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The Princess Bride and the Heroic Cycle

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S: The Princess Bride Summary and Heroic Cycle

BC: The Princess Bride was re-written by William Goldman and I am doing my project about the movie that is based on his version. The original version, however, was written by S. Morgenstern.

FC: "The Princess Bride" Summary and Heroic Cycle | By: Caeleigh Sims Clark

1: The Princess Bride | BASED ON THE BOOK by S. Morgenstern that was re-written by William Goldman. The movie is based on William Goldman's version. DIRECTED BY: Rob Reiner (also known as "Meathead")

2: Summary | Wesley was a poor farm boy that wanted to marry a girl named Buttercup but he had no money so he went to search his fortune across the sea. After a while Buttercup received news that his ship has been attacked by the Dread Pirate Roberts who never left captives alive. 5 years later Buttercup had gotten engaged to Prince Humperdink even though she did not love him. One day when she was out for her daily ride she was kidnapped by 3 men named Vincini, Inigo and Fezic who wanted to start a war between Guilder (the enemy across the sea) and Florin (Buttercup`s home). Wesley had started to chase after her. He had become Roberts so that the previous Roberts could retire just like the one before him. Wesley saved her and told her about how he became Roberts and they went into a place called the Fire Swamp when they saw The Prince chasing them. Sadly, when they made it out of the Fire Swamp The Prince was waiting for them and took Buttercup back and put Wesley in the Pit of Despair to torture and kill him.

3: The Prince killed Wesley but Fezic and Inigo needed him to help them brake into the castle so that Inigo could kill Count Rugen, the man who murdered his father. When Fezic and Inigo found Wesley they took him to Miracle Max and he gave them a pill that would revive Wesley. When Wesley woke up he helped them brake into the castle for he also wanted to go and get Buttercup before she married Prince Humperdink. They broke into the castle and Inigo went to kill Count Rugen (who had 6 fingers on his right hand). He was successful but almost got killed in the process. Wesley found Buttercup and saved her and then they all jumped out of the window and escaped on some white horses that Fezic had found in the stables.

4: Description of the Hero... | Wesley : He is a poor farm boy that went off to sea to seek his fortune so that he could have enough money to marry Buttercup but his ship was attacked by the Great Pirate Roberts who then turned Wesley into Roberts so that he could retire just like the "Great Pirate Roberts" all did before him. He is the "Hero" of this story because he saves Buttercup in the end. Like all heroes he set off to save Buttercup and on the way he encountered enemies, tests, monsters and helpers along the way.

5: Description of Main Characters... | Buttercup: She is Wesley`s true love and in the beggining of the movie she could orer him around because he worked for her. After she thinks that Wesley died she gets very sad and after 5 years she gets engaged to Prince Humperdink. Prince Humperdink: He is the future king of Florence and wants to marry Buttercup at any cost. He hates Wesley because he knows that Buttercup and Wesley truly love each other and tries to kill him.

6: Vincini: He thinks that he is the smartest person alive and yet he outsmarted by a poor farmboy. He dies fairly early in the story but he is a main character because his role in the story is extremely important because he is the leader of the mission to kidnap Buttercup. Inigo: He worked for Vincini earlier in the story until Vincini died and he is forever seeking "The Six-fingered Man" (Count Rugen) to kill him and to avenge is father's death because Count Rugen was the person who killed him he is one of Wesley's helpers and he helped break into the castle.

7: Fezic: He is a giant that came to Florence from Greenland when Vincini hired him and when Vincini died he helped Wesley and Inigo break into the castle. He is Wesley's second helper. Wesley: As I said before Wesley is the hero of the story who, throughout the entire movie is trying to rescue Buttercup (his true love).

8: The Heroic Cycle... | Call to Adventure... | Buttercup was going to be the future Queen but Vincini, Inigo and Fezic kidnap her in order to start a war. That is when Wesley starts to chase after them and anyone else who kidnaps Buttercup in order to get her back.

9: Helpers... | Inigo: Even though he starts out as the bad guy, after Vincini dies and with him the mission of starting the war he helps Wesley get Buttercup back and saves him when he is "nearly dead" by taking him to "Miracle Max" | Fezic: Fezic is one of Inigo's friends that helps him and Wesley with whatever they need just like a typical helper. He was also working with Vincini but, like Inigo, when Vincini died he became Wesley's helper.

10: Crossing the Threshold... | The moment that Wesley crosses the threshold is when he climbs up the "cliffs of insanity" so that he can chase after Fezic, Inigo and Vincini so that he can save Buttercup. When the hero crosses the threshold that is when he cannot return until he has succeeded or tried and failed.

11: The Shadow Realm... | The shadow realm in this story is when Buttercup and Wesley enter the "Fire Swamp" which, like the shadow realm is almost 100% of the time, was dark, scary and full of dangers like R.O.U 's (Rodents of Unusual Size), the flame spurt and the "lightning sand". Nobody had ever left the Fire Swamp alive because of those dangers, making Buttercup and Wesley the first to enter and live to tell about it.

12: Tests... | TEST #1: Wesley's first test is when he has to defeat Inigo, who has been studying fencing for 20 years, in a fencing match. Luckily, Wesley is also an excellent swordsman because he had been taught by theGreat Pirate Roberts before him. Test #2: After Wesley defeats Inigo he continues to search for Buttercup and runs into Fezic and when Fezic challenges him to a wrestling match Wesley wins and can continue to look for Buttercup.

13: Test#3: After defeating Fezic he confronts Vincini in a battle of wits were Wesley poisons one cup and Vincini has too choose one and thay both drink. They drink and Vincini dies because both glasses were poisoned but Wesley had built up an immunity to that poison (Iocain Powder) and he gets Buttercup and escapes with her to the fire swamp when he realizes that Prince Humperdink (Buttercup's fiance and the prince) is chasing them.

14: Test #4: The fourth test is when they enter the Fire Swamp and have to face the fire spurts, the lightning sand and, of course, the Rodents of Unusual Size. They almost get burned with the fire spurts, swallowed by the lightning sand and eaten alive by the R.O.U 's but they make it out alive. Sadly the second they are out the prince kidnaps Wesley and takes Buttercup back to the palace.

15: Supreme Test... | In this story the Supreme Test is when Wesley, Inigo and Fezic have to break into the castle using only themselves, a torch, a black cloak and a wheel barrow. They put Fezic in the wheel barrow and put the cloak on him so that he can pretend to be the Dread Pirate Roberts and then they light him on fire and scare all the soldiers away. In the end of the test they kill Count Rugen (the six-fingered man that killed Inigo`s father), rescue Buttercup and escape from the castle on white horses.

16: Reward... | The reward in the end is that Wesley gets his true love Buttercup back and marries her. Wesley also helps Inigo break into the castle so that he can get revenge on Count Rugen for killing his father and they all escape in one piece and live happily ever after.

17: Return... | The return part of this story is when Wesley decides to retire and hands down the name of the Dread Pirate Roberts to Inigo because after killing Count Rugen he doesn`t know what to do with his life so Wesley suggests Piracy. Buttercup and Wesley return to their normal lives and get married just like they intended to at the beginning of the movie.

18: Connection to the "Big Question"... | What is more important: community or individual? | I think that in this movie the community is more important than the individual because: * Inigo AND Finik save Wesley. * They all escape TOGETHER. * They all rely on each other for pretty much every every test and every obstacle and problem they encounter.

19: * They need help from people like Miracle Max AND his wife to save Wesley so that he can help Inigo and Finik break into the castle. * Prince Humperdink relies on Count Rugen to torture Wesley so that he can`t save Buttercup. * If it wasn`t for the Florin`s community Prince Humperdink wouldn`t be a prince and his father and mother wouldn`t be king and queen. * Also because Vincini, Inigo ad Fezik work as a team to kidnap Buttercup.

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