June 12,1942.On July 5,1942 Anne's sister Margot gets a letter for a Nazi work camp.A policeman rings the Frank's doorbell at about 3 P.M.Even though the hiding place is not ready yet the Franks' realizes they have to move right away,so they pack their belongings and leave notes saying that they left the country.On July 6 Margot leaves first with Miep.Then at 7:30 Anne leaves with her family.

9: On July 13,the Van Pels family joins them.On Nov. 16th, 1942, the 7 residents are joined by Fritz Pfeffer.Both families and Pfeffer remain in hiding for two years.The Annex is crowded and hard to live in.The residents have to be careful not to be seen or heard.If they are discovered then the Nazis will arrest them.During these difficult Anne keeps a diary of her life.

10: At approximately 10 AM August 4,1944.the Frank family's greatest fear comes true.A Nazi policeman appears at the hide out ,having received an anonymous phone call informing them that Jews are hiding there.Karl Joseph Silberbauer, an Austrian Nazi forces all the residents to turn over their belongings,but when he finds out that Otto Frank had been a lieutenant in the German Army during WWI,he is less harsh.The residents are forced into a covered truck and are taken to the Central Office for Jewish Emigration,and then sent to Weteringschans Prison.All they can do is hope.Two of the helpers Kleiman and Kugler are imprisoned and Miep and Bep are questioned but not imprisoned.

11: On August 8,194, residents of the Secret Annex are moved to Westerbork transit camp.They stay there for nearly three months until on September 3, they are transported to Auschwitz death camp.In the above picture it shows the selection process that transported Jews into two groups:those who would work-and those that would die

12: In October,1944 Anne and Margot are transported from Auschwitz to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany.Thousands of people die from planned starvation and epidemics, which is without food,heat,medicine etc.Anne and Margot,already weakened become ill with typhus.The camp is liberated by allied troops in 1945,one month after the death of Anne Frank. | Anne Frank Tree

13: OUt of the eight people who went into hiding in the secret Annex,Otto FRank is one and only survivor of what is now known as the Holocaust.He is given Anne's diary pages by Miep Gies, and he publishes them in her memory, and memory of those who died.He and his second wife, Elfried Geiringer, also an Auschwitz survivor, move to Basel,Switzerland, in 1953.Otto Frank dies on August 19,1980,at the age of ninety-one.The left photo above is Mr.Frank and the right photo is of Miep Gies(who died at January 11, 2010 aged 100)

14: December 20 ,1945-Fritz Pfeffer dies in Neuengame January 26,1945-Edith Frank dies at Auschwitz-Birkenau January 27, 1945-Otto Frank is liberated from Auschwitz by the Russian Army. Feburary or March 1945-Anne and Margot Frank die at Bergen-Belsen within days of each other. Spring 1945-Mrs.Van Pels dies in Theresienstadt concentration camp in Czechoslovakia May 1945-Peter Van Pels dies in Mauthausen

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