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The Terra Cotta Army

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S: By: Rawan


FC: The Terra Cotta Army

1: I dedicate this mixbook to all the student that I know and to my best friend's.

2: In ancient Chinese I chose about the Terra Cotta Army. My search is about what else did the Terra cotta army had in their tombs beside soldiers. My other search is about how they made the Terra cotta army. Last I search about what did they wear and how did theory look like. I searched about this because I like the armies and I like to know about them how they made them and other interesting things.

3: What The Terra Cotta Army had beside soldiers is horses and also they had chariots. The horses had colorful past, their coat color was black or brown because that was mostly the colors of the horses. The color of the horse’s mouth, ear and nostrils are red. Their teeth's were painted white. Also the part of the horse's foot that is kind of a metal down in their foot and that metal part is called saddles they were made out of leather and as I said metal. The saddles are painted red, brown, white and blue. The houses bodies are made of hollow and their legs are made of soil. The people made the horses by putting their eyes up and wide open also their ears were pointed up just like a real horse. As you see the horses had many different colors around them also they were made to put them on chariots also they were very good make them so they could support the chariot. Now the chariots are very powerful the solder used it to ride on them. The chariots were reconstructed by the archaeologists by making them in many pieces of wood and other fragments. They used the chariots to fight in battles with other people. They also used two chariots by carrying drums and also bells. They carry that because they could give orders to their troops in the battles they had, the chariots could walked because they attach a rope by the help of six horses. The chariots were ridden by a person on it.

4: People were the ones that made the Terra Cotta army in ancient China. The Terra Cotta Army was made out of copper, tin and also clay. They were very heavy and their pounds were between 300 or 400 of weight. Their height was mostly 1.8 meters. The construction for the human figures had steps. The steps are: clay was sifted and washed, each fooled a set of rulers to make the army, the seven major parts of the clay is the feet, the base, the legs, and the torso and last the head. They first molded the parts separately and then they put them together. When the body of the warrior was done then they would go focused to the ears, nose and hair. The ears, nose and hair was made by a person, and when they finished it then they added their head into their body. The difficult parts are the mouth, beard and the hairstyle of the soldier, it was sculpted by probably a sharp plant of bamboo. Finally when the Terra Cotta Army was made and finished the ancient China would put them into kilns and them it was put it to be fired. Then the traces that the Terra Cotta Army had were painted, but the traces are many different colors like pink, yellow, purple, orange, green, brown and the last color would be black. As you see each Terra Cotta Army looked different, because each one represented to a person and also each one looked different types of standing some are crouching. Also they have different types of hairstyles, eyes ex). That is because it tells you that these persons were warrior and all of the Terra Cotta Army carried on their hands spears and many other weapons.

5: The terra cotta army had different types of clothes. They had a knot on top of their head. They also made the capes in different styles. Theses capes could protect your shoulders, chests and the upper arm. Theses armor capes were made out of leather and some bronze peaces attached on it. The torso was either sculpted from strips of clay or cast prior to the attachments of their arm. Also the Terra cotta army generals wore double-layered robes with plates of armor across the chest. The tips of their shoes turned up. The higher rank wore flat caps, stone armor made of small polished limestone plaques held together with copper strips. The entire pit measures approximately 16,000 square yards. | I really liked the Terra cotta army. Thankfully I could find a lot of information about them. Now you could see why they were made and it is important to the ancient china because the Terra cotta army were people that fighters and were armors.

6: QUIZ 1. How was the Terra Cotta army made of? 2. Why were each Terra Cotta Army person made different than the others? 3. How many pounds were the Terra cotta Army? 4. What were the horse,s coat colors? 5. What was the difficult parts of the body when they needed to make the Terra Cotta army?

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