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The Pearl Morgan Chriceol

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FC: The Pearl by John Steinbeck

1: Project by Morgan Chriceol Mrs. Crew 5th period

2: John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California in 1902.. During the course of his lifetime he did many jobs. While in the midst of his job, he continued to write his first book, Cup of Gold. Soon Steinbeck became a director and a marine biologist. With much experience in many careers, Steinbeck had a great imagination. He wrote many more books; that would later become famous. John Spent the last few years of his life in New York with his third wife.

3: Sadly in 1968, John Steinbeck died. He died four years after winning his first Nobel Prize. | About the Author

4: About the Setting

5: poverty. Now the city of La Paz is more modern and metro. The family lived beside a beach off of the Gulf of California. | La Paz, Mexico is right on the tip of the Gulf of California. During the 1700s, the time period of The Pearl, it was a place of

6: Kino is the father and "husband" of Coyotito and Jauana. Their family is very unwealthy. They live in a brush house near the town of La Paz. When something tragic appens, he'll do as he can to fix it. | Juana is the "wife" of Kino and mother of Coyotito. She is loyal to Kino, and she will do anything for Coyotito.

7: Coyotito is Kino and Juana's little son. He was stung by a scorpian, throughout the whole novel Kino tries to find a way to cure him. | The trackers were Mexican men who went about trying to find Kino and his family. They wanted his pearl.

8: Chapter One Kino wakes up in the early morning, he looks at his wife., Juana, and his son, Coyotito. He hears the Song of Family as he watches them. During breakfast, Kino sees a scorpion on the rope of Coyotito's hanging box. The scorpion falls and stings the baby. Juana immediately starts sucking the venomous poison from Coyotito. All the neighbors hear about this and gather around, like a big family. Juana tells Kino to get the doctor, which surprises him because the doctor never visits the brush houses. Even though Kino disagrees, he takes Coyotito to go see the doctor anyway. They arrive in L:a Paz at the doctor's house. Kino tells the servant he wants to see the doctor because his son has a scorpion sting. The doctor refuses to see him because Kino is poor and not worth his time. Hearing this, Kino gets angry and hits the gate.

9: Chapter Two Kino gets back to the estuary where the brush houses are located and starts readying himself to get inside the canoe. Kino and Juana want to find a pearl valuable enough to persuade the doctor to perform a healing on Coyotito's scorpion sting. Kino's canoe was passed down from generation to generation As they settle into the canoe, Juana puts seaweed on Coyotito's wound to help the swelling to go down. For about two minutes, Kino is underwater gathering oysters, getting many large ones. One oyster gleams at him through the water; therefore, he grabbed it. Coming up, Kino gets into the canoe and starts cutting the oysters open. Hesitant to open the big one first, he opens a smaller one. He then, not being able to wait, opens the big one and finds the biggest pearl he has ever seen. Juana shrieks in excitement. They then realize Coyotito's wound has healed miraculously.

10: Chapter Three In no time, word got around about their fortune. Everyone becomes jealous and think about ways it will benefit them. Many people start acting friendly towards them, including the doctor. Kino tells everyone he plans to get married to Juana, get a rifle, and get an education for Coyotito with the money he gets from selling the pearl. The priest and doctor both visit Kino in hopes to get a hand on the magnificent pearl. The doctor gives an excuse of not seeing the family earlier, and he starts worrying about the baby's health. He told Kino the sting is still in danger of killing Coyotito. He gives the baby a powder and tells Kino the poison may hit within the hour. He tells them he would be back to check on the baby in which he does. While the doctor was away, Kino hears the Song of Evil and hides his pearl in the ground. The doctor comes back, checks on Coyotito, and asks about his payment. In a clever, nonchalant way, the doctor finds out where the pearl is hidden. After the doctor leaves, Kino rehides the pearl under his bed. During the night, Kino hears the Song of Evil again and awakens to see a figure. He attacks the figure, already know what he is after, but the figure got away. Juana wakes up and begins to rebel against keeping the pearl. Kino ignores Juana's warning with his hopeful thinking. The next morning they wake up hopeful.

11: Chapter Four Dressing in their best clothes, the family goes into town to sell the pearl. On the way, Kino's brother, Juan Tomas, informs him the pearl buyers may try to take advantage of his ignorance. The first dealer attempts to start at an extremely low price with the excuse the pearl is too big. Kino recognizes what's going on and gets angry. The dealer offers other dealers to back him up on the value set. None of the other dealers offered any higher prices; therefore, Kino told them he was going to the capital to get a higher sum of money. The first dealer raised his offer, but Kino just stormed out and went home. When they got home, Juan Tomas tries to persuade Kino to change his mind about making the long journey because of how dangerous it is. Kino sticks with his plan. That night, Kino lay down unable to sleep. Suddenly, another attacker comes in and attempts to take the pearl again. Kino has his knife ready and attacks him. The attacker gets away before Kino can tell who he is. Juana awakens and tries to convince Kino to get rid of the pearl again. Like last time, Kino refuses.

12: Chapter Five During the night, Kino awakens to Juana getting the pearl and leaving with it. She was headed to the gulf when she noticed Kino following her. She started to run. While attempting to throw the pearl into the water, Kino takes it and punches her. He leaves her lying on the ground. On his way back to the small house, Kino gets attacked for a third time. In the middle of the fight, Kino drops the pearl and stabs the attacker, killing him. Juana was making her way back home when she spotted the gleam of the pearl. She thought about getting rid of it again, but she has sees her husband getting beaten up. She goes to his side and confirmed she found the pearl. They decide they have to escape the small village soon considering Kino committed murder. Juana runs to the house to get Coyotito, and Kino goes to canoe to start getting ready to leave. He finds that someone had put a hole in the bottom of his canoe. Going back to the house, Kino notices it's on fire. Juana tells Kino the house is completel burnt. All the neighbors scattered about, trying to save their own houses. Kino and Juana hides in the bushes and goes into Juan Tomas's house. The family decides to secretly hide out there until the next night, only telling Juan and his wife what's going on. They make their plans and head out that night.

14: Chapter Six The family set out north during the night to avoid the towns people. As they walk, they cover their tracks, making it harder to be followed. The next morning, Juana starts to doubt the value of the pearl and if everything is really worth it. Kino still disagrees because of the fact the attackers wouldn't have wanted it so much if it was valueless. Kino looks at the pearl seeing a bloody body, Juana's beaten body walking home, and Coyotito's face. He lies to her and tells her he sees the amazing things he has seen before. Night falls on them and Kino sleeps as Juana plays with Coyotitio. Kino awakens and warns them to be quiet. Watching out, Kino spies three trackers anf gets defensive, knife in hand. The trackers get hints, but they have no sign the family is there. The trackers keep going. Kino tells Juana to gather everything and get ready to leave.

15: They move up the mountain, only temporarily relieving the family from the trackers. Kino decides he will move on to get the attention of the trackers while Juana and the baby feel to a near by town for safety.. Juana refuses to split up the family. They go further up the mountain, stopping for water. Seeing the trackers getting close, Kino makes a fake track to trick the trackers. They lay in a cave waiting silently. By evening, Kino has decided he will make a distraction so Juana and Coyotito can leave. As Kino starts taking the plan to action, the day turns to night, which doesn't help Kino at all. Suddenly, Coyotito lets out a wail.. Thinking the scream is a coyote, a tracker shoots in the direction of the noise. The bullet hits Cyotito. and kills him. While the trackers are distracted, Kino kills them. Kino hurries to Juana and finds out what happened. The next day the couple walks back to the small village. Juana carries the corpse in a bag over her shoulder. Hoping to get rid of all the evil bestowed upon them, Kino tosses the pearl back into the sea.

16: The moral of this story is to enjoy life and what you have!

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