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The Music in Me

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S: The Music in Me

FC: The Music in Me | By Arina Isachenko

1: Dedicated to my best friends Rachael, Amanda, and Angelica for being the best support there is. | The Music in Me

3: As I sat so impatiently on the highest of shelves, I stared at the customer attempting to buy something from the beautifully colored store. The other snow globes such as the New York snow globes kept yelling, hoping to get bought. I was the most quiet of the bunch, and the only one who was aquarium themed and played music. I was one of a kind, but I always felt like an outcast. I didn't expect my day to go any differently, until it happened. The customer suddenly gasped, and pointed in my direction. "That one, with the fish please!" He requested. Next thing I knew, the store owner Melli climbed up on her little ladder, and reached towards me. I closed my eyes very tightly because it all felt too good to be true. Somebody actually wanted me! That yellow-haired man wanted me! This was definitely the best day of my life. I didn't even care that I was being stuffed in some dark dimension. It must mean I'm being taken somewhere. I, Anastasia the musical aquarium snow globe, was in a pitch black room and okay with it. Now would be a good time to take a nap, I thought. And so I fell asleep.

5: When I woke up, my world was upside down. Literally. Someone was turning my knob and I started to produce the song called "Fur Elise." Once my world was right-side up, everything looked beautiful. The room was way more colorful than my old home at the store. This one had rainbows and toys. I looked around to see those toys greeting me. Teddy bears, baby dolls, it was a heaven. As I let my eyes seek higher I witnessed a girl giggling. She wasn't too big, not like the man who bought me, and she was much more pleasant. Her long brunette locks were in cute little pigtails and her blue eyes were overjoyed. She was squealing with delight. She must like me too! All of the sudden, I heard a meowing noise. It was a cat, with a collar that read "Misa." She was strutting her brown fur and pampered paws towards me. She seemed to be a mean machine, but I saw through her yellow eyes. I didn't expect it, but she curled around my bottom and fell asleep. Her warmth made me feel more comfortable than ever before. What a remarkable feeling it was to be loved.

7: When I looked upwards to explore, I saw that the girl had returned. This time I noticed she was wearing a piece of paper that I made out to say "Mandy." Her name was Mandy! She carefully lifted me up, trying not to disturb Misa. she cranked my knob for the second time and put me down. Then the room turned black and I no longer saw anything. I decided to fall asleep like the rest of the room. When I woke up, I was no longer in the spot where I had slept. The spot was now lower and everything seemed funny. Where was I? The room was now more than a toy's heaven, it had a new angle. I saw more and more toys, I loved this new perspective. I heard a familiar meowing noise and looked downwards. It was Misa, and she looked quite upset. At first, Misa seemed angry. She was jumping as high as she could. On her fifth jump, she realized it was no use. She was defeated and I felt horrible. When I looked at Misa again, she was crying her eyes out. Her meow sounded different, more sad and desperate. If only I could help, she would be happy.

9: After the mewing stopped, there was a long silence. Abruptly, I heard a thumping noise that made the table vibrate violently. I was moving forward and I could not stop! Each time the thump sounded, I jumped without any control. By now I could see Misa, she kept throwing herself at the table. Why was she doing that? Surely she'll stop soon. Next thing I knew, the ground was coming closer and closer. Then I watched, with fearful eyes, as my ball broke into tiny pieces. I listened as Mandy ran over and sobbed loudly. I glumly looked over at Misa, who had tears in her eyes as well. It was just a ball, I thought, no big deal. I couldn't do anything but stare at the mess. What could I do? I started to notice more and more about the crash itself. There was blue liquid everywhere! And those fish, were those my fish? No, anything but my fish, I thought. I felt the heat rushing to my head, the liquid pouring from my eyes. Those were my favorite fish. My life was such a cloudy day.

11: A couple minutes later, the yellow-haired man ran over and started to clean up the clutter of my glass and insides. He wiped Mandy's tears and cuddled Misa tightly. "We'll get a new ball," He promised, "Don't you worry." He picked up my base and carried me into the box. Back in the dark dimension, I thought. Are they taking me back? I'm not good enough for them, I guess. I'll miss Mandy and Misa sincerely, even if they didn't really like me. I thought they loved me, but I guess I was wrong. I decided to fall into a dream, hoping for the best. When I awoke, I was back in Mandy's room and my music was playing. Was this a dream? It must be. Misa was carefully curled around me, and Mandy was sound asleep on the carpet. I noticed the weight of a new ball on my head, and it had my old fish. Everything was back to normal and my song was a lullaby.

13: I learned that friends will stay true to you even if you fall under some incident, which makes them true friends. They'll never leave you for something as small as appearance. Not everything that's good has to be a dream. There are amazing things in reality too. You just have to keep searching for your happiness.

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