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The Power of One

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S: The Power of One

BC: The End

FC: Project By: Joyce-Marie Gearhart | The Power of One By: Bryce Courtenay

1: "Sometimes the slightest things change the directions of our lives, the merest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a meteorite striking the earth. Lives have swiveled and changed direction on the strength of a chance remark." | "First with the head, then with the heart, that's how a man says ahead from the start."

2: The main character is a boy named Peekay. In South Africa, he spoke English and was white. However, when he was sent away to a boarding school.There he was taught that he spoke the worng language and was the worng color, and that he was an outcast. A older boy named the Judge bullied Peekay, and his only friend Grandpa Chook (a kaffir chicken). When Peekay was leaving the boarding school

3: forever the Judge put Peekay through one more test. All he wanted to do was make Peekay cry,l because Peekay never cried. He eventually killed Grandpa Chook, Still Peekay didn't cry, and the Judge left him alone. Only then did Peekay cry, and depression set in. That was Peekay's first friend.

5: WhenPeekay was heading to his new life in a new town after boarding school, he met someone who would change his life forever. His name was Hoopie Groenewald, a simple train conductor, but a welterweight boxer. He introduced Peekay into the boxing world and helped set Peekay's goal in life, to be the welterweight champion of the world.

6: "I shall call it 'Boy on a Rock'".

7: In a new world again, in a new town with a mother he barley knows, Peekay has to start over again. Very soon, Peekay finds another friend, an old, compasionate German man naemd Professor von Vollensteen. He is a professor of catuses, and wanders the foot hills of Africa, so he can find specimin to add to his catus garden. On one of these trips he meets Peekay, sitting on a rock, contemplating his depression. Doc thinks that it would make for a wonderful picture, andsnaps Peekay. Thus bringing to life a friendship of a life time.

8: 6-7

9: As Doc and Peekay's friendship progressed, Doc got put in jail for being an alien.. Peekay went to visit him all the time. He also started to train. Their was a boxing group their. But most importantly, Peekay helped the prisoners .in the best way. he and Geel Piet made a way to beat the system. Peekay, knowing different African languages, helped write letters to the prisoners family, and smuggled them behind the guards back. He also provided tobacco. The way that he helped and gave hope to the prisoners, they gave him the name Onoshobishobi Ingelosi, or Tadpole Angel.

11: During Doc's duration at the prison, he listened to the songs of the People. He composed a song on the piano, and at first called it, Concerto for the Great Southland. He got permission to play it their, and have the People sing it as well. It was a powerful event and showed the beauty of Africa. It was loved by everyone. It was also the night that Geel Piet died. He taught Peekay most everything that Peekay knew in boxing. Which is why later, when Doc plays it again, with out the singers, he names it the Requiem of Geel Piet.

12: Peekay smart his thirst Bornstein to a school Prince of School. There he only Jew and became companions up a banking system and found other ways money because Peekay had none.. .

13: wasn't just a great boxer, he was extremely On of the teachers at his school recognized for knowledge. Her name was Miss. She helped him excell, and then get a full ride prestegious called the Wales meet the They set to make | 10

14: During the break between terms, Peekay headed back home. Together Doc and Peekay went roaming around the foothills of South Africa. This time they went to specifically find a cave, by a waterfall. A cave is what they found. On the rock face, they found an opening into the cave, the Crystal Cave of Africa, Doc named it. Peekay promised Doc not to tell anyone, making the beautiful cave theirs. It shows the strong bond of their friendship. During the break, Peekay noticed how old Doc really was, and how frail he has become.

15: 12

16: Through Peekay's friend Morrie (his Jew friend) he had enough money to advance his boxing even further. He started to get trained by the best coach in South Africa, Solly Goldman. There he got a match arranged, and it was arranged through the People. It was a fight prophesied by a witch woman, to see who was the chief of the People, the Tadpole Angel or the born chief. It so happens that the born `chief was Giedon Mandoma, Nanny's actual child. Which gave Mandoma all the more reason to win. It was the most intense wrestling match ever. The People

17: came from all over just to see the match. Both contestants worked hard until the end. Peekay won, showing that he was still the Tadpole Angel, even after hitting puberty, and that Mandoma was a cheif as well. Both Peekay and Mandoma learned to respect eachother. | 13

18: At the end of the match, Peekay knew that Doc died. This relates to the People. They have this sixth sense, and can tell what happened when somethings happened. It's not voluntary but it's a feeling they get and understand. Peekay got this feeling when he was exhausted from the match, and knew, that at that moment, Doc moved on.

20: 16

21: After graduating from the Prince of Wales school, Peekay tried to get into Oxford college on a scholarship. However, he didn't receive it. So Peekay made a decision to go to copper mines, and work there for a year. That way he would be able to fill out his muscles, get money to pay his way through college, and figure out who he really is. Peekay didn't want people to manipulate him for the rest of his life, and lose who he is.

22: Peekay worked at the mines, and he was really good at working the grizzley. There he met a russian, and they became good friends. When a grizzley man is good, then the diamond driller will reward them with beer. Peekay alway got beer, which he gave to Rusptin. Even after his limit in working the mines, he kept working. It's not recomended to work the grizzley for more then three months without a break. This usually ends up resulting in a cave in and then death. After nine month, disaster struck. A running fuse happened when Peekay was trying to fix a jam. Peekay got

23: stuck down the shaft. Rasputin dug him out, and gave his life to save Peekay. He should have died, but he rolled under a ledge and the rocks didn't hurt him.

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