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The Pearl by:John Steinbeck

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FC: The Pearl by: John Steinbeck

1: Kyle Harris 6th Mrs.Crew 10/27/09

2: Setting: La Paz a small city in Mexico

3: A brush village just outside of La Paz

4: Kino; a strong, yet skinny young man with tan skin & black hair. He is a prideful man and father; he is also the main character.

5: Jauna; small, obedient house wife and mother. Also has black hair and tan skin.

6: Coyotito; small child of Kino and Juana, also has black hair and tan skin. The reason Kino and Juana are looking for the pearl.

7: The doctor; a fat, ugly, rich man. He is very greedy and obsessed with Paris.

8: Chapter 1 Summary Kino wakes up one morning and goes outside. He describes the Song of the Family and how it makes him feel. Coyotito, his son, gets bitten by a scorpion right after Kino eats breakfast. Kino's wife, Juana, sucks out the poison while Kino beats the scorpion into the dirt.

9: The villagers gather round Kino's house to see what all the fuss is about. Juana surprises everyone by requesting the doctor. Kino, Juana, Coyotito, and all the villagers travel to the city, LA Paz, to see what the doctor will do. The doctor refuses service to them because they are poor Indians. Kino gets angry and punches the gate and splits his knuckles.

10: Chapter 2 Summary Kino takes his family to his fishing boat so he can find a pearl to pay the doctor with. Whilst under the water Kino hears the Song of the Pearl That Might Be. Kino catches a glimpse of a giant pearl inside of an oyster. Kino doesn't belive his luck, so he is almost reluctant to open it and see. While he was gathering oysters, Juana made a seaweed

11: poultice for Coyotito's swollen shoulder. Kino doesn't open the oyster right away, for fear it was just an illusion. Juana reassures him and he opens it. There in the oyster is an oyster the size of a seagull's egg. Coyotito's swelling "miraculously" goes down and Kino screams for joy. He has found the Pearl of the World.

12: Chapter 3 Summary The news of Kino's discovery quickly spreads through the village and La Paz. When it reaches the doctor he decides that he can now see Coyotito about the scorpion sting. The preacher comes to Kino and asks him what he is going to do now that he has the Pearl of the World; Kino tells him that he and Juana will finally be married.

13: The doctor agrees that that is a good idea. Later that night the doctor shows up. He tricks Kino and Juana and gives Coyotito something that makes him worse. He asks Kino when will he be able to pay him; Kino tells him that he is going to sell the pearl the next day.

14: Chapter 4 Summary The whole village gathers to go with Kino to sell his pearl. Kino, Juana, and Coyotito get dressed in their best clothes. Kino and Juan Thomas, his brother, lead the villagers to La Paz. On the way there, Kino and Juan Thomas talk about how to sell the pearl. Juan Thomas gives Kino advice about the pearl dealers and how they're going to try to cheat Kino.

15: Kino steps into the first pearl dealer's shop and pulls out the pearl. The pearl dealer pulls out his instruments and asseses the pearl. He tells Kino that it's to big and clammy. He'll only give Kino 1,000 pesos for it. Kino gets angry, so the pearl dealer calls the other pearl dealers over. None of them want to buy it except for one. Kino announces that he will go to the capital to sell his pearl.

16: Chapter 5 Summary In the middle of the night, Kino wakes up to find Juana sneaking over to the fireplace. She quietly grabs the pearl, checks on Coyotito, the leaves. Kino is infuriated! He follows her as quietly as he can to the beach. Just as she pulls her arm back to throw the pearl into the sea, Kino grabs her arm and punches her in the face. While on the ground

17: Kino kicks her in her side. Kino starts to walk back up the trail. He hears rustling and pulls out his knife. All of a sudden he is rushed by unknown attackers; he swings his knife wildy, catching one in the throat. He drops the pearl by accident. He is hurt in the scuffle. Juana hears all this happen and runs over to her husband. On the way she stumbles over the pearl. Juana drags Kino over to the beach. He is sad

18: that he lost the pearl. Juana gives it to him. They decide to leave because Kino has killed a man. Juana goes to get Coyotito while Kino gets the boat ready. He finds a hole in the boat. He goes back to the house to find it burninig. Juana tells him it was the dark ones. Kino is enraged. Kino hides at his brothers house until it is safe, then he leaves for the capital.

19: Chapter 6 Summary Kino and Juana stay outside of the town. They travel in the wheel ruts so they aren't followed. They travel all day. Finally they rest. Kino sees trackers in the distance, they are hot on their trail. Kino and Juana hide and keep as quiet as possible. The trackers pass them up. Kino and Juana head for the mountains hoping to lose the trackers. They find a small pond and stop to drink. Kino

20: finds them a cave to hide in once he realizes that the trackers are gaining on them. He tries to make a fake trail, then goes back to the cave. They wait for the trackers. Once the trackers are all asleep except one, Kino sneaks out to try to kill them. On his way down Coyotito starts crying. The trackers wake up thinking its a coyote. One of them aims his gun up at the cave, and Kino attacks. The guns still goes off, but Kino

21: stabs the man and snatches the gun away from him. He shoots another tracker, while the other tries to escape by climbing up the mountain. Kino shoots him. They walk into the village somberly. Juana has a bloody sack on her back. They walk straight to the beach; Kino throws the pearl into the sea. He looks at Juana, the gun that went off had killed his son. The music of the pearl drifted away.

22: Theme I believe that the theme of the story is pretty clear. If what you have is enough, don't ask for better. Kino and Juana weren't rich, but they made it through. Then Coyotito got sick and they started wishing and praying for a pearl to pay for the doctor. That's when everything went bad. Kino's greed got the better of him and ruined the rest of his life. It's better to be poor and humble, than rich and greedy.

24: About the Author His first book, Cup of Gold, wasn't very popular at all. His literacy career didn't take of until Tortilla Flat. Grapes of Wrath, one of his most successful books, one him the Pulitzer Prize. In 1962 he won the Nobel Prize for Literature. He died on December 20, 1968.

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