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The Spirit of the Renaissance and William Shakespeare

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S: The Spirit of the Renaissance and William Shakespeare


FC: RRRRRRRRR | The Spirit of the Renaissance and William Shakespeare | Kiana Comizio

1: Essential Question: How does the Renaissance influence literature and history? | The Renaissance influenced literature and history by providing an alternative outlook on how people went through their lives. It enabled people to appreciate the basic spirit of life which was reflected in their society and works of literature. People became humanists and celebrated individual people as they were.

2: Italian Renaissance | Elizabethan England

3: Similarities and Difference between the Italian Renaissance and Elizabethan England

4: Similarities Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance because of thriving cities, a wealthy merchant class, and the classical heritage of Greece and Rome. This energy and new way of living traveled throughout Europe, including to Elizabethan England. The geography of England was similar to Italy because they are both in Europe and they had similar climates.Since these countries were relatively close, ideas and major beliefs from the Renaissance were easily spread. They were similar in a religious aspect because both of the countries were Christian. They recognized Jesus as the son of God and religion was an essential of people's daily life. The achievements that these countries had were very similar because of the basic spirit of the Renaissance. They both had a love for the arts including music, literature, and art. Some of the most famous paintings and sculptures were created during this time period such as the Mona Lisa. Additionally both countries used Greek philosophy as a scientific lens.

5: In Italy and Elizabethan England the government was composed of many officials but there was one main figure head. The person in charge was usually quick-witted, clever, ruthless, and could get his or her way. During certain points of the Renaissance both countries had strong economies mostly from the profit gained entertainment. People gained money from selling literature such a books, art, plays, and sculptures. Society was very similar in both countries because people had common interests in the arts. As the demand for books, plays, and art increased, more people went to the field of art for jobs. Surprisingly, all people were exposed to literature as opposed of it being a luxury for upper-class citizens. Although lower-class citizens stood in the back of the theater during plays, all people were able to enjoy the liveliness of the time period.

6: Differences The geography of England differs from that of Italy because England is an island. Being surrounded by water on all four sides allowed for England to be more self-sufficient and isolated than Italy which is a peninsula. Being surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea caused Italy to interact with a lot more countries than England did because many powerful empires bordered it. This geographical difference caused an economical difference as well. Due to England's lack of interact, England's economy was not based off of trade. Italy on the other hand established multiple trade routes. Trade was a sole contributor to Italy's prosperity. Politically, Italy was divided into city-states while England had a King or Queen. As Queen Elizabeth gained power in England a major shift of religion to occur. Originally England was Catholic like Italy, but then England became Protestant. Some people converted to Protestant while others remained faithful to the old religion.

7: Although Elizabethan England and Italy had many similar achievements in the arts, they also have some difference. While Italian's were mostly focused on artwork like sculptures and paintings, the English were drawn to literature and science. For example Leonardo Da Vinci, a well known Italian from the Renaissance is most well known for his artwork. While as when people think of Elizabethan England they think of Shakespeare and his literature. Lastly, society in England was not similar to society in Italy due to the religious divide. People in England were not at all united and their were rivals between Catholics and Protestants in everyday life. Italians were all mostly Catholic and had fewer feuds.

8: William Shakespeare's Life | William Shakespeare was born April 23rd, 1564 and lived until he was 52 years old. William who was brought up Catholic and was baptized in Stratford Perish Church. His parents John and Mary, were fairly wealthy at the time because of his fathers leather business and position in the government. John and Mary had 7 children and William was their third born.

9: William was only 18 years old when he courted Anne Hathaway. He needed his fathers consent to marry because men generally didn't marry until the were 21 years old. Anne was 8 years older than him and she got pregnant before they married so they were often gossiped about. William and Anne has 3 children together, Hamnet, Judith, and Suzanna.

10: RENIASSANCE | William Shakespeare is one of the most famous men in all of history. He took the love of the arts to an extreme level and created some of the most magnificent pieces of literature.Three professions he is famous for are play writing, poem writing, and shareholding. His career started when he moved to London for better play and writing opportunities. Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and various poems. Queen Elizabeth influenced Shakespeare's success because she she built the first custom theater in London. He co-owned the Globe Theatre with Cuthburt Burbage. The theatre was round shaped, it had a black and white half timbered style, vertical and diagonal timbers, and pillared porches. Unfortunately in 1613 it burned down. | William Shakespeare's Career

11: Shakespeare wrote many types of plays. He wrote history plays such as Henry IV, comedies such as The Comedy of Error, and tragedies such as Romeo and Juliette. | Romeo and Juliette | The Comedy of Errors

12: Language | The | of William Shakespeare's time | Shakespeare used Old English to write he plays even though people didn't actually speak the way he wrote. | Art- are Coz- cousin Thrice- three times 'Tis-this is Ope-open O'er-over Gi'-give Ne'er-never I'-i've

13: Work Cited | Da Vinci, Leonardo. "Mona Lisa." Online Image. 1509. WebMuseum, Paris. 26 April 2012 . Taylor, John. "William Shakespeare." Online Image. 1856. National Portrait Gallery. 26 April 2012 . Da Vinci, Leonardo. "Renaissance." Online Image. 1503. Painting in Renaissance Art. 26 April 2012 .

14: maroubra beach | SYDNEY

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17: Our trip has been amazing!! The locals are as warm and nice as expected. We've been able to visit all of the places on my list and I got to hold a Koala Bear! Woohoo!! Now I can check that off the bucket list. I love it so much here it’s going to be hard to leave, but the fun isn't over yet...we still have 5 more days to explore beautiful Australia.

18: officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country in the Southern Hemisphere comprising the mainland of the Australian continent as well as the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is the world's sixth-largest country by total area. Neighboring countries include Indonesia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea to the north; the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia to the north-east; and New Zealand to the south-east. | AUSTRALIA

20: BONDI BEACH is one of Australia's most famous beaches and among the world's most well-known beaches. The beach is roughly a kilometer long and is located on the east coast of Australia and is a suburb of the city of Sydney.

22: THE SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE is a multi-venue performing arts centre in the Australian city of Sydney. It was conceived and largely built by Danish architect Jrn Utzon, finally opening in 1973 after a long gestation starting with his competition-winning design in 1957.

24: Farewell Australia... until next time....

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