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The Renaissance Period

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The Renaissance Period - Page Text Content

FC: The Renaissance Period 14th-16th Century

1: Renaissance "Rebirth" | The word "Renaissance" is French for "rebirth". It is a period of "revival of the interest" in the values of Greece and Rome during the early 14th century into the late 16th century. During the period, activities led to the golden age of cultural blending and innovation. Because of the Renaissance, Western European life was forever changed. Importance of the religious view that was prevalent during previous periods in history changed to a more worldly outlook of world views during the Renaissance. The intellects who came out of the period had growing belief in individual human spirit and abilities. We will now embark on a most intriguing journey through the Renaissance.

2: The printing press transformed the way information was exchanged during the Renaissance. Johann Gutenberg was the inventor responsible. Due to the invention of the printing pres it no longer took years to write books using calligraphy, but mere minutes to print one. | Johannes Gutenberg (1400-1468)

3: Life hasn't changed much since the Renaissance period, but simply embraced the changes the Renaissance period promoted.Towns grew, peoples minds evolved, culture changed as we know it today... | During the Renaissance period one did not see the changes, but looking back now, we are aware of a climate or culture which has promoted change. Life during the period was, more or less, like the modern people of today. During the Era persons worked. In those days serfs worked on plantation, today modern workers work in factories. Today as in the period we still have farmers, tax collectors.

4: Europe played a large role during the 14th-16th centuries. European Domination over various regions and the world sparked major changes during this time. As an effect of "European Domination" , slavery was evident, towns began to bustle, and trade between foreign countries splurged. Over time due to disease and other factors, a middle class was born, many inventions were created, as the printing press. The mind frame of persons during this Era also changed, individuals not only were able to read books on their own, but were able to decipher the meaning of the books read. European Domination enabled a new world, new ideas, new lives as they knew it. "Humanism" was the new religion...

5: There are many changes that took place during the The Renaissance period. The minds of scholars broadened in the field of science, the paint brushes expressed themselves more widely, religion became ones choice, and the reformation of education became evident. These changes were so noticed that the world turned a listening ear. Many of Europe's ideas were so diverse in nature that leaders and political figures around the world caught on to the trend.

6: In the days of the Renaissance politics, the church, influenced a lot of society. The economies were driven by serf labor among other things. Many geographic and social implications affected the way people in this period, talked dressed, socialized, as well as the culture they shared. During this period widely accepted practices and religion cleared way for a more widely accepted culture. This new way of life deviated from oppressive rule, economic static, and social implications. People were free to embrace their ideas, music, art, and beliefs. This culture not only dominated Europe but spread to much of the world as the accepted culture.

7: European society has been known for tragedy. A new tragedy has taken root and is known as the Bubonic Plague. It killed half of the world population in Europe. | The only way many could escape the plague was to move out of the villages and into the countryside. As the plague died down many of the people moved back and settled to what was small cities. After their return, resurgence of the Renaissance life began and forever changed the world. Rural society was now altered from the rural way of life to bustling urban societies in a more modern world.

8: A new beginning was in effect for the economy during the 14th-16th century. Serfs no longer had to work for lords and kings for no money. The classes were beginning to form. A middle class now played a part in the economy of the Renaissance period. Merchants with their ideas,their knowledge, could now sell, in effect, create a thriving society.

9: Technology, education, literature, and the arts advanced during the period of the Renaissance. The minds of people grew and ideas stretched widely than ever before. Leonardo hinted at the ideas for the compass, he also painted beautiful paintings. People, do to the printing press, could now read freely. Literature grew as poets expanded their surroundings. Art came to the forefront.

10: Religion | in the Renaissance | As the Renaissance continued, the church became another subject under reformation. The people during this Era began to reject the authority of the Pope and Italian churchmen. English people began to resent the financial burdens imposed on them by the Vatican-the Pope. | Many began to accept the ideas of humanism. Humanism sought to harmonize the Bible and the classics. Their aim was to use the classics to strengthen, not discredit, Christianity. The Reformation during the Renaissance now encouraged persons to have a relationship solely with themselves and God, without the oppressiveness of the Vatican.

11: So what Period are we living in?

12: The period of The Crazies? Maybe...

13: The Period of The Sexy? We're getting closer...! ;)

14: Truth is... We'll never know. Scholars name periods after they've happened... Lets just hope we leave behind somewhat of a decent legacy...

15: Fin Created By: Brian Wilson

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