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The Little Mermaid Archytpes and the Heroic Cycle

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The Little Mermaid Archytpes and the Heroic Cycle - Page Text Content

S: The Little Mermaid

FC: The Little Mermaid Archetypes & The Heroic Cycle | Annissa Moreno

1: Cast

2: Ariel

3: Ariel is the youngest of seven daughters. She enjoys singing and collecting human things that fall from the ships of pirates sailing the Atlantic Ocean. Two of her closest friends are Flounder and Sebastian who always stick by her side when she's in mischief. Her dream is to walk on land. ------------------------------------------ In the movie, as she tries to fulfill her dream, she becomes the hero because she fights for her life and tries to save others around her. Ariel is very curious and naive, she is constantly getting into situations that her father forbids her of. When she fulfills her dream of walking on land, she must suffer the conse- quences and overcome her enemy, Ursula.

4: Flounder & Sebastian

5: Flounder and Sebastian are Ariel's best friends. They are her mentors and give her the best advice they can, which she usually ignores since she is very stubborn. Flounder is more reserved and likes to do things the safe way. Sebastian is very demanding and is always looking out for Ariel because he is also her father's friend. Together they make a great team. -------------------------------- Then there is the dim witted seagull, Scuttle, who is easily distracted. Ariel believes he will help her walk on land. Scuttle always gives Ariel false information. | Scuttle

6: Triton

7: Triton, Ariel's strict but caring father, is king of Atlantica. He is the most powerful because he is the holder of the gold Trident. Triton is very protective of his seven daughters, especially mischievous Ariel. He protects them from going near any humans. --------------------------------------- Since Ariel is very stubborn he guards her from any harm and from finding a way of going on land to discover new things. He is the threshold guardian because he is blocking her way of getting what she wants.

8: Ursula

9: Ursula is half octopus and half human. She spends her time finding ways to get revenge on King Triton because he forbid her from entering Atlantica. She is miserable and wants to make others miserable by tricking them and taking their souls. ---------------------------------------------------------- While Ariel is plotting a way to find land she turns to Ursula as a last resort. Ursula is the shapeshifter because she pretends to help Ariel when at the same time she is going to betray Ariel and steal her voice. She also tries to ruin Ariel's relationship with the prince by a disguising a a beautiful woman named Vanessa.

10: Flotsam & Jetsam

11: Flotsam and Jetsam are two eels who work for Ursula. Together they make the shadow of the story. They represent her dark side because they follow the commands Ursula gives. They each have one eye where she is able to see what they see. ---------------------------- In the story Ursula sends Flotsam and Jetsam to follow Ariel and keep watch over her. Once they have their chance to bring Ariel back to Ursula, she'll have her way.

12: Prince Eric

13: Prince Eric is Ariel's love interest in the story. He was washed onto the shore when Ariel found him. He woke up to fall in love with her beautiful singing voice. This only made the mermaid more desperate to walk on land. Once she disappeared, Eric searched and searched for her. ------------------------------------------------ Eric was Ariel's call to adventure. She would go to desperate measures to walk on land and be with Prince Eric. They have three days to spend together. In that short amount of time prince Eric has to prove his love for her.

15: Storyline

16: The Threshold Crossing | If Ariel truly wishes to be human, the only way of making her wish come true is to turn to Ursula for help. Ariel makes a risky deal with Ursula. If she desires to become human, she must give Ursula her beautiful voice in return. She will not be able to have her voice unless she receives the kiss of true love before sunset on the third day.

17: Tests, Allies and Enemies | King Triton does not want Ariel going near humans let alone, dry land. He is very protective over his daughter but since he is the king of Atlantica he is preoccupied. -------------------------- Once Ariel and Prince Eric come close to kissing, Ursula decides to turn herself into a human named Vanessa. She is manipulative and breaks her deal with Ariel by stealing her voice.

18: Ariel and Prince Eric fall in love over the three days they spend together. After having dinner, romantic walks, and hanging out with each other she still cannot speak unless they kiss. She is not able to him the deal she made with Ursula, he will have to wait until she is able to speak again. On the third day, they go on an evening boat ride. The mood is very romantic and they are tempted to kiss. Little do they know Flotsam and Jetsam are keeping their eyes on them and Ursula is able to see everything they do. When the two come close to sharing a kiss, the eels tip the boat to prevent Ariel from receiving permanent human condition and her voice. Since Ariel and Eric are not able to have the kiss of true love, Ariel must return to the ocean as a mermaid. Ursula decides to turn herself into a woman named Vanessa to hypnotize Prince Eric and trick him into marrying her. | The Supreme Test

20: Reward | After Ariel was sent back home she had to find a way to get back and explain to Prince Eric what was happening. Ariel's undersea friends helped restore her voice. Scuttle and other friends were able to break the shell Ursula had been keeping Ariel's voice in. Once the shell broke Ariel began singing and Eric had broke from the hypnosis.

21: " | Return | Once King Triton had defeated Ursula over the battle of the Trident and the repercussions of what Ariel had done were solved. Ariel was still a mermaid but with King Triton's power he transformed her into a human again because he knew how much they loved each other. Ariel and Prince Eric were reunited. They married each other on a boat with her human friends and undersea friends and family watching. Eventually they had a daughter named Melody.

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