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The Story of a brave soldier

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The Story of a brave soldier - Page Text Content

S: Alex Fernandez

FC: the story of a brave SOLDIER

1: The story of a brave soldier | by alex fernandez

2: I still remember it like if it was just yesterday. The year was 1778; we were at war with the American mother country Great Britain herself; she was the most powerful country in the world. The Americas were trying to establish their independence for the only reason that King George III was being a selfish tyrant and the colonist had enough of his taxes!

3: They revolted and surely that’s what caused Britain to attack them; for the first time. The first shots were fired in Lexington and Concord it was called “The shot that was heard around the world.”

4: I immediately joined the continental army and my first battle took place in Monmouth. We were under General George Washington’s commands. We had the element of surprise, as we attacked the British from behind; we killed 700 of their best men. As night fell in New Jersey, we were forced to end the engagement. | This is General George Washington

5: As the sun arose the next morning we found the gruesome aftermath of the battle, 500 dead or wounded men from our side were scattered all over the battlefield; including me. By orders of general Washington I was to be taken care for by none other than Molly Pitcher. During my stay at the field hospital I received a letter from my brother-in-law Thomas Jefferson wrote me a letter saying, | The battle of Monmouth

6: Dear brother, I write to inform you of the progress we have made in our government. As you have already heard that we wrote the Declaration of Independence back in 1776, we were inspired by all the mayor philosophers including Thomas Hobbes, Rousseau and John Locke which reminds me that Voltaire has died in the early months of this year. I also write to remind you that even though you are fighting for our great country to be, you’ll still need to study your science and history. It would help if you caught up on the geocentric and heliocentric theories, scientific revolution and the scientific method as well. In history you should learn about the Enlightenment, the federal system, and our bill of rights. Also learn who was Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton. | the people on the pictures are voltaire, galileo, john locke, thomas jefferson, thomas hobbes, sir isaacnewton and rousseau

7: the constitution

8: As I finished the letter that Thomas had sent me, I asked Molly if I could somehow get a book about science, after a whole week of waiting I was able to get my hands on a book. I was able to start my studies again; before the war I had been a philosophe and it had been a while since I had held a book. I started to read in the order that Thomas had told me. It turns out that a the geocentric theory is nothing but an old scientific theory that stated that everything in the universe revolved around the earth and the heliocentric theory states that everything revolves around the sun; not us. The scientific revolution was nothing other than a period of new ideas that questioned every aspects of life including old traditions and believes. The enlightenment stated basically the same but in greater detail. The scientific method is taking a scientific l approach to solve a problem.

9: the first picture is the geocentric theory the second picture is the heliocentric theory and he last picture is the Enlightenment

10: As for history I didn’t need a book I still remembered all that I had learned when I was a young lad. The federal system Is a type if government and the bill of rights are the ten rights they have as Americans. Galileo was an astronomer that invented the telescope and Isaac Newton discovered gravity. | checks and balances

11: After six long months of rehab I was back on the front lines this time with General Robert Howe. Many still question my loyalty to my own country, France. I hated the British and I only wanted for them to suffer for what they did to us. I was not in New Jersey anymore I was one of the lucky ones to be shipped off to Georgia. As we were face to face with the British I was one the first one to shoot my musket, I set off a chain reaction of deafening sounds, unfortunately the British took over the city of Savannah and we were forced to retreat to the colony of South Carolina. We lost 83 of the bravest men I have ever seen, the rest had been captured; too many to be exact. | A revolutionary musket

12: My next battle was not until two years later. The time and place was October 7th 1780, and we were fighting on the rocky terrain of Kings Mountain. We had never won a battle like this one, as the loyalist invaded upward, we stood ready to fight. Muskets ready, cannons loaded and the smell of sulfur in the air. When the General gave the signal; we all fired at once. We killed most of the loyalist frontline. As I saw them getting closer and closer I knew that this would be my final battle. | a cannon fully loaded

13: this is me as a revolutionary soldier

16: Once they had successfully climbed a good portion of the mountain, they found a way to trap me with nothing behind me than a cliff; as my life flashed before my very eyes I knew what had to be done. As I grabbed the American flag from the poor, defenseless flag bearer I wrapped my cold, shivering body with it and I jumped of the side of the mountain thus crushing the precious goal of the loyalist; to capture the American flag.

17: continental army soldier | British redcoat

18: As I plunged sixty feet straight down, I felt like I had accomplished something that no one had ever done before; I had defended another nation with my life. Not only was I a French man but deep inside I felt like an American fighting for a cause that I believed in. So as I hit the rocky bottom and as my life came to an end I knew that the Americans deserved independence and that they would stop at nothing to achieve that goal.

19: Now here I lie in this bottomless pit full of other French man and brave soldiers. As our bodies decay in this massive, dark hole; I hope that we have set an example for the generations to come and that they value our sacrifice that we made to bring them the freedom that they deserve. | dove represents freedom

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