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The Universe Whispers ...

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FC: The Universe Whispers . . .

1: I know all that is good is coming to me!

2: Hello New Friend!! There is something so magical to me about jumping in and helping where I can! I give of myself to everyone I meet, freely ... it's just who I am! I used to wish that someone would do the same for me. I have studied and read and discussed the concept of Ego being referred to as an Inner Child. Experts pose the question, How could you not take care of that innocent child who is so malnourished from lack of attention? I tried visualizing that and while it made sense in my heart, I love being a Mom and offering my children my unconditional love, I couldn't get a clear picture of that child in me. The drop-down airplane oxygen mask principle works better for me ... I can't help others until I take a good hit of oxygen and nourish my own body and soul. The oxygen I am speaking of, in this case, is my own personal healing. I have had a rough road lately ... My Dad (my family partner) passed away, my husband died 75 days later and a life partnership has taken an unexpected and painful turn, all within six months. I mention these events not for sympathy but so you know that I am living proof of what I am about to help you to do. The only thing that I have to rely on now ...is me. It's a scary place for me but when I turn the negative of that shadow to see the light of the positive ... my life is a clean slate and all the things I bring to it now ... are things that I WANT in it!! What an amazing gift!! And you know what? We all have that gift of choice every moment of every day!

3: The most important thing I have learned is to forget the memories of a life already lived and the plan of the future ahead. All we really have is this moment and the choice to live it in Joy or in shadow, understanding that whatever we send out to the Universe, She will send back a hundredfold. Personally, I try, with each opportunity, to choose Joy! Today we brought some energetic attention to some areas of your life that were unbalanced. It doesn't mean the things that are tough will be any easier ... maybe all we did was open the space for you to see things just a little clearer. I can assure you ... when you gave me permission to bring healing energy to you, healing definitely took place, in whatever form was to your greatest and highest good. It may integrate into your life seamlessly or it may assimilate like you've been hit by a truck! How it affects you is out of our control! The Universe whispers to each of us with information about our lives. If you are open and ready to receive Her messages, you can take control of your Destiny. Everything you need is already in YOU!! Thank you for allowing me to join you, however briefly, on your Life Journey!

4: Ground Yourself If you can, take your shoes off and stand barefoot outside. if not standing or sitting with your feet flat on the ground will work. Close your eyes and imagine a thick, strong cord running from your spine, the core of your body, into the Earth. Watch it as it travels deep into the center of the Earth. Watch the cord wrap around the core and come back up through the Earth and back into your body. You can also visualize yourself as a tree. Spread your arms out like branches. Spread your toes out and imagine roots forming as you press your feet into the soil.

5: The purpose of grounding is to create an energetic connection between the sacred temple of your body and Mother Earth. It keeps you spiritually safe and helps to keep your focused. It also establishes a channel though which you can send negative energy and vibration back into the Earth where it will be resolved and cleansed and can be received back into your body as nourishment for your soul.

6: You CAN do it, even though your thoughts may be telling you otherwise. This is only your fear speaking, and your fear is not you. You are a magnificent being of the highest creation, fully equipped to meet any situation, event, or fear-thought. Love and embrace that frightened part of you; but be not blinded by it. Love, but do not bend to distraction. Anayah Holily angellight777.c0m

8: One of the best ways to hear and feel Divine anticipation is to meditate. As you meditate slowly you let go of your need to control. You begin to know that everything in your life is exactly perfect for your highest good and is leading you to the Divine, all the time and in every situation. Start by just meditating ten minutes a day two times a day by sitting very quiet and simply saying “Let Go, let go, let go.” over and over. Once you start this practice a new energy will ignite in you and you will start feeling the Divine anticipation. Max Ryan themagicoflifecoach.com

9: Meditate Conceptually, meditation is very easy. Just stop thinking! I think it is the most common complaint from those of us new to meditation because our untrained minds don't want to know how to use the brakes!! All I can tell you is that it takes practice but that it really, really can be done and it does work!! While meditation is a big deal spiritually, physically, don't make it a big deal. Sit down with your feet flat on the ground, rest your hands on your thighs palms up, take a deep breath ... and just do it! | There are many different ways to meditate. I am sharing a very simple, effective method for doing it, because I'm still at the stage where if I keep it simple, I get the best result. As Max said on the previous page, find a phrase (called a mantra) that feels comfortable for you and just keep repeating it over and over in your head. If another thought pops up, allow it to just pass through. Go back to your mantra. If you see colors or feel things physically happening in your body, let anything thing is NOT your mantra simply pass through your mind without giving it any energy. All you should be focused on is hearing that mantra over and over and over. Sometimes the mantra will sync with your breathing. That's fine. Don't focus on your breath, focus on the mantra. This technique is presented for those of you who have tried and felt it couldn't be done. I was you just a few weeks ago. By putting it out there that I am effectively meditating, I am allowing and encouraging it to happen for all of us!

10: Brand New Day. Rejoice in this new beginning! Your life is expanding and leading you into new territory. Say yes to this new adventure by preparing yourself to receive blessings of openings and abundance. Today you have the chance to start anew – to breathe fresh, new air into your life. A powerful way to make way for blessings is to see with new eyes. Look at your life through the lens of what is possible. If you are afraid of change, voice your fear, and then choose to replace your fear with faith. Simply refuse to let fear take up the space where your natural flow of joy and peace resides. Affirm that everything is going to be absolutely fine. And so it is. Betsy Gutting betsygutting.com

11: If you’re trying to be someone or something other than who you are, you may be spending a whole lot of energy doing so. It takes extra energy to pretend to be other than yourself. If you’ve been playing at who you are not, and it’s not fun, you’re wasting energy lying about who you really are. If you’re invalidated about yourself, or think others will not accept you, it might be the time to own up and be you, completely. Only you can do this. It may have been convenient for others that you weren’t being completely you, and you complied. Hoping to coast along, you didn’t rock the boat. Only it’s not exactly working out for you if you’re not getting what it is you want, is it? Imagine the joy and peace of mind you would feel upon waking each day, knowing you could spend all of your day ahead being who you truly are. And that you don’t have to defend yourself, or adjust to anyone else in order to get along in the world. Another word for this is seniority. This means that you are the most important energy inside of your own space. Other agendas aren’t as important as your own is, inside of you. Kris Cahill psychiceveryday.wordpress.com

12: No matter what path you are on, or what steps you need to take to get to the place where you want to be, it is most important that you simply keep moving forward.

14: When you recognize and acknowledge your personal power, you no longer need to feel superior or inferior to anyone.

15: Joy is a pure state of bliss and it is attained by bringing comfort and relief to other people. Doing so will bring joy yo your life every day!

16: Don't look back ... you no longer control over the outcome. | Don't look forward ... that which has yet to happen cannot be controlled by you in this moment.

17: is the only place we can truly live! Make good decisions.! Celebrate what is before you and around you in this moment! Be happy and grateful, loving and kind. Be the very best you you can think of, right NOW!

18: v i s u a l i z e

19: you CAN have all that you want!

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