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The struggle

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1: THE STRUGGLE | Athelete, Jacoby Willis is a high school phenomenon that is being looked at by college scouts!

2: SMU | FSU | UT | OSU | USC

3: "go catch your dream" | Hi, I'm Jacoby Willis and I'm a high school football player. I'm am also the starting quarterback for my high school team.I am a three sport athelete. I play football, baseball, and track.Right now it is football season and my team and I are predicted to make it too the state championship! I'm very excited to know that people have faith in are team and have a high standard for us, but the only thing is that i have no clue how i can pass my classes to be able to keep playing.If I fail my Chemistry class I just might lose my college offers i have be offered. By the way did i mention I am the number one projected quarterback in the state?

4: Its not easy being the best quarterback in the state and it sure isn't easy keeping your grades up when your football practices end at 7:30 P.M. every night! I've been meaning to tell my coach about my chemistry grade but, when I approach him to tell him it is always the wrong time and he tells me he is too buzzy at the time. This next week is the 4th week of the 5 week grading period and I only have a few days to get to passing! I don't even want to know what will happen if I actually fail and can't play, This is my biggest nightmare and I'm willing to do everything I can do to not let it happen. | currahee | Every night when i get home i try to motivate myself to do the best on my homework but its just so hard when you get home at 7:30 P.M. Usually I only have a hour of time to do homework at night because if I stay up any longer I wont be able to function the next day!

5: three miles up | Lately I've been haven't really heard from my coach outside of school and I usually get a call from him every night after practice and its usually him telling me to stay humble and keep up the hard work but tonight was very different. As soon as i got home my mom told me Coach Zimmerman text her for me to come in his office early before school. Right when I heard I knew this might be it. He might of heard about my grade from my teacher before me.

6: The next morning I went to his office and right when i opened his office door the thought of not being able to play and my team losing the rank of number one in the state hit me.First thing coach said was, "sit down son, tell me about your chemistry class?" all i could spit out at the time was gibberish. It took a few minutes to calm myself down to get my words out.

7: #1 lets go to the ship! | Coach Zimmerman, I can explain myself and right when I was about to explain,he shouted out,"son do you Know what you have got yourself into!! This football team is something special. We have never had a team in the history of the school be number one in the state and have a top prospect quarterback like you!" right then a wave of guiltiness struck me.The thought of knowing my team could of worked hard all summer and all off season and all that work could be ended by one stupid mistake of mine, if i fail and cant help lead my team.

8: hard work beats lazy talent | That night when i got home my mind was a roller coaster.I had the thought of what could happen to my team and the thought of trying to study all night that night and be ready for the test later that week.After that night all I could remember was the longest night of my life I have ever spent on studying. The next morning I woke up and felt that I was confident to take the chemistry test in a few days while knowing that the future of my season relied on this one test.

9: LOVE the grind | For the rest of that day and for the next two days I had my mind set to do my absolute best I could on my test that Friday. That week was no doubt the hardest week of my life.Thursday came and I new Friday was very fast approaching and I still kept up the study throughout the week. During practice that Thursday after noon, coach said something that hit me emotionally, maybe the hardest thing that i might of heard form him through this struggle and maybe the hardest thing I ever heard from him that i had to hear.

10: never back down | The words came out of his mouth that I never wanted to here. In the huddle after practice he said to the team about my situation and told us ,"adversity will always hit you, lets see how we as a team can handle it." As these words came out of his mouth a fire set off in my heart that I will not be took of the field because of grades. that night I went home knowing that the next day would be the biggest day and scariest day i would ever face.

11: dont give up until the whistle blows | The next day was the day. It was a day to test if i was strong enough mentally to keep up.It was also game day and i looked at that as the second priority that day! chemistry was my last period of the day and words could not describe how nervous I was. During the test I dropped my pencil and sat there for a minute to take in how important this test was.I noticed that It was so important that I had football players in my class that were staring me down while I was taking the test because they were almost as nervous as me if i would pass! The bell rang and it was time to go to the locker room and do the game day rituals , but I couldn't go without the satisfaction of knowing before I left the class room If I passed the test and would be able to play during the game.

12: GAMEDAY | As i walked up to the my teacher all she could say is "bud I'm sorry but I cant tell you your score all I can do is tell you if you feel you did good on it you choose to tell coach that you passed but if you don't feel like you did good then don't play because you don't want your team to get the whole season suspended because your eligibility." I told her thanks for trying to help and walked my way out of the room. While walking to the locker room I tried thinking if I felt if i did good enough. during that walk I told myself that i didn't feel that i did good enough but I couldn't let my team down so I decided to play anyway.

13: First thing I did when i walked into the locker room was knock on coaches door. I tried my best to hold my emotions back and lie to him that I passed just so I could play. My mind was full of scary thoughts which haunted me that night during the game that didn't help me while knowing if I really passed or not and going to play which could have many consequences on my team if i didn't pass. | don't ever underestimate yourself

14: living in the | Death penalty | It ended up the next Monday I actually didn't pass my test and my worst nightmare was now a living dream. I have to live my life now with the thought that a perfect season for my high school team is a mystery, all because I didn't do the right thing and be honest to my coach and tell the truth. This is my story of my life as a high school football player with a world full of potential as a player and for his team can ruin it with not staying on top of his grades and not doing the right thing.

15: hall council/kic | Get involved in the halls! Take on leadership positions to make your community a great place to live.

16: theater & music productions | Check out the amazing shows performed by our very own Kent State students.

17: good times | School spirit week was so fun this year! We started off the week wearing the school colors, and had fun games at lunch like baseball toss, a dunk tank, and lawn bowling.

18: FAMILY DAY WEEKEND | Treat your family to a whole day at Kent State by attending different activities. | We love hanging out with our friends, but more importantly we love family time.

19: A long time tradition where you are officially welcomed to the university by the president of Kent State. | convocation

20: KARAOKE IN EASTWAY | Sing your heart out! | Every Thursday night, you and your friends can sing your favorite songs.

21: have fun | School spirit week was so fun this year! We started off the week wearing the school colors, and had fun games at lunch like baseball toss, a dunk tank, and lawn bowling.

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