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The Pearl by John Steinbeck Ramses Oakley

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S: The Pearl by John Steinbeck

BC: Moral The moral that i got out of the story is that money doesn't lead to happiness. What leads to happiness is friends and family. For an example before Kino found the pearl he was very happy with his wife and kid. Then after he found the pearl all it brought was evil and pain. So just be happy with what you have.

FC: The Pearl By John Steinbeck

1: Project by Ramses Oakley Mrs.Crew Period 4 November 2,2010

2: John Steinbeck John Steinbeck is the author of The Pearl and many other books like Cup of Gold. Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California in 1902 and died in New York City in December of 1968. Steinbeck's first three books were financial failures. Then in 1935 his first successful book was published. Steinbeck became the sixth American to win the Nobel Prize for literature in 1962.

3: Steinbeck wrote many books like The Pastures of Heaven, To a God Unknown, The Long Valley. But Some of his greatest books were Of Mice and Men, Grapes of Wraith, and Dubious battle. Many says his finest book was The Grapes of Wraith.

4: Setting The setting to the Pearl was in La Paz Mexico. Somewhere around the eighteenth century. It takes place in a small poor village where Kino's people live and in a stone city where the baggers, pearl buyers, the doctor. This is where the church is and where all the businesses is.

6: Kino Kino is a Mexican Indian. He is a young pearl diver with a wife, Juana, and a baby son, Coyotito. He has long black hair. Kino lives in the poor part of town where his people life in La Paz, Mexico. He wants what's best for his family. Meaning he wants to become rich so he can get a proper wedding for him and Juana and put Coyotito through school.

7: Juana Juana, like Kino, is an Indian. Juana is the wife of kino and mother of Coyotito. she wears a blue shawl and of course does all the cooking. Juana is a quiet woman. She agrees with Kino because 'he is a man' She is a very courageous woman and will always stand by Kino.

8: Coyotito Coyotito is a baby Indian. he is the son of Juana and KIno. Coyotito is only a few months old. When he sleeps hamlet.

9: The Doctor The doctor is a rich snob that lives in the stone city with all the rich people. He is fat and tricky. He of course, like every one of the rich people, wanted Kino's pearl.

10: Chapter One Summary The chapter starts off on a morning like any other, Kino wakes and sees his wife, Juana, watching him and his new born son, coyotito, sleeping. Then he gets up and looks at the sun rising and then eats his breakfast, that's when it turns bad. As Kino waits for Juana to finish her breakfast a scorpion climbs down Coyotito's rope to his bed. Kino goes to grab the scorpion, but it was to late, it stung Coyotito. Kino and Juana took Coyotito to the doctors after Juana sucked the venom out of Coyotito, but the doctor denied to help them.

11: Chapter Two Summary Kino, Juana, and Coyotito all got to in Kino's canoe after coming back from the doctors and went into the sea. Kino dived in the water in hopes of finding a pearl so he can save Coyotito. He was looking for a pearl when he found an oyster that he thought he saw a pearl in. when he gets back in the canoe he opened it, and there it was, a big pearl, then Juana took the seaweed off of Coyotito's shoulder and the swelling went down. Coyotito was safe and the family was rich.

12: Chapter 3 Summary Kino tells all his neighbors there things he wants to do with the pearl, then decides to put Coyotito through school. This all happened after the word about Kino having the "Pearl of the world" spread from the priest to the shopkeepers to the doctor, then the doctor came and told Kino and Juana that Coyotito might die in a hour from the poison. Within the hour the baby started to vomit and was very sick when Kino remembered the white powder the doctor gave Coyotito. Very soon after the doctor came in and treated the baby, and Coyotito was fine. Later that night someone came in Kino's House to steal his pearl, but Kino ran him off, but getting hurt in the process. Then Juana told Kino to get rid of the pearl, but he said no.

13: Chapter 4 Summary In the morning Kino and Juana get dressed in their nicest cloths, so did Coyotito. Then they went to sell the pearl in hopes to get a fair price. Kino then got to the pearl buyer and he said it was like fool's gold. Kino got mad at this statement and didn't believe him. So the man called others in to give a price, two said it was valueless and one said he would pay 500 for it. Kino then decided to go to the capital

14: Chapter 5 Summary Juana ran to the sea early in the morning but Kino stopped her. Kino then stabbed a figure in the dark. The man was dead, Kino, Juana, and Coyotito had to leave, but there was a hole in the canoe. Someone burned their house minutes later, the family was safe though. Kino asked his brother, Juan Tomas, to hide him until nightfall. Then Kino, Juana, and Coyotito went north to escape the city.

15: Chapter 6 Summary after walking for hours the family found a place to hide and rest. But then Kino woke with a bad feeling. He looked and there he saw was three trackers. They came close to the hiding spot but turned around. Kino. Juana, and Coyotito ran for the mountains to the West to get away from the trail. Then they ran out of water so they had to find a place to get more water. When they found water Kino saw the trackers coming towards them. At nightfall Kino decided to attack the three trackers since two were sleeping. Then Coyotito started to cry. The tracker with the rifle shot towards the direction while Kino was leaping towards him. Kino killed the three trackers. The shot the tracker shot blew coyotito's head off killing the baby. Kino and Juana went back to the village where Kino would throw the pearl back into the sea.

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