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The Times of William Shakespeare and The Renaissance

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BC: BIBLIOGRAPHY | Elizabethan England Map: ~Unknown."Elizabethan England Maps."Online image.Unknown.Elizabethan England Life.27 April 2012 | Picture of William Shakespeare on pg. 8: ~Unknown."William Shakespeare."Online image.Unknown.Creator: WIlliam Skakespeare. 27 April 2012 | Last Judgment Painting: Michelangelo."Last Judgment."Online image.Unknown. The Last Judgment(Michelangelo).27 April 2012

FC: The Times of William Shakespeare and The Renaissance Era | By: Roma Scarano


2: The Italian Renaissance

3: Geography: | ~Italy had very successful and prosperous cities ~There was a wealthy merchant class and people followed the classical heritage of Greece and Rome ~Italy consisted of city states | Religion: | ~Catholicism was the most common religion ~The Catholic Church stopped preaching the fact that the only way to endure an eternal pass into heaven was to have a life full of suffering and pain. | Politics: | ~Consisted of city states ~Ruled by a monarchy ~Only men were allowed to have government positions and become a ruler | Achievements: | ~Leonardo Da Vinci: Painter, sculptor, inventor, and scientist. ~Raphael: Perspective paintings and art ~Donatello and Michelangelo: nude, free standing, and realistic sculptures ~Medieval artists had used religious subjects now art subjects are more wide spread | Economy: | ~Commercial Revolution: increased availability of traded goods and new ways of doing business changed life in Europe ~Had increase trade and a wealthy economy | Society: | ~ Humanism of men and women: Men: artistic if educated, charming, witty, was able to play music, athletic,dance, and have the ability to sing. Women: should be familiar to classics and be charming. Expected to inspire are not create it. Women should not participate in any politics, but should be educated. ~Urban Life: people and their homes were crowded and sanitation was a big problem in the cities. Many townspeople were poor and jobless.

4: Elizabethan England

5: Geography: | ~ Peninsula ~ London was a harbor, and transport route ~River Thames used for transportation of goods, materials, and was a source of food. ~Mostly fertile and rural land | Religion: | ~ The Elizabethan religious settlement: The compromise of the Church of England to be both Catholic and Protestant ~The only legal religion however changed from Catholic to Protestant ~ If a person was caught practicing another religion, they would be killed or put in jail. ~Other faiths were practiced in secret | Politics: | ~ Ruled by a Monarchy (Queen Elizabeth ~Theocracy | Achievements: | ~ William Shakespeare ~ The City of London: It was noisy, crowded, had narrow streets, bad stench from lack of sanitation, no drainage system which dirtied the streets, and there were public executions held. | Economy: | ~ No paper money(all coins were silver or gold!!) ~ Many townspeople were poor ~ Counted in pounds, shillings, and pence ~GOLDEN AGE!!!!! | Society: | ~Marriage: Arranged often with neighbors or friends ~ Wives: Property of their husbands. If they aren't married then they get sent to a convent ~Men: They are the head of the household. If he is a widow, he must remarry and getting a divorce was very difficult and expensive ~ Servants and peasants are at the bottom of the social pyramid ~MEN ARE SUPERIOR TO WOMEN!!!

6: Italian Renaissance and Elizabethan England | The Italian Renaissance and Elizabethan England have a lot of similarities. Both places supported the arts and experienced a boom in the amount of appreciation people had for the arts. Another aspect they both have in common is the increase in education for all of society. One last similarity that they have is the sudden idea of humanism. This affected how society behaved and the expectations people were demanded to follow. However, in the Italian Renaissance, they were much more artists that contributed in this time period for them. Although Italy had more artist come out and share their skills, Elizabethan England had an increase in writers and the development of plays, poems, and other types of literature. This was the case since Queen Elizabeth I loved going to plays and the theater so she made it part of this society.

7: Queen Elizabeth 1 was the first woman queen to rule without a king. Elizabethan England was named after her since she ruled at that time. | Leonardo da Vinci was a very influential artist, scientist, and inventor during the Italian Renaissance. Many of our ideas and methods of art comes from him and his works during his life.

8: William Shakespeare

9: "My Life" | William Shakespeare was born in Stratford upon Avon, England and baptized April 26, 1564. His parents were John Shakespeare and Mary Arden. William had seven other brothers and sisters. His father had a business in the trading industry dealing with animals, wool, malt, and corn so the Shakespeare was a pretty wealthy. Since William's family was wealthy, he attended school until he was fourteen since he had to leave in order to help his father work. This is where he learned to appreciate literature and where is interest in writing began. Later in his life, William married Anne Hathway although their marriage was a troubled one and full of scandals. They had three children named Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith. One of his children died tragically due to the Bubonic Plaque, a disease that, in that time, killed millions of people in Asia and Europe. Anne Hathaway died in August 1623 and William lived most of his life in Stratford upon Avon.

10: "My Career" | William Shakespeare was famous particularly for his poems, sonnets, and of course his plays. He was a very successful playwright completing thirty seven throughout his career and life. The three types of genres his plays possessed were History based, tragedies, and comedies. However, most of his plays ended in death or had death involved even if they were considered comedies! A few examples of the plays he wrote were, King John, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Hamlet, and Romeo and Juliet. In the year 1592, Shakespeare moved from his original hometown, Stratford Upon Avon to the bustling city of London. There William will become associated with the place were his plays would come to life. In the summer of 1598, The Globe Theatre was built as to which he co owned with James and Robert Burbage and four other actors. The Globe Theatre however was built outside London since performing wasn't permitted within the city. Shakespeare started his own acting company originally named, Lord Chamberlain's Men, but James I became the company's patron and it changed to The King's Men. Unfortunately, the Globe Theatre caught on fire and was totally destroyed. Although this event occurred, Shakespeare's plays were still showing and people continued to enjoy them.

11: "The Language of My Time" | Shakespeare used to write his plays in the style of Early Modern English. Although he chose to write his works in this form, people did not actually speak the same dialect like they did in his plays during their every day lives. ART=art 'tis= it is COZ=cousin ope=open HARK YOU=listen o'er=over KNAVE=rascal gi'=give STAY=stop ne'er=never THRICE= three times I'= in e'er=ever a'= he Oft=Often e'ev+even

12: E.Q: How does the Renaissance influence literature and history? | The Renaissance influenced literature and history in various ways. Many of our ideas today having to do with the divisions of the arts(theater, art, dancing, and the types of writing) have evolved from this time period initially. New methods of arts like perspective drawing and painting, sculptures and inventions would not have been discovered if the Renaissance did not begin. Also, without the Renaissance, the ideas of humanism would not have been around. Instead of only thinking of religion and the divine heaven, people started thinking about themselves in a positive way. Humanism inspired people to appreciate life and the aspects that come along with it. The Renaissance began the thought of humanism which jump started the inspiration that has changed our world today in our every day life and interests.

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