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The Pearl

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FC: The Pearl By: John Steinbeck

1: Lindsey H 2nd hour Mrs.Crew 10/27/09

2: Setting The setting of this story is in the 1900's in La Paz, Mexico. Kino and his wife Juana live in the brush houses. Kino is a poor pearl diver who doesnt have as much as the people that live in the town. His son, Coyotito, gets stung by a scorpion and Juana prays for a pearl to help pay the doctor. Little did they know that the pearl would cause so much trouble.

3: Theme The theme of this story can be taken in many different ways. Kino and Juana never really sat there and dreamed about the things they would do if they had a pearl. When Kino finds "the pearl of the world," he looks into it and dreams of all the things he will do. The pearl ends up being evil, and it does totally opposite of what he had planned. Everything that he had got destroyed.

4: John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California. on February 27, 1902. He died December 20, 1968. Mr.Steinbeck was a private person. He was an American writer, who wrote a total of 27 books.

5: Kino is a poor pearl diver. He is a tan, muscular man who lets greed take him over. Sooner he begins to learn that the pearl is evil. He is also a father to his son Coyotito, who he cares about alot. | Coyotito is the baby thats caught in the middle. He doesn't have a say in things, and ends up being killed by the trackers.

6: Juana is a strong patient woman. She is a very good wife, and mother. She knows when to say things, and when not to. She's usually quiet. She sees right through the pearl, and knows its causing evil. | The doctor is a fat, lazy Spaniard. He only is out to get the pearl from Kino and Juana. He's not honest at all, and only does what helps him!

8: Chapter 1 Summary Chapter one introduces Kino and Juana and there son Coyotito. They are located in La Paz, Mexico. Kino and Juana seem happy. Kino sings the song of the family in his head. Coyotito gets stung by a scorpion, and Juana takes care of him while Kino stands around helpless. As the village crowds around them, Juana decides that they need the doctor. The doctor doesnt come to the brush houses, so they went to him. The servant tells them that the doctor has been called out to a more important case. Juana prays for help to get a pearl so they could pay the doctor.

9: Chapter 2 Summary The town is talking about Juana wanting the doctor, and Coyotito being stung. Kino finds "the pearl of the world." Juana notices that the seaweed takes the swelling out of Coyotito's shoulder.

10: Chapter 3 Summary The town is talking about "the pearl of the world." Kino tells what he "sees" in the pearl; his dreams. People began to use them just to get to the pearl, and all its wealth. The priest decides that now that they have the pearl, that he can marry them. The doctor comes to see the baby, and he ends up giving the baby something to make him sicker. Kino hears the sound of a foot place itself on the Earth, and then he knows that someone is there to get the pearl. Kino leaps up, and stabs something, and misses. By this time, Juana knows that the pearl is evil, and she wants to get rid of it.

11: Chapter 4 Summary Kino decides to go to the town and sell the pearl. Juan Tomas warns Kino about the pearl buyers trying to cheat Kino, to get the pearl. The pearl buyers have a plan of where there only going up to a certain price. So Kino tells them that hes not going to sell the pearl to them. He says that hes going to go to the capital and sell his pearl. Kino gets attacked, this time, Juana is terrified of the pearl, and wants to throw it back into the sea.

12: Chapter 5 Summary Kino opened his eyes in the darkness, he sensed movement near him, but he didnt move. He opened his eyes and searched the room. He saw Juana rise up and go over to the fireplace and rise up a stone. she moved towards the door, looked at Coyotito, and disappeared. Kino had rage in him. He rose up to his feet, and followed her. He could hear her quick foot steps as she walked towards the shore. She heard Kino coming, and started running. As she reached her arm back to throw it in the water, he leaped up and caught her hand and wedged the pearl from her hands. He struck her in the face with his fist.

13: As she fell to the ground, he kicked her in the side. Kino looked down at her, he hissed at her like a snake as Juana stared at him. She was not scared of him. Then rage left him, and he was disgusted with himself. He turned away from her, and walked back through the brush line. He heard something, got his knife, and stabbed it. Then he was swept to his knees, and then to the ground. He felt greedy fingers go through his clothes, and the pearl that ran from his hands laid behind a stone. Juana dragged herself up from the stones. Kino had no anger in him, all he said was "I am man." Juana understood, and knew at this point that her old life was over. Kino told Juana to get Coyotito, and get all the corn,

14: and he would meet them with the canoe. Kino left Juana and went to get the canoe. He noticed that there was a big hole in it. Rage began to flow to his body, and it gave him strength. Kino and Juana hide in Juan Tomas's house. Kino explains that he killed a man after being attacked in the darkness. The neighbors assume that Kino and Juana are dead. Later that night, Kino, Juana and Coyotito head out into the night.

15: Chapter 6 Summary Kino, Juana and Coyotito began there long march north, avoiding the town. They walk carefully in the wheel rut to conceal there tracks. Juana begins to think that the pearl is worth nothing, but Kino says that the attackers wouldnt of tried to steal it if it was worth nothing. Kino stares at the pearl, and read his future, seeing a bleeding body, Juana walking home after being beaten, and Coyotito's face swollen as is he was sick. As the family rests, Kino spots the trackers following there trail. Kino tries to keep still as many thoughts of what he should do run through his head.

16: Kino watches them come closer as he prepares to spring on them with his knife, if necessary. Juana also hears the trackers, and try to keep Coyotito quiet. The trackers dont see them, and keep going the way there going. Kino runs over to Juana and they get there stuff together. Suddenly, Kino feels them fleeing is hopeless, and Juana tells him not to give up on his family. Finally, they flee and this time, they dont worry about covering there tracks. Kino attempts to throw the trackers off by creating a false trail. Kino tells Juana to keep Coyotito. Kino strips naked to avoid being seen,as Juana prays for him. Kino prepares to attack, but Coyotito lets out a cry andd the tracker mistakes it for a coyote.

17: The tracker decides to shoot in the direction of the cry. The bullet kills Coyotito, and Kino kills two trackers, and one runs away.

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