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The Times

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FC: The Times

1: Ideas were a big part in the development of America during the time period from the 1790's to the 1850's. These ideas ranged from growth and expansion to many ideas of invention and machines.The greatest of the ideas were the ones that changed American history.Some of the ideas were of industry, technology, banking, methods of transportation, canals, westward expansion, Native American removal, development of new states and territories and treaties. The ideas that changed history the most were the ideas of invention and westward expansion.

2: One of the great ideas of this time period was the idea of westward expansion. This was the idea inspired by one of the greatest American presidents in all history, Thomas Jefferson. In 1803 President Jefferson sent two men named Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the vast, new, American territory, the Louisiana Territory. | The second of the two greatest ideas of this time period were that of new invention. some of these new inventions were that of the cotton gin, hydro power, canals, turnpikes locks, railroads, and river travel. Theses ideas helped to make life easier and for Americans of this time periods.

3: Natural Geographic Natural geographic was important to this time period because it helped create maps for the new unexplored regions of America. It was important for explorers of this time period to know about these geographic marks.

4: The natural geographic of this time period consisted of rivers, mountains, lakes, and plains. These formations were important to this time period because it allowed the ideas of things like river travel. | The natural geographic of this time period was important to know about because it allowed Americans to settle in new lands and inspired many new ideas and inventions.

5: Social There were many social events in this era of history. Relations with Britain and Spain. Adams-Onis Treaty, the Missouri Compromise were also important social events. Moving Native Americans was also a huge social event that took place.

6: Social events were important to this time period because they helped shape the future of relations with other countries and help give America its land and boundaries as w know them today. Social events were the most important events in all of history of the U.S.

7: Political There were many political happenings in this time period. Some of the major political events were the elections and treaties. These political events were important to creating modern day America.

8: The major political events of this time period were those of the election of President Andrew Jackson, the Missouri Compromise, the Adams-Onis Treaty, and the election of President John Adams. These events lead to the development of early American settlement.

9: Economic The economy at this period in time was still in its early stages of development. Even though the economy was still small it was a thriving and rapidly growing concept. Banking and currency were two of the major economic pieces of this time.

10: The first banking was started in this time period and was the key point in starting the U.S. currency we use in our everyday lives today. | The first of the U.S currency was starting to be used at this time period. Banking was a big part of the development of currency.

11: Cultural The cultural things of this time were those of the early American fashions such as clothing, jewelry, and pass-times. | Early America settlers had many different fashions than we have today.

12: Early American settlers wore many varieties of clothing such as cotton, wool, silk, and so on. Dresses, shirts, pants, socks, shoes, and many other articles of clothing were worn in this time period. Jewelry was also worn in this time period. The fashions of this time period were different from the fashions we have today.

13: Technology Technology was an important thing in this time period. New inventions were being thought of all throughout this time period. Technology opened up many fields of new inventions and thought. With these new ideas came new methods of transportation and ways of making life easier for early Americans.

14: Important inventions like the cotton gin, highways, interchangeable parts, factories, steamboats, canals, trains, and railroads, all helped to shape and make life easier for early Americans.

15: Conclusion Cause and Effect- Treaties, westward expansion, and the presidential elections are what caused change to happen. Change and Continuity- The advances in technology, the culture, the expansion and the technology are what have changed in this time period. Turning Points- Decisions and actions transformed the lives of the American settlers and the Native Americans. The4se decisions and actions changed there lives because it allowed the U.S. to grow and expand. Using the Past- We can learn to avoid past mistakes and how to make life better for the sake of everyone using the knowledge for the past. Through Their Eyes- People in the past thought of their world as an ever changing, ever growing, place that was their home> they enjoyed it.

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