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"The Silent Holocaust"

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FC: The Silent Holocaust | Holocaust and Genocide Steven Ortiz 1st

1: Have you ever wondered what the history of other countries has been and the many tragedies most countries have faced, well I wondered this about Guatemala. Guatemala from the 1500s has faced a slaughtered time when the conquistadors took over the Central American region. Guatemala even in recent days has faced a tough time with the genocide that killed over 200,000 people but Guatemala has grown strong through the rough time. Today Guatemala is the most populated country in the Central American region with around 14 million people living in Guatemala today.

2: Guatemala's Genocide started in 1960 to the end of 1996. Guatemala's Genocide began from the long civil war where violence inflicted against the people who dint want violence. The Guatemalan paramilitaries and military targeted communities, labor leaders, students, and clergy. The Genocide dint get hasty until 1982-1983 a period known as "Silent Holocaust", this is were 440 Mayan communities were chosen by their claim of being communist from the government. | This is a picture of where Guatemala is located at in Central America.

3: The government of Guatemala chose 440 Mayan communities to exterminate but instead they destroyed 600 and more Mayan Villages. When the military would come to a village they would separate men and women depending on looks the military would sometimes rape and then kill the women. In the Holocaust they would also split men from women, but the children would be put with the women. Then after finishing with a village the Guatemalan military would vandalize the place they exterminated by demolishing items, contaminating the water supplies, slaughtering animals, destroying sacred places and symbols. The Nazi's did not destroy the property from Jews they gave the items and property to the Germans. If you were lucky to escape you would be chased by helicopters because there was usually reconnaissance in the villages that the military exterminated. In the Holocaust if you escaped you would mostly likely die from starvation or barely survive but you wouldn't get chased by helicopters. | Guatemala's genocide comparing to the Holocaust

4: The picture above the Spanish words mean don't forget and don't forgive. The person is saying this to remind people to not forget the genocide that happened in Guatemala.

5: The Genocide that happened in Guatemala was very gruesome. Some explicit things that happened were how children were tortured by being thrown alive in pits were they would throw other dead corpse inside the pit. People were sometimes tortured by having their limbs cut off and let to die a slow death. Some other horrific things the Guatemalan military did was throw petroleum to people and then lit them on fire. One of the things that really tormented my mind was how pregnant women had their wombs cut open.

6: This picture in Spanish is saying for the person who gave the order of hatred. The bottom says give him punishment

7: America was blamed a little bit for helping Guatemalan military with military training for the guerrilla training school in Georgia, USA. The United States not only helped with military training but also gave equipment and arms to the Guatemalan military. The reason the U.S. helped the Guatemalan military was because since the Mayans were claimed to be communist and the United States was fighting against Communist in the Cold War during 1960's. The United States decided to help Guatemala's military to change the views of the communist in the Mayans. | Americas part in Guatemala

8: This picture in Spanish is saying peace is constructive with Democracy and Justice. We participate united to construct peace union. This picture was after the genocide some of the Mayan survivors mainly women who were now widows.

9: For the 200,000 deaths some deaths were registered by the commission for historical clarification. The CHC said that 42,275 victims died, 23,671 arbitrary executions, and the rest around 140,000 other deaths. The military was blamed for 93% of the killing and Guerrilla warfare was blamed for 3% and 4% is unknown killings. 93% is saying that the military killed 186,000 people! 3% means that Guerrilla warfare killed about 6000 innocent life's and 4% means unknown killings were 8000!

10: This picture shows a view of Guatemala which shows how beautiful and so much potential for the future this country lies ahead.

11: At the start of the genocide Guatemala had the second highest population in the Central American region which was around 13 million people. During the genocide with so many deaths, Guatemala's population dropped to about 10,621,000 but only 200,000 deaths from the genocide. The population dropped about 18% from 1960 to 1995 one of the main reason was the genocide. In todays world Guatemala has now rose to the top and has became the most populated country in Central America region with about 13 million people which is a great accomplishment for Guatemala.

12: For the Guatemalan genocide it has taught me some things I dint even know about my own Hispanic people. Knowing about the Guatemalan genocide has shown me how cruel people can be just to judge other people's believe. This genocide showed me the horrific things people can do to other people by burning them, cutting their wombs, raping women, and throwing children in pits with other dead corpse! What type of world are we in? We should have justice in every country and I think as a whole world we should punish the people who exterminated about the 200,000 people only 8 people were punished for a genocide that 186,000 people died by the military. You can't replace the people they loved but at least bring justice that was not shown to the murderers of the Guatemalan genocide. | The Spanish words from the children's picture are asking people did you forget me? Where did he go?

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