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the pearl

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FC: The Pearl Brittany p. pd.1

1: John Steinbeck John steinbeck was born in Salinas,California in 1902. He died in 1968 and won a noble prize in 1962. John Steinbeck wrote nineteen fiction books ,seven nonfiction books,and four plays.

2: Juana is one of the main charters of the story. she is Kinos spirt wife and is kind and loyal to her loved ones. Juana is hard working and a caring mother of one. she is a quiet Indian women who cares for her her family and takes care of her brush house.

3: Coyotito is the first born baby of the family . He is a Indian baby and is also a main charier of the story.

4: Kino is the main charier of the story. He is a Indian man and a father and a husband (well kinda). In normal state Kino is loving and only wants whats best for his family.

5: chaper 2 sumary | Juana makes a home remedy for Coyyotito . Kino desperate to save his son dives into the ocean in search of a pearl to pay the doctor. Luckily he finds one. Although this is no ordinary pearl this pearl is the size of a sea guls egg the pearl of the world.

6: The doctor is Spanish and very much over wait. He is very unprofessional and dose not care for nothing but money.

7: chapter 1 summary | The story begins with a happy Indian family . who live in brush houses in a little town call La Paz on the ocean shore thought to be in South America. The setting starts as a normal morning but in a flash Coyotito is stung by a scorpion. Coyotito being so small could easily die from the sting so Kino and Juana try to get the doctor. One problem kinos family is Indian a race look down on in that area. The doctor is Spanish and sees the family as animals also they have no money so the doctor refuses to help.Angry and humiliated the family gos home.

8: chapter 6 summary Knowing that people would be after them the family covered there tracks.They were right cause soon trackers started to follow. The family ran into the mountains hoping to loss the trackers but the trackers later follow close on there heels. So they hide in a cave to try to make a choice as to what there next move will be. Now that they are hiding so close to the tracker that the trackers are in sight an escape would be almost impossible. So Kino decides to kill them. On his way down to them

9: chapter 3 sumary | Coyotito is much better from the sting now thanks to Juanas remedy. Now Kino is pondering what shall he do with his new riches. The hole town hears of Kino and the pearl. So now the hole town thinks of how they can also get some of Kinos riches as well.Even the doctor comes back to(treat) Coyotito. The family is at peace for now thinking that there lives are about to get allot better as they set out to the pearl buyers tomorrow ,but to a surprise Kino is attacked.

10: chapter 4 summary | Kino, Juana, and Coyyotito are off to see the pearl buyers. Kino is worried because he fears being cheated out of his money. Kino is a Indian man and does not have any education. The pearl buyers have a system set up before Kino even gets there so they are trying to cheat him.Kino knows the pearl is worth more than what they rare offering so he tells them he will just go to the capital.Later that night kino is attacked again and Juana begs to get ride of the pearl.

11: chapter 5 summary By this time the pearl has cause Kino to go crazy and has cause nothing but trouble. Now loyal Juana tries to steal the pearl but is caught by Kino and he punches her and kicks her.Kino on the way back to the brush house is attacked again and kills a man. The family hides in Kinos brothers house and waits till night to leave the town.

13: one of the trackers hears something thinking it is a animal. He shoots his rife in that direction ,but it was no animal. Kino in rage kills them. Kino and Juana return home with a small lifeless body what use to be Coyitito. Then never to be the same Kino thoughts the pearl back in to the ocean.

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