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The Renaissance

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FC: Essential questions: How does the Renaissance influence literature and History? | The Renaissance

1: Table of Context | Page One & Two: Similarities and differences between Elizabethan England and Italian Renaissance Page Three & Four : Grapes of Italian Renaissance Page Five & Six: Grapes of Elizabethan England Page Seven: Globe Theater Page Eight: Meet William Shakespeare Page Nine: Shakespearean Language Page Ten: Plays by Shakespeare Page Eleven: Essential Question Page Twelve : Bibliography

2: Italian Renaissance | Elizabethan England

3: Similarities | The Elizabethan England and the Italian Renaissance are too well known eras that took place in Europe. In both time periods, the merchant class was becoming successful due to their successful trade.Also, these two times in history both celebrated humanism. Humanism is the celebration of each individual. People in Europe started to question the ways of the church and turned to humanism. Aside from glorifying each human, there was a outbreak of art. The art people made focused on not only the beauty of each human, but also focused on their flaws.These time periods are known as a rebirth of art. People stared focusing on art such as; literature, paintings, sculptures and music. | Differences | All though there were many major similarities between the Italian Renaissance and Elizabethan England, there were differences as well. During Elizabethan England, Queen Elizabeth had a passion for plays. The Queen spend a lot of money going towards playwright and building theaters. In Italy, art work such as paintings, sculptures were in higher honor in things such as literature.. People spent money on buying artwork from famous artists.

4: Italian Renaissance | Geography | One of the European Countries that wanted to bring back the ways of Greece and Rome. City States Within Italy such as Milan and Florence were influenced positively by the Renaissance | Religion | Christianity was the most practiced religion in Italy. However, during Italy's 'dark ages' people started questioning the church and started focusing on other things such as art and humanism | Achievements | Artist became very honored during the renaissance. People spent a lot of money of famous artists such as Leonardo Da vinci, Michelangelo. Italian artist created very famous pieces of art such as the Mona Lisa and David

5: Great Grandparents | Politics | The government was overthrown by the Medici family. The Medici family was extremely wealthy and bribed there council members by offering them loans. Italy was a Republican then changes to a form of dictatorship. | Economy | Barter between other places increased wealth and a major boost in Italy's economy. Commercial revolution allowed trade to flourish. Commercial revolution also expanded business The crusades also led to a positive outcome of trading and sharing ideas. | Society | People in Italy started the idea of Humanism. Humanism was celebrating not only the beauty of each and every individual, but to embrace there flaws. Plays were a major form of entertainment. People also started to create artwork, write literature and focus on themselves as a individual

6: Elizabethan England | Geography | London, England (in Europe) surrounded by bodies of water such as the Irish Sea, North Sea and Irish Sea. Influenced by the Italian Renaissance. London was mostly rural. | Achievements | Religion | Queen Elizabeth forbidden Christianity to be practice and wanted everyone to become a protestant. People did not like the rule and secretly taught and practiced Christianity. Conflict arise between Christians and Protestants. | Famous writer; William Shakespeare wrote famous pieces. People enjoyed going to see plays which were mainly written by Shakespeare. Theaters were built such as the globe theater.

7: Society | Politics | England was governed by Queen Elizabeth, so, that means they were ruled under a monarchy. The Queen had total control over all citizens and even decided what religion everyone should practice.. While Elizabeth was queen, England experienced a golden age; time period of wealth and education. | Society's 'social classes' were mainly based on how wealthy you were. If you were wealthy, you can get a good education. Women in England were expected to go to a convent if they were not married and if they were the men were superior the them. Men were expected to work and be the 'man of the house' | Economy | The economy consisted of different coins. Also many people got wealthy from either being born into wealth or taking advantage of the prosperous trade systerm

8: Life Of William Shakespeare | Born and baptized in Stratford-Upon-Avon. (1564-1616)

9: William Shakespeare was born into a wealthy family. Williams father worked as a glove maker and then started working for the government. Williams family could afford to send their children to school. William attended school for a little time of his life until disaster struck. Williams family was blamed for wanting to kill the Queen. William grew up with most of his family being killed and locked in jail because of a misunderstanding. Since the family was blamed, Williams family lost their wealth and could no longer afford to send their kids to school.William became obsessed with literature. He began to write many plays and poems, not knowing that the world would soon remember his writing.

10: When Shakespeare got older, he became well known for his writing. Shakespeare created his own type of writing which is known as "Shakespearean." This language was created to make the plays less boring and it added a uniqueness and a personality to his writing. | In England, watching plays was a form of entertainment. Shakespeare was not only a famous poet, but also was a popular play writer. Williams plays were mostly tragedy's and it is said they were inspired by situations he went through as growing up. Some of the more well know plays by Shakespeare are; Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Midsummer Nights Dream, Julius Caesar, Macbeth and many more.

11: Famous Quotes Of William Shakespeare | "A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool." "Better a witty fool than a foolish wit." "Boldness be my friend." "Death is a fearful thing." "Where art thou Romeo"

12: Essential Question: | How does the Renaissance influence literature and History? | The Renaissance had a huge impact on literature and history. During the renaissance there was a rebirth of education. The pieces of art created were all unique and reflected the artists feeling and personality. Also during this time, tragedy such as the plague killed and took many peoples lives. This must of influenced art and literature because people must have written or expressed there feelings about the people they love and see were dying.

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