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The Pearl by John Steinbeck

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S: The Pearl by John Steinbeck

FC: The Pearl | John Steinbeck

1: Cody B 10.27.2009 Mrs. Crew 2nd hr

2: Setting In and around the town/village of La Paz Mexico.

3: Time: Late 19th century

4: Kino: ***I see Kino being a tall, dark, tan, guy with dark hair, dark eyes, and skinny | ***simple character protagonist, motivated by love for family, loyalty to traditions in village and to his people, frustration to European colonizers. Once Kino finds the pearl, his eyes are more open to what family/village could have, he is complicated by greed and violence

5: Juana: ***I see Juana having long black hair, chubby, tall, and tan. ***Juana is more reflexive and more practical than Kino. She prays for devine aid when Coyotito is sick. She is loyal, and submissive. She veiws the pearl as a symbol of evil. She counterbalances Kino's enthusiasm and reminds the reader that Kino's desire to make money is more dangerous.

6: Coyotito: ***I see Coyotito as being a short, chunky, gullible,l and playful baby. ***Coyotito was a happy baby. Sadly to say he was the reason he died. If he would not have wanted to play with the Scorpion, he would not have gotten stung which then the family would have never needed the pearl. We are never really given in detail what Coyotito is like. Usually we just hear about Juana picking him up and going someone with him.

7: Doctor: *** I see the doctor as being rich and lazy. ***The doctor symbolizes and embodies greed, arrogance, and condensendance toward natives. He only wanted to help when he found out Kino had a valuable pearl.

8: Chapter 1 Summary Just before the sun comes up in the Mexican village of LaPaz, a pearl diver, Kino, awakens to find his wife, Juana, next to him. Juana starts the fire before breakfast and during breakfast, a ray of sunlight shines on the hanging bed of Coyotito. The family looks to see the baby looking and playing with a scorpion dangling from the ropes. Coyotito reaches up to grab the scorpion, accidentally getting stung. Juana grabs the baby and starts to suck the venom out of the festering wound. Juana wants Kino to summon the doctor. When Kino expresses doubt that the doctor will come to Coyotito, Juana resolves to take Coyotito to the doctor. Kino and Juana set out for the center of town, with the neighbors not far behind. As Kino and his family go to the center of town, more and more people gather to follow to see the outcome of a poor man's plea to a rich doctor.

9: When Kino arrives at the doctors house he is told that the doctor has been called out to a more serious case. With the dismissal Kino is furious and ashamed. He stands in front of the gate and strikes out in anger, smashing his fist into the barrier and bloodying his knuckles.

10: Chapter 2 Summary Kino arrives back at the brush house he finds a canoe to be there waiting that his paternal grandfather left for him. Kino and Juana, with the baby, go into the ocean to go pearling. once in the ocean, they come upon other pearler's which have clustered around the nearest oyster bed. Kino dives into the water while Juana and Coyotito stay in the canoe. He stays under the water for more than two minutes collecting the largest shells including one that has a "ghostly gleam." Climbing back into the canoe, Kino looks the oyster over and Juana softly urges him to open the oyster. Kino cuts the shell open to reveal the largest pearl in the world! He lets out a huge yell!

12: Chapter 3 Summary Everybody knew about the finding of the pearl, even before Kino and his family arrived back at the brushhouse. Kino explains in detail what he will do with the money he gets from the pearl: a proper marriage in the church, new clothing for his family, a harpoon, and a rifle, and among other things. That night, Kino sees the doctor and his servant, who came to examine Coyotito, now that Kino has found the pearl. When the doctor examines Coyotito, he administers him a "medicine," but what the family don't know is that it is a poison given the "make him better". Coyotito becomes sick.

13: After going to sleep, Kino wakes and hears an intruder in the house, cowering and scratching in the corner, clearly in search of the pearl. Grabbing his knife, Kino leaps into the corner and struggles with the intruder, stabbing at him widely. after a violent scuffle, the intruder flees, leaving Kino bloodied as Juana calls out to him in terror. Juana cleans the blood off of Kino and they comfort each other.

14: Chapter 4 Summary Now everybody in the town has heard of Kino selling his great pearl. Kino and his family wear there best clothes to the dealings. As the family goes into the town, all the people from the village travel behind them. The pearl dealers knew that they had a plan not to buy the pearl too high, but Kino and nobody knew that, only the reader. The first dealer has a coin in his hand, and the dealer realizes that the pearl is not worth great value because of its abnormally size. Kino decides not to sell the pearl because he knows that it is worth more than what all of the pearl buyers are giving him. That night Kino stands and guards his pearl he is attacked out of nowhere

15: Kino senses evil and rises, feeling for his knife under his shirt, and a struggle ensures. By the time that Juana reaches the fray, the attacker has fled. Bloodied and cut and with his clothes torn, Kino lies on the ground only half conscience. Without delay, Juana helps Kino inside to care for his wounds. kino admits that in the dark he was unable to tell who attacked him. After Juana washes out his last cut, she begs him in desperation to discard the evil pearl. But, more fiercely than ever, Kino insists that they must capitalize on their good fortune. he explains that in the morning they will set out in the canoe for the capital. Juana dutifully submits to her husband's plan, and they both go to sleep.

16: Chapter 5 Summary Before the sun comes up, Juana wakes up and gathers the pearl. Kino hears her waking up, he goes to see what is wrong and Kino finds Juana stealthily traveling down the shoreline. As Juana sees Kino she breaks out into a sprint, but as Kino apprehends her just as she is preparing to hurl the pearl into the water. Kino throws her down, and kicks her in the side. He leaves her without a word said. As Kino makes his way up the beach, he is struck by a group of men. He violently strikes them and kills all. Juana drags the dead bodies into the brush, and then helps Kino. Juana says they must flea immediately. Juana goes to the brush house to grab Coyotito and Kino runs to

17: go to the canoe. He realizes that someone has knocked a hole into the canoe. As he goes back to the brush house, he realizes that his house is burning. As the neighbors rush to control the fire and to save their own houses, Kino, Juana, and Coyotito duck between the shadows and into Juan Tomas's house. Kino explains to Juan Tomas that he has killed a man, and blames it on the misfortune of the pearl. That afternoon, Juana and Kino crouch to listen to the neighbors talk about the burning. Most of the neighbors assume that Kino and his family are dead. Kino tells Juan Tomas where he is going, and Juan Tomas tells Kino that he should not go toward the coast. That night Kino and Juana flea north.

18: Chapter 6 Summary As they travel, they try to conceive there tracks by walking in wheel ruts. They walk at night and set up camp in a roadside shelter at sunrise. When leaving, the family creeps forward and notices a trio of trackers. Kino stiffens and attempts to be still and silent until the trackers have passed. He watches them come closer and closer, he gets his knife ready. They leave and then Kino rushes to tell Juana. Kino believes that they might be able to lose the trackers in the mountains, so they go up into the mountains, and find shelter in a cave. Once Kino spots the trackers again, he comes out of the cave and goes down into the grass. Kino hears Coyotito cry, but the trackers think that it is a coyote, but a coyote

19: would have already stop crying. So the trackers fire one shot into the mountain. They do not hear the sound again. They shot Coyotito head off. As the watchmen shot, Kino sprung up and stabbed the watchman and seizing the rifle. The man makes little progress before Kino stop him with a fist shot, and the silence of the surrounding animals, and finally hears the blood-curdling cry issuing from his wife, mourning the death of Coyotito. Later that next day Kino and Juana walk side by side into La Paz, with Juana carrying Coyotito's corpse in a sack slung over her shoulder. They walk dazedly through the city, with unmoving eyes, speaking to no one. Onlookers stare wordlessly, and even Juan Tomas can only raise a hand in greeting.

20: Theme: *Greed as a destructive force *The roles of Fate and Agency in Shaping Human Life *Colonial Society Oppression of Native Cultures

21: About the Author: John Ernst SteinbeckJr. (Sep. 27,1902 - Dec. 20, 1968)was an American writer. He wrote Pulitzer Prize novels including The Grapes of Wrath (1939) and the novella Of Mice and Men (1937). He wrote a total of twenty-seven books including sixteen novels, six non-fiction books, and five collections of short stories. In 1962, Steinbeck received the Nobel Prize for Literature. John lived in Salinas, California. He was a German and Irish decent. In 1919 John graduated high school and attended Standford University interminably until 1925, eventually leaving college without a degree.

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