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The nervous system

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FC: the Nervous system

1: the neuron | The neuron is made of different things. The cell body is the control center of the neuron. the center is the nucleus that is surrounded by cytoplasm. The nucleus and cytoplasm together are called the protoplasm. The dendrites deliver messages to the cell body. The axon carries messages away from the cell body. The axon branches into finer branches called the end plate. Messages end up at the end plate.

2: The neuron pictures | The cell body | the nerve | synapse

3: protoplasm | myelin sheath | dendrites

4: three types of neurons | sensory neuron- carries messages from sense organs to the brain and spinal cord

5: motor neuron- carries messages from the brain and spinal cord to either a muscle causing movement or a gland causing a secretion | Association neuron- found in the brain and spinal cord they connect sensory neurons to motor neurons.

6: The Reflex | The term reflex means to "turn back". The way the reflex works is a nerve message is carried by a sensory message to the spinal cord. When it arrives at the spinal cord an association neuron takes over and passes it to a motor neuron which takes it down body part to the muscle and then the muscle moves. Reflexes are invoulantary and anybody can do them. Reflexes are protective mechanisms.

7: The cerebrum | The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain and is composed of white and gray matter. A fissure divides it into two halves called hemispheres. The cortex is folded into ridges called convolutions. The cortex is like the control board each part of the cerebral cortex has a "job". One area is muscles, it's called the motor area it's abut two inches wide. The sight is found in the back. Speech, hearing, taste, and smell is in the lower cerebrum.

8: The cerebellum | The cerebellum is below and behind the cerebrum, it is divided into two hemispheres and contains both white and gray matter. It's main function is to control your balance and coordination If it gets damaged your movement will be unpredictable and shaky.

9: The medulla oblongata | The medulla oblongata is the lowest part of the brain, it is attached to the spinal cord and is composed of both white and gray matter. The white matter is on the outside and serves as a guide for nerve messages to the highest part of the brain. The gray matter is like a switchboard for sensory messages going to the central nervous system and for outgoing motor messages on their way to a muscle or gland. It also controls rate of breathing, heart beat and digestion.

10: The spinal cord | The spinal cord is a whole bunch of nerves bundled together, they are found inside the vertebral column. Thirty-one pairs of nerves are connected to the spinal cord. They carry messages to and from the spinal cord and reach out to all parts of your body. Some of the pairs carry messages to the brain and other to muscles and glands

11: How the system is affected over time | A person won't exercise enough and the body will become weak and lazy.

12: How the system functions as a whole | The system functions by the brain telling the heart what to do then the heart pumps blood that allows you to have oxygen


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