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The Pearl

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BC: I believe the moral of this story is that people should be happy with their own life. They shouldn't constantly be thinking about what could make their lives better. If you happen to come upon riches, then you have the right to be joyful but don't become caught up with how to make your life better. Be happy with the life you have and the choices you make.

FC: The Pearl By: John Steinbeck

1: Pearl Project by: Alyssa Walker Mrs. Crew 5th Hour

3: The well known author, John Steinbeck, was born in Salinas, California in 1902. He grew up in an agricultural environment about 25 miles away from the Pacific Ocean. His surroundings served as settings for many of his stories. He worked as a laborer and a New York City journalist. He married and then moved to Pacific Grove. His writing styles varied from fictions, short stories, novels, a saga of the Salinas Valley, family history, and dramas. He became a filmmaker in the 1940's and then became a student of marine biology. The last decade or so of his life were spent in New York City and traveling widely with his third wife. Almost all of his stories were published. He won a Nobel Prize in 1962, and later died from heart disease in 1968.

4: The rich side of La Paz in the 19th century can be described as the city made of stone and plaster, harsh outer walls, inner cool gardens where water splashed in tiny ponds, and bougainvillea climbed up gates and entwined itself in the brick walls. The singing of caged birds filled the town with their hidden songs. There is a plaza and a church where beggars gathered outside the doors to gossip about the townspeople.

5: The less unfortunate side of La Paz, Mexico, made of the Hispanic/Indian people, lived in brush huts. Animals such as dogs and goats strayed among the village, hoping to be lucky enough to find food. The mornings are filled with the crowing of roosters and the calming crash of waves upon the beach. The people slept on blankets on the dirt floor and rarely had a change of clothes. They ate the same thing for every meal. They made their living off of searching for pearls in the ocean.

6: Kino is the father of Coyotito and is Juana's "husband".

7: Juana is the mother of Coyotito and is Kino's "wife".

8: Coyotito is Juana's and Kino's child. They say the good fortune of finding the pearl was because of him.

9: The doctor is a Spaniard and is very racist towards Indians. He is waited on, hand and foot.

10: Chapter One The setting of the story is a small, poor, Indian village near the Gulf. In the morning, a scorpion crawled into the baby's basket and stung him. Kino and Juana, followed by the entire village, brought Coyotito into the rich part of town to see the doctor. The doctor refused to see them because they are Indian. Kino is filled with rage and embarrassment, and hits the gate with his fist.

11: Chapter Two Coming back from the visit to the town, they go oyster fishing. Because the swelling from the scorpion sting had spread to Coyotito's shoulder and neck, Juana places a seaweed poultice on the wound to soothe it. Kino dives down into the ocean and finds a huge pearl, the size of a sea gull's egg. Juana removes the poultice to discover that the swelling had almost completely receded.

12: Chapter Three The news of the pearl spread quickly throughout the village and town. Kino had found the "Pearl of the World." Kino declared what he would buy with the money after he sold the pearl: Juana and he would be properly married, new clothes, a rifle, and Coyotito would go to school. The priest stops by to make sure they would donate money to the church. The doctor stopped by to "check" on Coyotito. He looked at the veins in his eyes and said the blue there meant he was still sick. He gave him some white powder and said he would be back in an hour. Coyotito immediately becomes violently sick. The doctor comes back with more medicine that "healed" him. An intruder comes into the hut that night and escapes by hitting Kino on the head. Juana is convinced that the pearl is evil and will destroy her family.

13: Chapter Four The next morning, the whole village leaves with Kino and Juana to sell the pearl. The pearl buyers try to cheat Kino by only offering $1,000. Kino becomes angry and says that he will go to the capital to sell the pearl. He and the village leaves. Kino is attacked again that night.

14: Chapter Five Juana tries to throw the pearl back into the ocean early in the morning. Kino awakens and follows her to the beach; he wrenches the pearl out of her hand as she tries to throw it; he then hits her in the face and kicks her in the side. He leaves her laying on the beach. As he walks back to the hut, he is attacked again. He manages to kill his attacker, but he loses the pearl. Juana finds it as she walks back to the hut. Their hut is set on fire, so the family goes and hides in Kino's brother's house, Juan Thomas. The village believes they were killed in the fire. They hide in the hut until night.

15: Chapter Six Kino, Juana, and Coyotito leave that night in the middle of a bad storm. The winds from the strom wipe away their tracks. Once the storm stops, they walk in the wheel ruts in order to prevent footprints. They stop to rest on the side of the road and wipe away their tracks with leaves. Hunters follow their tracks, but they fortunately pass up the family's hiding spot. They flee into the mountains, no longer careful about their tracks. The hunters retrace their steps and follow the family. Kino spots a cave that they go and hide in. They lay there until the day turns to night, and Juana breast feeds Coyotito to keep him silent. Kino strips naked to disguise himself. Coyotito starts crying as Kino descends upon the hunters. It awakens the hunters, who think the noise is a coyote pup. He raises the rifle at the cave opening, and Kino jumps when the hunter is in mid-fire. He kills all three of the trackers. Unfortunately, when the hunter fired at the cave, the shot went through the top of Coyotito's head, killing him. Juana and Kino walk back to the village and throw the pearl back into the ocean.

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