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The Pearl by John Steinbeck

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FC: The Pearl by John Steinbeck

1: Caryn McKenney Period 6 Mrs. Crew October 27, 2009

3: John Steinbeck John Steinbeck was the author of The Pearl. He was born on February 27, 1902 in Salinas, California. He died on December 20, 1968 in New York, New York.

5: Kino Kino was a father and a husband. He was a pear diver who loved his family and music. He was an indigent indian and he lived in La Paz, Mexico.

7: Juana Juana is mother and a wife. She is obedient of her husband and accepts everything he does. She loves her son and her husband more than she loves herself. She is a poor indian woman.

9: Coyotito Coyotito is the son of Juana and Kino. He is an indian baby born into a poor family whom lives in La Paz, Mexico.

10: Chapter 1 Summary Kino is awakening to the song of the family. His wife is like she always is, and everything is normal. Well, before their kid is stung by a scorpion that is. As soon as Coyotito is stung Juana sucks the venom out, spitting and sucking, and spitting some more.

11: Then, Juana requests the greedy, fat, doctor. The doctor will not come to the brush houses so they decide to travel. When they get there the doctor will not treat the baby because they are too poor, and he is too greedy!

12: Chapter 2 Summary Kino and Juana bring Coyotito to the canoe to go pearl diving so they will find a pearl that is big enough to buy the doctors assistance. When they get there Juana puts a poultice on Coyotito's shoulder, becuase the

13: swelling has gone up and spread to his neck and face. Kino dives and he sees something that looks like a big pearl inside an oyster. He gathers the oyster and plenty more then rises to the canoe. He opens up a couple oysters, but not the "lucky" one. Then, he opens it up and there is a huge pearl, and miraculously Coyotito is better.

14: Chapter 3 Summary Kino goes back to his house and is visited by the doctor. The doctor poisons the baby and leaves him for an hour. When he returns he treats the baby for the poison and tricks Kino into looking at the place where the pearl is. That night while the are asleep they are attacked. The only thing Kino heard was

15: Juana's voice calling his name "Kino!", she screamed, "Kino!" Finally he woke from his unconsciousness and knew that he had a blood stained blade in his hand! He told Juana to calm down and that they will sleep. The next day they will go to the pearl buyers and they will try to sell the pearl.

16: Chapter 4 Review They woke up the next morning and got dressed for there wedding. The walked with there neighbors and closest friends and soon the whole town was walking with them through the town to watch as Kino and Juana try to sell the pearl. When they arrive at the

17: pearl buyers Kino sat and discussed it with the elderly pearl buyer and his price was low and he complained that the pearl was too big. Finally, he called in the other pearl buyers and their price raised from 1,000 pesos to 1,500 pesos. Kino still says the pearl is worth way more so he decides tat he will travel to the capital to sell the pearl.

18: Chapter 5 Summary Kino was awoken by a whispering stir in the night. He opened his eyes and for a moment he saw nothing. After a while,e saw Juana silently stand and dig for the pearl were it was hiding and escape from the brush house. Kino slowly got up and followed her to the

19: sea. When she finally reached the sea she went to throw the pearl in, but Kino stopped her. There was murder in his eyes and he beat her. He came to his senses and went toward were the pearl had landed but was attacked by robbers, and they felt through his clothes for the pearl, but found nothing. Though Kino was wounded and he had killed a man. The dead

20: man was lying on the dirt sidewalk, and Kino knew he had killed him. He felt an felt no pearl he was sure they had taken it and Juana assured him that they hadn't. Slowly he had been coming back into reality. Juana gave him his pearl when he was aware of what was going on. They returned to the house and it was on fire. They ran inside and grabbed Coyotito

21: and swiftly hid away in Juan Thomas' house. They knew that soon everyone that found out about the fire would be at there house and would see the dead man in the bushes. They borrowed some things that Apolonia and Juan Thomas borrowed from the oher residents of the brush houses. Then, they escaped the brush house and went for the capital.

22: Chapter 6 Summary They ran in the sand and wind and left no tracks. They carried Coyotito with them and made haste for the capital.Kino was turning into an animal himself, and he was becoming like the evil of the pearl. They tread in the ruts of a wagon wheel. They again left no marks. They found a place in

23: the woods to rest their tired feet, for they had walked all night. They ate some of the corn cakes that Apolonia had made them. He was remembering all the things he wanted to do with the money when he sold the pearl, but all he saw was evil that had been caused by the pearl. They then saw the trackers. They headed up to the mountains and hid in a whole in the mountains.

24: When they were settled the trackers made there way up there and settled in for the night, except the one on watch guard. Kino made plans to attack and finally, he did. He made his way to the watcher and then Coyotito cried. He was mistaken for a pup coyote and killed by gunfire. Kino was now a machine and knew nothing but to kill the trackers.

25: They returned to the brush houses but they were not the same. For each of them carried a dark tower of evil on their shoulders. They were fierce and almost looked like they weren't human anymore. They finally reached the sea and Kino threw the pearl into the sea. Then the pearl disappeared.

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