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the protestant reformation

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FC: The Protestant Reformation

1: Causes | Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door which caused people to question their religion. The printing press allowed Martin Luther's ideas to spread rapidly out of the church's control.

2: Political Causes | Mary banned the protestant religion in England which angered protestants all over Europe. Queen Elizabeth was raised a protestant, so she lifted the ban on the Protestant religion, which showed she supported the Protestants.

3: Religious Causes | Both John Calvin and John Wycliffe thought of their own ideas of how religion should be, and ended up creating their own religion that competed with the church.

4: Lutheranism was created by Martin Luther. It emphasized getting into heaven through faith alone and not works like the church said was the way only to get into heaven | Lutheranism

5: Calvinism | Calvinism was created by John Calvin. He believed that the bible should be translated into the vernacular so that everyone could read the word of god. This went against the church, so it was forced to split and became its own religion.

6: Germany The starting place of the protestant reformation. Martin Luther started the protestant reformation through his works. Thomas Muntzer started the radical reformation. | England Help start with the rise of Queen Elizabeth I. The freedom for the Protestants allowed their religion to spread faster. Monarchs breaking away from church helped new religions to come into existence. | Italy The wide popularity of the Renaissance caused many people to doubt religion as well as science. The wide use of science led to proving the church wrong on many things it said.

7: Switzerland Success of the Protestant Reformation was largely helped by Ulrich Zwingli and John Calvin. Therefore there was a spread of Calvinism and Zwinglians | France Once again John Calvin helped the Reformation start in France. He secretly taught pastors in France Calvinism. Since the French monarch banned Protestantism. | Spain

8: Anabaptists | Anabaptists were radical reformers that got their base beliefs from Ulrich Zwingli. They believed a more violent reform would prove more efficient in reforming the church.

9: Anti-Trinitarian Anti-Trinitarians are considered the opposite of Christianity. During the Protestant Reformation Muslums were considered anti-trinitarians, which caused aggression between them.

10: Consequences | During the Protestant Reformation religious social and political were all unstable. In religion many different religions were being created, which caused aggression between different beliefs. Social was very unstable because peasants were revolting and the social classes were shifting which made Europe unstable. Political monarchs were separating from the church which made them both more popular and less popular to the citizens.

11: Catholic Reformation | Also called the counter Reformation, the catholic reformation started at the Council of Trent. It was a response to the Protestant Reformation that made the modern catholic church. The Council of Trent was aided by the Jesuits. The new catholic church consisted of new policies that was from the Protestant Reformation.

12: Religious wars One of the largest religious war was between the catholics and the Hugeunots. The religious war lasted 30 years and was in France. King Charles IX orders an attack on protestant protesters., which causes the religious war

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