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The Necklace

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BC: The theme of The Necklace is to say that instead of lying and trying to make things better without help, you should always tell the truth, and you might not end up in a bad position.The author of The Necklace expresses the theme by saying that if you loose something, like the necklace, you should go to the person and tell them the truth because it could end up being fake and then you wouldn't have had to pay all that money for something that cost much less. If Mathilde would have went to the owner of the necklace in the first place then she wouldn't have had to pay 40,000 francs; only 500, and Madame Forester would have understood. So, telling the truth can save you a lot of trouble.

FC: The Necklace By: Caitlin Kostick First Period English

1: The Necklace

2: She was a young woman, who was married, and was tired of living in poverty. She wanted to be one of those rich women who went to parties with beautiful dresses and expensive jewelry. And one day, she got her wish. | Her husband was a clerk, so it wasn't everyday that he had the chance to bring home an invitation to a party. As Mathilde was sitting down for dinner, her husband approached her with an invitation that so many sought out to get. Mathilde started to cry. She had no dress to wear. She said that if she had no clothing then she might as well not go to the party, and her husband should give it away.

3: Her husband had worked so very hard to get the invitation and he didn't want to just give it away. So, he said that he would give Mathilde 400 francs to buy a dress for the party. A few days before, she relized that she had no proper jewelry to wear. She went up to her husband crying that she would not be able to show up without any jewelry. So, he told her to go to her | rich friend's house to borrow some. She thought it was a wonderful idea. The next morning, Mathilde went to her friend, Madame Forester, to ask to borrow a few jewels for the special night. Madame Forester took out a wooden box that held necklaces, earrings, bracelets in such beautiful colors. She told her to choose whatever she pleased. | She saw so much, and then she saw the perfect one; a diamond necklace that lay in a black satin box. It was perfect. She took the necklace and placed it around her neck. She asked Madame Forester if she could borrow it. Madame said of course. She was happy with her choice. She picked up the necklace and walked home very pleased.

4: Mathilde was a hit. She was the most beautiful one there. All of the men looked at her and wanted to meet her. She danced and danced all night. She was having a wonderful time. She was finished at about four in the morning, and her husband had been done at midnight dozing off while Mathilde was have too good a time. When it was time to go, Mathilde and her husband left to go find a carriage so that they wouldn't have to walk home in the cold. They finally found an empty carriage and they | had it take them to the door of their apartment. When they got inside, Mathilde went to the mirror to look at herself one more time. As she was looking at her beautiful self she relized that the diamond necklace, that was once around her neck, was missing! She had lost Madame Forester's necklace! Her husband asked her what was the matter and she told him that she was missing the precious necklace! She didn't know what to do! She had no idea where it could be!

5: They both searched in the dress and all over the apartment floor, but could not find it. They thought it must be in the cab. Her husband decided he was going out to retrace their steps. He was going to back to where they walked to see if it had fallen off and been left there on the streets. As he left, Mathilde sat in her dress the whole night not moving until her husband had returned; with nothing. He had tried everything he could to find the lost necklace. He went to the police, and the cab | company. He even put up a reward in the newspapers. He told Mathilde that she must tell Madame Forester that she has broken the necklace and is having it repaired so that they will have more time to find the necklace. The couple finally decided that they must replace the jewels since the necklace was no where to be found. They went to many jewelers to find a necklace that matched the one of Madame Forester, and they had found one that looked almost identical, but it was 40,000 francs.

6: They had 18,000 francs borrowed the rest. The couple had gone into debt. They had to borrow a lot of money and change their way of living. They had to fire their maid and move to a less expensive house just to save money. Paying all this money took ten years. One day, as Mathilde was out, she spotted Madame Forester, whom she had not spoken to in the last 10 years.

7: Mathilde walked up to Madame Forester and told her hello. Madame Forester hadn't noticed Mathilde at first. Mathilde had to explained how she had to replace the lost necklace and that they just paid the last of the money. Madame Forester gave a cry saying that her's were fake, and cost at most 500 francs.

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