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The Norman Conquest of England

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The Norman Conquest of England - Page Text Content

BC: We like to thank the viewers for reading our mixbook and giving us their feedback! The End

FC: Normans Rule English Drool | by, Liam Ross, Seth Velasco, Jared Skibinski

1: Table of Content | 2-3 the Battle of Hastings 4-6 weapons and armor 7 William of Normandy 8 Primary source

2: blood shed. If you deny my request I will bring my army and take the crown by force, and you will be dead. I am sure you will make the honorable decision though.Then you would spare your people a war. From : William | To: Harold II I know that the English do not want a Norman king, but the next English king is rightfully mine to have. I was the closest blood relative to Edward. He also promise before he was dead that I would be the next king. So if you would step down from the throne and pronounce me king then there will be no

3: To: Harold William and his forces have landed off the shore of Pevensey. He has a wide variety of troops including foot soldiers, knights, and surprisingly archers. I know your men have just fought the vikings in the north, but we need you and your army to aid us. William has also started to build small castles near the coast. If you get here fast enough you might be able to meet his forces at Hastings. There is a hill that would be perfect for your men to fight down. William is planning to kill you for the thrown that he claims to be rightfully his. When I say this I'm speaking for all of England and that is that we would not wish to be ruled by a Norman. Yours truly the people of Dover

4: The Battle of Hastings | Why? | William said that before King Edward died he promised him the throne. The Anglo-Saxons said that they didn't want a king that wasn't English so instead they make Harold II king. William was angry so he invaded England. This battle is called the battle of Hastings. | When? | 1066 A.D. | Where? | The shores of Penvsey Bay in England.

5: What happened at the battle of Hastings | William as soon as he reaches the shores of Penvsey Bay he trips and falls off his ship Many of his men thought it was bad luck, but William picked up for a hand full of shingle and said" Look i have already taken England. While Harold was making an army to fight him. Harold's army was made up f peasants and royal guards. William's army was made up of foot-soldiers, knights, and archers. At the begging of the battle Harold Places his army at the top of the hill, and Williams army was at the bottom of of the hill. The archers have wasted all of their arrows and are caught in between Williams and Harold's army's shields. Williams first attack is ineffective. William's left flank begins to fall back and many of Harold's men follow them. | lIttle do they know that it was a trap waiting to happen. William tells his calvary to cut off part of Harold's that was chasing the fleeing Normans. Then there is a a pause in the battle for a brake to collect dead bodies. The fighting quickly gains its intensity and both sides are taking heavy casualties. After 3 hours of brutal fighting Harold is still secure in his ranks of men and the Normans try foreign fighting tactics to throw their enemy off. Gaps appear in Harold line and the Normans are starting to surround Harold's army. His men flee into the forest while Harold is dead on the battle field by getting shot in the eye with an arrow. William has won the battle.

6: The Advantages of William's army | William's army a wide variety of troops like knights, foot soldiers, and archers. Harold's army was also extremely tired form fighting a battle in the North of England. Then they had to walk all the way down England to fight William's forces. Lastly Harold had died that battle so it was a devasting blow to his army's moral, and thats what made the rest o fHarold's army to run away form the Normans. | The Advantages of Harold's army | Harold's army as soon as they got to Hastings they were placed at the top of a hill. We don,t know why William's army let them get such higher ground than they were on. They also knew the land and knew the land and knew were every thing was. Lastly

8: Weapons | -The Longbow | The longbow was a bow crafted from wood. It's range was from 330ft to 980 ft. | -The Crossbow | A gun like bow that uses a pulley system to load and a trigger to fire. | -Longsword | Double edged steel blade used by knights during the Norman conquest.

9: -Danish Battle Axe | An early type of battle axe, with a wide, thin, carbon steel blade with a wooden shaft | -Mace | A club-like armor breaking weapon of war with a spiked head. | -Club | A heavy stick usually thicker at one end then the other.

10: Armor | The Norman knights of the era had very expensive armor that was equivalent to a 5 bedroom house with a lush area of grass surrounding it. The armor was a helmet with small slits in the helmet so that the knight could see and breath. The knight would also have a full body armor that would weigh up to 50 pounds. The knight had his servants put on his armor for him, because it was far too difficult on put it all on by himself.

13: William The Conqueror | Before William became "William the Conqueror", he was William of Normandy. William was born in 1028 Normandy, France. His parents were Robert, Duke of Normandy and Herleva.When they had William they were not married because of this many nobles believed that he had no right to be the Duke of Normandy. One of William's enemies was the barons. The barons were going to assassinate. Luckily a jester knew they were going to assassinate him, so he told William. The jester and William's advisers saved him from being assassinated. The king of England, Edward the Confessor, promised William that when he dies William would become king of England. Edward did die and England was in chaos. Harold II was the ideal choice that the English would want to be king. Also, a viking king named, Harald Hadrada, wanted to be king because he believed that England belonged to the vikings. Harold II and Hadrada met each other at the Stanford Bridge with Harold II as the victor. Harold's victory was shortly lived when he got word that Normandy ships were coming from the south coast. With Harold's soldiers tired it was a difficult time to hustle from Stanford Bridge to Hastings in time. While William's troops were fresh and ready for battle, Harold's troops were already huffing and puffing. The battle was in William's favor and as he thought it, he had defeated Harold's army during the legendary battle known as "The Battle of Hastings" in 1066. When William conquered England, many people saw him as "William the Conquerer."

14: Works Cited Gravelt, Christopher. Warfare. Minnesota: Smart Apple Media, 2005. Print. Marry, Stuert. The Encyclopedia of War and Weaponary. New York: Franklinwotts, 2002. Print . May, Robin. William the Conqueror and the Normans. New York: The Bookwrite Press, 1985. Print. Trueman, Chris. “Battle of Hastings.” history learning site. history learning site, n.d. Web. 9 Nov. 2011. .

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