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The Little Girl

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S: The Little Girl

BC: We hope you enjoyed our version of The Little Mermaid. We spent so much time and effort on this story. May you always follow your heart and never give up.

3: Once upon a time, not too long ago, off the coast of Hawaii there lived a beautiful girl named Amanda. She had long golden hair that glistened in the sunlight and big, green eyes the color of the ocean. Everyone adored her breathtaking beauty, but most of all they loved listening to her amazing singing voice. Even though she was beautiful and talented she longed to get married.

5: One day Amanda decided to take a swim in the sea. As she was swimming, she sang the most beautiful tune she had ever sung. She suddenly spied someone in the distance listening to her sing. Amanda swam closer and discovered that it was a merman. She was astonished by how handsome he was, and she swam closer. “Who are you?” Amanda asked. “What is your name?" “My name is Blake. I’ve been in the water for more than one hundred years and have never seen anyone nearly as beautiful as you! You have the most amazing singing voice I have ever heard” “Why ,thank you! My name is Amanda,” she exclaimed. The two talked and laughed for hours. Everyday Amanda went back to the ocean to talk to Blake, and day by day, they started to fall in love.

7: Amanda started to spend so much time in the ocean, that her father started to worry. “ Amanda dear, are you doing alright?” Amanda’s father asked hesitantly. “ Well , um, " Amanda stuttered, “ I want to become a mermaid,” she blurted. Her father was silent in shock and gave a disapproving sigh. “ A mermaid?” he asked as if making sure he heard her right. Amanda nodded. “ That's the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! Are you out of your of mind? What's gotten into you?!” he raged. “True love has,” Amanda answered simply. “ I’ve met my true love, a merman, and I want to go marry him. Please, Father, give me your approval so that I can follow my dreams,” Amanda pleaded. “I cannot let you do that,” he said shaking his head.

9: Amanda’s dad forbade her to go to the ocean, so she spent her days walking the streets by herself. One day she saw what looked like a harmless young lady.“ Hello, my dear,” the woman said in a soft voice. “ My name is Murcela.” “ Oh, um... hello, Murcela,” Amanda said. “I’ve heard that you want to become a mermaid. I can do that for you if you give me just one, small thing in return,” Mercula said in persuasive, yet sweet voice. “ Anything you want!” Amanda said eagerly. “ I want your voice ,child!” said Mercula. “If that is what you desire, as I must follow my dreams to become a mermaid and marry my true love.” what Amanda did not know was that Mercula was an evil woman and planned to ruin her relationship with Blake. " Come to beach with me, and your wish shall be granted.

11: As they came to the beach Mercula said, “Sing your song now.. little child!” As Amanda sang, her voice started to fade away; then, she was silent. No sound would come out of her mouth even when she tried, her voice was gone . Suddenly, as Amanda touched the water, her legs started to transform into a large, sparkly, purple tail. She tried to gasp, but nothing came out. Amanda realized the consequences to her wish.“ How will I tell Blake that my voice was taken by Mercula?”Amanda thought. Meanwhile, Mercula had an evil plan. She transforfmed into Amanda's duplicate and used Amanda's stolen voice to sing beautiful songs to trick Blake into marrying her. Mercula decided to walk along the beach and sing.“That must be the woman I am in love with!”, exclaimed Blake as he heard Mercula singing. He called her by the name of Amanda and went off with her thinking that she was Amanda. As the real Amanda watched in the distance, she was devastated. The next day, Blake planned to marry what he thought was Amanda, but was really Mercula. “This is wonderful,”thought Mercula, “I will get to marry the handsome merman.” “I just have to find a way to get my voice back,” Amanda thought.

13: The wedding day arrived. Blake was so excited that he had finally found his true love . Amanda still didn't have a way to get her voice back. She decided to sneak into the underwater wedding. As she approached the wedding, she heard Mercula saying, “Ha ha, ha! The only way that silly girl will get her voice back is if she kisses her true love. Well it’s too late now! I am going to marry Blake in just a matter of minutes!" "The wedding is about to start! What will I do?” thought Amanda. The preacher stood up and the procession began. As it went on Amanda started to become nervous. Finally, the preacher said " If there are no objections, you mays kiss the bride" Amanda came running in. “Oh no you won’t,” “I’m so close to marrying Blake!” said Mercula. As she said that, Amanda leaned in and kissed Blake . As she kissed him, the spell was broken! Mercula transformed back into her ugly form, and Amanda’s voice returned. “Oh rats! Amanda will marry Blake and it will all be ruined!" Blake relized what had happened and exclaimed. " I can't believe you'd do that you ugly hag! Iam banishing you to the dungeon."

15: Amanda fell into Blakes arms and said " I'm so glad I followed my dreams. I overcame my father and Mercula, and most importantly I learned that anything is possible if you follow your dreams." The next day they got married and lived happily ever after until the end of their days. The End

16: Stephan Massa | Adele Corder | Hello my name is Adele and I did all the pictures in the book. I am very athletic and I love to play softball. my best friends are all around me! | Stephan Massa is a young musician from Austin, Texas and loves to play cello and guitar. He started his first book in 6th grade, a fractured fairy tale.

17: Elizabeth Hand | Disha Rao | Hello my name is Elizabeth Hand. I am 12 years old. I love to write and have one second in a state PSIA writing competition. A really cool thing about me is that I am a triplet. | Hi, my name is Disha. When I don't spend my time writing I enjoy am reading, swimming and playing the oboe. I hope you enjoyed my first fractured fairytale.

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