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The Secret Garden

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S: The Secret Garden

BC: 01 Flight of the Bumble bee 1:20 02 Fabulous 3:02 03 Love Hurts 2:13 04 Narrow Victory 2:32 05 Tell yourself 4:02 06 Lean on me 4:19 07 Stand up for love 4:35 08 Lake Louise 2:18

FC: Frances Hodgson Burnett Ms. Johnston Period 8/9 Sharon Park | The Secret Garden

1: 01 Flight of the Bumble bee 1:20 02 Fabulous 3:02 03 Love Hurts 2:13 04 Narrow Victory 2:32 05 Tell yourself 4:02 06 Lean on me 4:19 07 Stand up for love 4:35 08 Lake Louise 2:18

2: Back Cover | It's Romantic. The narrator rhapsodizes about the landscape, the growing beauty of her characters, and the glorious effects of springtime. She also, as noted above, provides extensive quasi-philosophical commentary on the events of the novel, and speaks approvingly of her characters when they behave in a manner consonant with her world-view.

3: Front Cover | The roses are Mistress Craven's personal symbol. They are mentioned whenever she is mentioned. The bower from which she fell to her death was covered with roses. However, when Mary first discovers the garden, it is still flooded with rose-trees and rosebushes, though none are in bloom. Dickon reassures her that they are not dead, and remarks, "There will be fountains of roses here in the spring." This foreshadows the way in which the resurrection of the garden will bring the spirit of Mistress Craven back within its walls-she exists wherever roses are in bloom. The new roses symbolize both the children and the spirit of Colin's mother herself, which has come back to the garden to watch over her son. The natural landscape is subject to personification throughout the novel. Such as, the lending of human attributes to a nonhuman creature or inanimate thing. The secret garden resurrects Colin and Mary, and they resurrect it in turn.

5: 1 Flight of the bumble bee | Beethoven/Mozart | At the outset of the story, Mary Lennox is living in India with her parents. Her dad is a dashing army captain and he has frivolous, beautiful wife. However, she is rarely permitted to see them. They have placed her under the constant care of a number of native servants. They find her too hideous and tiresome to look after. Mary’s relationship with her parents is characterized by distance and aloofness – the mother and father barely know their daughter and have no real bond or emotional attachment to her.The song, Flight of the bumble bee, shows how bees work really hard so that you can hear their flying wings. The bumble bees do not have emotions when they have connection with flowers and plants. Like Mary's parents, they are too busy that they cannot care for the things around as much. Bumble bee in this song is Mary's parents.

7: 2 Fabulous | Ashley Tisdale | Mary Lennox, a sickly, foul-tempered, unsightly little girl loves no one and no one loves her.In the care of her servant, Ayah, ignored by her parents, and left to become a miserable little tyrant. Mary remains selfish and rude. She got to go to her uncle's house and met Martha Sowerby, good-natured Yorkshire maidservant. She did not treat Mary in a special way. She spoke to Mary as to an equal and will not indulge Mary's demanding behavior. Mary was mad about how she did not obey to her like any other people in the past.However, it let her understand what she should be treated. Fabulous is basically sung by the rich girl, Sharpay, who wants everything fabulous and every attentions. She is very picky and makes other people tired just to make her happy.This song is showing resemblance between Mary's and Sharpay's mind.

9: 3 Love Hurts | Yiruma | Shortly after arriving at Misselthwaite, Mary hears about a secret garden from Martha. Gardens around the house belonged to the late Mistress Craven. Mr. Craven had been an unhappy man until a sweet, lovely woman married him. She loved the garden, and Mr. Craven had given her one of the gardens for her own, which they tended together. She died very young, breaking Mr. Craven's heart. He locked the garden, buried the key, and decreed that no one was to enter. Love Hurts is played by piano and it has beauty of its own, composed/played by Yiruma.The song is very calm and peaceful, yet, it's sad. Mr. Craven's love(wife) left him behind and that is where he gets damaged emotionally and close his mind toward people around him. Mary feels sorry for him and thinks its touching how much he loved her.

11: Mary's interest and imagination are captured by this locked garden. Mary plays outside every day, running around to stay warm in the unaccustomed cold of a Yorkshire winter. She befriends a robin as well as one of the gardeners, Ben Weatherstaff, a curmudgeon with a kind heart. The robin leads her to the locked garden by singing from a tree behind the very end of the long, garden wall, in a place to which Mary can find no access. Another day he leads her to a hole in the dirt, at the bottom of which she finds the key. Finally, he brings her to the wall just as some wind blows the ivy out of the way, revealing the garden door. The key fits the lock, and Mary has found "The Secret Garden." The song is full of emotion of imagination and success. Even if it was really hard to find a key, she made new friends, and get to know how to treat people with kindness that is a big achievement in her life. She was walking on the narrow path which leads her to the victory. | 4 Narrow Victory | George Shaw

13: 5 Tell yourself | Clazziquai Project | Mary starts to bloom, much like the flowers in her garden. She connects with the robin, her very first friend, then with Martha and Ben, in a way that is new to her. She gets exercise and eats to satisfy the appetite it gives her, growing less thin, weak and waxy looking. Dickon Sowerby, Martha's twelve- year old brother, is let in on her secret and helps in the garden. Everyone on the moor knows Dickon, a boy who can charm animals and make anything grow. Mary tells herself to be herself and she finds out what is true happiness. She learned a lesson how she can be fine by looking around her. Now she knows how it feels like to be right. Mary is like an angel compare to her past. It is important to know about oneself and try to be the best of all kind from own mind.

15: 6 Lean on me | Glee Cast | Mary has heard crying coming from inside the house ever since she arrived, but she is told it is only the wind. Very late one night, she sets out to find the source of the crying. In this way, she meets son of her uncle, Colin Craven. Colin has been sickly and bedridden and expects to die. He is so spoiled that even Mary can see it. Mary wants him to lean on her and her garden with others and wants to help him out as much as possible. Mary and Dickon hatch a plan to rescue him and bring him to "The Secret Garden." Colin is enraptured by the stories about the garden. He decides he will come with them every day, and he will grow strong. Just like the garden, they both have been left unloved for their entire life, ten years. Since they have lived similar life style, they understand and give hands to each other more. Now they have fresh air, good and plentiful nutrition, sympathy and affection from each other, and from Dickon and Ben. The garden has started to bloom just like Colin and Mary.

17: Stand Up For Love | Destiny's Child | 7 | If Mr. Craven could stand up for love, the garden will heal one more soul. The lyrics of the song is basically giving hope that one can stand up for life, stand up for love, which is revealing to Mr. Craven's life. It is like when he dreams of his wife calling him from their garden to find a letter asking him to return home. Mr. Craven has been a stranger to his son ever since his wife died. He was in Switzerland feeling of almost-forgotten pleasure in being alive until he dreams about his wife. Mr. Craven is the last character in the book that he needs to get recovered by “The Secret Garden”. Once he goes back to his home then he will live a better life than last ten years with sorrow but love. The lyrics matches with what he should do. “It all starts right here and it starts right now/ one person stand up there and the rest will follow/ for all the forgotten, for all the unloved/.../and I believe that in my life I will see/ an end to hopelessness of giving up of suffering/ if we all stand together this one time/ then no one will get left behind”

19: 8 Lake Louise | Yukie Kuramoto | Master Craven complies, and returns home immediately. His first action is to go into the secret garden so at the behest of a dream in which the voice of his late wife told him that he might find her there. Just as he lays his hand to the doorknob, Colin comes rushing out and falls into his arms. Father and son are reconciled, and the miracle of Colin's recovery becomes known to all. With “The Secret Garden”, everyone could heal their souls and physical strength. The song is dreamy and full of souls and it makes you happy. Everyone is peaceful now that they are all together without loneliness they felt before they actually get to know about “The Secret Garden”. Melody of the song brings you an idea of blossoms, roses, sunny weather out in the garden with smiles. Especially for Mr. Craven, he could not sleep well, but with this freedom from care, he will be able to go to sleep. This song can be used as a lullaby with those feelings.

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