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The Pearl by John Steinbeck

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S: The Pearl

FC: The Pearl By: John Steinbeck

1: Jesse Miller 2nd period

2: Setting

3: Setting The events of The Pearl take place on an estuary somewhere on the coast of Mexico, in the fictitious town of La Paz. If you look at a map, you'll see a long peninsula descending from the U.S. state of California is the Sea of Cortez, Steinbeck traveled in this area with his friend Ed Ricketts in 1940 and described his experiences in he Sea of Cortez(1941). Geographical features mentioned in The Pearl give clues to the setting. In a relatively short time, Kino walks from the estuary through desert scrub to mountains. This would be possible in Baja California. Steinbeck doesn't tell you exactly when the events of the novel take place because they came from a legend. Although no date is given, you are told that the witnesses of Kino's return were the grandfathers of the present villagers. If Steinbeck heard the legend in 1940, that would set the story somewhere around 1900.

4: Kino

5: Kino Kino is an honest, dignified pearl diver who works hard to support his family. He is a simple and natural being who functions well in the traditional ways of the village. Kino is conscious of his poverty and knows that money could buy things he lacks. He hopes to find a pearl that will guarantee him future peace. Like most human beings, he wants to get ahead.Kino depends on nature for his income.The discovery of a great pearl changes Kino's life.Kino's intelligence and growth in social awareness help him realize that he and other Indians have been exploited by the rich and powerful.

6: Juana

7: Juana Juana's relationship to Kino, her husband, his made clear in the first chapter of The Pearl. She is a loving and devoted wife, the stabilizing force in Kino's life. At first you may see her simply as subservient. But Juana has great inner strength, Juana acts immediately and sucks out the poison. She also insists that they see the doctor-an unheard of event in the village. Juana has a strong survival instinct where her family is concerned. When the doctor refuses to treat the baby, Kino responds by ineffectually punching the gate; Juana puts a seaweed poultice on the baby's shoulder. She responds with the same kind of direct action when she decides that the pearl is a threat to her family. She tries to throw it back into the sea.

8: Coyotito

9: Coyotito

10: Chapter 1 Kino wakes up and sees his wife Juana already at her chores of watching the baby and making breakfast. Kino takes the time to play with his dog and watch the hut. It is a picture of familial contentment. Suddenly, a tiny movement near the baby's hanging box draws attention. A scorpion, with its tail sticking out, is poised, waiting to strike the infant. Kino waits with baited breath, and Juana prays. Soon Coyotito moves, and the scorpion falls on his shoulder, stinging him. Kino immediately kills the scorpion, but the harms already done.

11: Chapter 2 Kino canoe is so important to him because it was handed down to him. Kino and Juana went pearl hunting hoping to find a big enough pearl to help Coyotito get better.Juana also put seaweed on Coyotito to try to get the swelling down.Kino found a black pearl also known as the pearl of the world.

12: Chapter 3 Kino's family was getting trouble from the town after they found out he found the pearl. Juana knew the pearl was going to bring evil to the family if they wasn't careful.

13: Chapter 4 Kino tried to sell the pearl but everybody he went to was trying to cheat him out of his money.The dealers kept trying to tell Kino the pearl wasn't worth much because of its size and other reasons. | Chapter 5 Juana tried to get rid of the pearl because she knew it was changing Kino. Kino hit her and Juana immediately forgave Kino because she knew the pearl was taking his mind over.Kino's house got burned down also.

14: Chapter 6 Kino realized that the pearl was doing bad things to his family. Juana and Coyotito was hiding while Kino went to attack the trackers. Coyotito got killed by a gun. Kino finally got rid of the pearl of the world by putting it back in the ocean where no one could find it.

15: Theme In The Pearl, John Steinbeck show that wealth can have dire consequences as it breeds greed, envy, and evil; sometimes in the possessor of the wealth and sometimes in those who surround the wealthy. Kino's discovery of the pearl should have brought him wealth and happiness; instead, it brings ill tiding and creates vast sorrow in his life.

17: John Steinbeck John Steinbeck wrote about subjects and characters that he knew and understood. His early works were set in his home state of California and were marked by compassion and understanding of the world's disinherited; his later novels were stories about the Indians and their struggle against nature and the people who constantly sought to crush them. Also, he died in 1996, but his works stand as a legacy of a compassionate author who wrote mainly about oppressed people, their lives, and the small joys that infused color into color into their otherwise humdrum and mundane existences.

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