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The Missing Teddy Bear

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FC: The Missing Teddy Bear | By: Cyrina A. Swanston

1: The Missing Teddy Bear | By: Cyrina A. Swanston 2011 | Have you seen this teddy bear?

2: To My Little Sister Christina Hope you enjoy it!

3: My name is Alexandria, Alex for short. I have a sister named Ariana. She loves teddy bears. Out of the lot that she has, she only sleeps with 3.

4: “But I need Pearl!” said Ariana. “Well, you can find her tomorrow. Right now it’s bedtime.” said my mother. “Don’t worry”, I said, “you’ll find her.” “Ok Ria.” she said. She has called me Ria since she could talk. She couldn’t pronounce Alexandria so she shortened it. “Thanks Alex” said my mom.

5: Ariana and I couldn’t sleep, so I told her a story to calm her down. It went like this, “Once there was a girl named Christina. She had lost one of her teddy bears.” “That’s just like me.” said Ariana. Then my story continued and I told | Ariana not to interrupt again. “After she fell asleep” I said, “her other two teddy bears woke up. “Where’s Pearl?” said Boo the smaller of the two. “I don’t know. Do you” said Rainbow the taller of the two. “That’s why I asked you!” Boo said.

6: “Mama’s not gonna be happy.” Rainbow said, worrying. “I know.” said Boo. “I know.” “I'm going out to find her. I have to, I must. For the sake of all that is teddy bear. “And how do you expect to do that?” said Rainbow. “You're half my size and I wouldn’t do it.” “Well” said Boo, “you never know unless you try.”

8: So Boo set out to find his sister, Pearl. I said. Ariana wanted to hear more so I had to continue. After Boo set out, Rainbow went behind him. Rainbow didn’t want his little brother to be out and about all alone. “After all, he is only half my size.”

9: Boo decided to start from the back and work his way forward. So he went into the living room. | He climbed, jumped, and swung from all the furniture. He turned over every pillow and looked under everything! | “I guess Pearl isn’t in the living room.” He said. “Let me try the Kitchen. After all, Pearl loves food. All teddy bears do.”

10: So Boo headed toward the kitchen. He was almost there when he saw the toll booth. Boo started to panic! He forgot his money in his other sock! Boo’s mama knew that Boo got cold so at night, she puts him in a sock. Normally the sock is plain white, like tonight. But on special occasions, the sock was different colors with designs and it was amazing! But one day she put money in one and this wasn’t the one she put money in.

11: Rainbow knew he had to help his little brother out so he ran as fast as he could back to where she kept Boo’s socks and grabbed the money out of the sock. When he got back, Boo was reading the sign where it said how much the toll was. It was $1.00. So Rainbow folded the dollar that he grabbed into a paper plane and threw it at Boo’s hand. It landed on the floor; Boo picked it up, and paid the toll. “Phew!” Rainbow said with a sigh of relief.”

12: Boo searched the kitchen with no luck at all so he went to check the laundry room. He didn’t bother to check the dining room because he could see under everything as he passed. | Plus, he knew the table was cluttered. The laundry room was loud and crowded. There wasn’t a lot of space to move around. So naturally, it was easy for Boo to look around in.

13: Also, him and Pearl were much too small to get onto the washer and dryer so there was no chance of her being up there. Rainbow had also been in the laundry room. Being that he was much taller than either Boo or Pearl, he was sitting on the dryer watching Boo search for their missing sister. But as he was leaning over the dryer, He slipped and fell right off! | He was ok, a little shaken, but ok.

14: “Ahhhhh!” Boo said. “Uhhhh, I’m not here, you're dreaming” said Rainbow.” Just to make sure, Boo pinched Rainbows arm. “Ouch!” he said, now Boo knew that Rainbow had been following him.” Rainbow explained how he had been there when Boo had to pay the toll at the kitchen, and how he had watched Boo swing from and jump off of all the furniture. “I’m not mad.” said Boo. “But I do need your advice.” “About what?” said Rainbow. “I’ve looked all over and I can’t find Pearl. What should I do?”

17: “Well, when I’ve lost something, or in this case someone, I find it easier to end with the beginning.” Rainbow said feeling proud for helping Boo. “In english Rainbow, we all aren’t as smart as you.” Boo said. Rainbow sighed. “What you need to do is finish looking for Pearl where you started out.” “You mean the living room?” “NO.” “Ohhhh. You mean the bed.” Boo said as their conversation continued. “By George I think he’s got it!” Boo frowned at the comment. Then Rainbow said something that startled him. “It’s almost morning” he said while rushing Boo onto the bed.

18: “Look anywhere on the bed Try under the pillow.” So Boo did just that. And wouldn’t you know it, Pearl was asleep, under the pillow! “I found her!” Boo yelled. “Shhhhhhh! You’ll wake mama up and then well all be in trouble”. “Sorry” said Boo. “What are you guys doing up?” said Pearl. “Looking for you.” Boo and Rainbow said at the same time. | “I was under the pillow because I was really cold. Mama doesn’t put me in socks because I’m a girl and she’s afraid Ill get hurt or choke or something like that.” “Well what about us?” they both said. “Well, Rainbow, you have long fur to keep you warm. And Boo, you’re older and stronger so you’re a lot tougher than me.”

20: “Wow Ria, that was cool! But it was completely unreal.” said Ariana. “Ok, now get to sleep. You never know, it could happen”. | "Hurry up you guys! Get in bed with mommy! There's only two minuets until her mommy comes to wake her up!" So as fast as they all could, they got into bed with Ariana and went to sleep.

21: The next morning when I woke up, I saw Ariana with Boo, Pearl and Rainbow, all snuggled together.

22: About the Author | Cyrina Swanston was born August 24, 1998 in Long Island Jewish Hospital. She has one younger sister named Christina. She doesn't have a favorite food or a favorite T.V. show. Her favorite colors are orange, yellow, and black. In her spare time loves to babysit young children. Cyrina is a good student for the most part and loves the subject of Math. The only inspiration for this book was her little sister and her little sisters teddy bears.

23: We've found this teddy bear!!!

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  • Title: The Missing Teddy Bear
  • What will a small teddy bear named Boo, do to find his missing sister? Find out what Boo does and what lengths he goes to with his older brother, Rainbow, to find his sister Pearl before morning.
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