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The Mouse and the Cheese Stack

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S: The Mouse and the Cheese Stack

BC: Dedicated to Shreya Ramesh

FC: The Mouse and the Cheese Stack By: Chloe Curry, Jenny Moralejo, Davin Intag, and Moet Seckler

1: The Mouse and the Cheese Stack | By: Chloe Curry, Jenny Moralejo, Moet Seckler. and Davin Intag

3: Once upon the present, there was a little, tiny, white mouse and a big, giant black cat. They both lived in a large mansion in the city, owned by cheese-loving people. The mouse thought he had found the best place to live, but whenever the people left, the cat would guard the cheese. The cat always thought, “A tiny little mouse like him, could never get the cheese while I guard it.” So the mouse went hungry day after day. One day, when the people were away, the mouse couldn't take his hunger anymore. If he didn't get the cheese soon, he felt like he would starve. "Today I will finally get that cheese. I can't wait to see the look on that rotten cat's face when his guarding days are over!” the mouse thought to himself. Then he left to seek the table where all the cheese was kept.

5: After the long walk down the hallway, the mouse finally got to the table stacked high with cheese. On the way, the mouse had created a plan to get past the cat. "Mister cat, mister cat, you are so, very fat! Too slow to catch a mouse like me. I bet you couldn't even hit me with cheese!” the mouse chanted three times over until the cat finally heard him. “That little mouse thinks he can get past me, doesn't he? Well he's wrong!” thought the cat. Then the cat slowly walked to the edge and started to throw cheese at the mouse, but every time, the mouse dodged the cheese. Soon there was enough cheese to last him for the week, but the mouse had grown very greedy during the time of his hunger and wanted more. He decided to use the cheese to make a stack to the top. He imagined there would be a paradise of cheese up there.

7: The mouse climbed up the stack of assorted cheeses until he reached the table top. The cat, who thought that the little mouse would be discouraged and leave, was very surprised to see the little creature looking up at him.“Hi there cat. I guess you couldn't hit me!” the mouse boasted. The cat then yowled and pounced at him, but the mouse was too fast, his hunger drove him on. “Me, my, mo, meow, I can't wait to get you, mouse! My wife will fry you up then we will eat you with Swiss cheese!” cried the cat.

9: The cat had a beautiful wife. She was unwillingly forced to become his wife after being adopted by the cheese loving owners. She had a very kind nature opposite to the cat. The wife was quietly listening and knew that her husband would do anything to get the mouse and wanted to help the cute, little rodent. So she got the cat's favorite milk and poured extra sleepy medicine in it. “Oh husband, you look very thirsty. Have a sip of this delicious, warm milk. It will make you feel better,” she purred. The cat walked over and lapped up the whole bowl. About three minutes later, he was asleep.

11: Later, the mouse went back to the table and climbed the cheese stack again. “Hello again, Mr. Cat I see you are awake again. You lost some cheddar, as you were asleep, you know.” “Tiny little mouse, you can't fool me. I don't care about losing a little cheddar. You were lucky that time, but you will never get away with it again. As the cat was boasting of his guarding skills, the mouse had inched away and was back at the cheese. “Now I will take some Swiss for when I am out of cheddar,” the tiny mouse thought to himself. And he was down the table and in his house before the cat even knew he was gone.

13: Another hour passed and the mouse was again back at the table. “Mr. Cat, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I am back again for your mozzarella,” said the mouse. “No, you are not. You are here to be fried by my wife, little mousie,” replied the cat. Then he jumped at the tiny mouse and caught him by the tip of his tail. “Got you now, little mousie. You will be eaten for dinner!” the cat cried happily. But, the mouse had slipped away in the cat's happiness and was almost to the mozzarella when the cat noticed his disappearance. “Aaarrrgh! Not again little mouse. I will get you this time!” and the cat started to chase after the mouse.

14: Once the cat was at the cheese, he noticed the mouse near his mozzarella and became furious, “You will not get more of my precious cheese!” And the huge cat ran as fast as a cheetah across the table and to the tiny mouse. The mouse had his back turned, so he didn't notice the cat running behind him over the cheese until the last second when he moved to toward the cheese stack and heard the oomph! of the cat falling off the table. The little mouse ran to the cheese stack as fast as his little body would take him and scrambled down. At the bottom of the stack of cheese, the mouse saw the cat and got an idea. He started to eat the bottom of the cheese stack until it fell on the sleeping cat, then scurried off to his little house.

17: When the owners got back, they went to their cheese table to make sure everything was still there and found the cat lying on his back covered in cheese. “Bad kitty, no cheese!" they yelled at him and they scooped him up and put him outside for timeout. | Luckily for the mouse, they never found him and he lives happily in his small home with a lifetime supply of cheese and no more cat to keep him from taking more for his little tiny mouse body. The cat lived the rest of his life wondering how the itty bitty mouse could ever get past him three times. The wife lived happily after kicking the cat out because she learned that anybody can do any thing no matter their size.

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