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The Wallet Mystery

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The Wallet Mystery - Page Text Content

S: The Wallet Mystery

FC: The Wallet Mystery | By: Group 8

1: Prolouge | One day, I brought my wallet to school for the book fair. I was very excited because my parents said I can buy anything because it was my own allowence money. I had about two hundred dollars in my wallet. But when I went into by backpack,to get my wallet, it was gone. But in this story, I will start from the begining.

2: Chapter 1 | "Meagan! It's time for school!" "Ok mom, I'll be right there!" I said. As I walk down the stairs, I am very excited to ask my mom a very important question. "Can I bring my wallet to school? We have the bookfair today, and there is this book I am very interested in." Sure! Just make sure you don't loose it. You worked hard for that kind of money." said my mom. "Thanks mom! Don't worry I won't loose it." I said kissing her goodbye. * * * * * "Hey Tommy!" saying hi to my

3: best friend. "Are you getting a book from the book fair?" I ask. "No I don't have any money." he says. "Ohhh that stinks!" I said. "Guess how much I have?" "I don't know? twenty dollars?" Tommy said. "Nope. I have two hundred dollars!" I said surprisimg him. Tommy's mouth dropped open. "What!! How did you earn that money!" he said. "My allowence. Ever since I picked up on doing my chores, my parents have been really genorus!"

4: "Oh, that's nice." Tommy said that with a smirk on his face. * * * * * * ''Good morning class." said Mrs. Chandler. "Today we will be talking about questions and hypothesis.A question is something that can be answered,and a hypothesis is an educated guess based on that question. But your question must be good, which means it must be answered by everyone." Ding ,Ding,Ding! That was the bell. "Time to go to the bookfair! People that have money go get it!"

5: "Oh! I almost forgot!" I said. So went to get my wallet, I saw that my backpack zipper was open, and my wallet was gone. "Since my wallet is missing, I should think of a question, and hypothesis. My question should be..."Who stole Meagan Lutz's Wallet? "And I think that Tommy stole it because, he was smirking when I told him about my wallet. Next, I slipped out of class, and went looking for my wallet. First, I looked every where in my class but didn't find it. When I looked in the classroom I found,five pencils, three jakets, and six glue sticks. In the lost and found I saw, three lunch pails, five old apples, and two cell phones.

6: In the office, I found four bracelets, two pairs of earings, and five necklaces. Finally I decided to come up with an experiment using the scientfic method. "Wow! That will just make everything easier!" I said just realizing it. While my class was in the book fair, I kept roaming the hallways looking for my wallet. While I was looking, I heard Tommy talking with his buddies about now being rich. "Of course! It must be Tommy!" Then I realized that if my backpack zipper was open, the wallet should be under my chair! But even after all my research, I still couldn't find my wallet. I was devestated.

7: Chapter 2 | Since I still haven't found my wallet, I figured out that I am going to come up with a survey. My survey question is... What would you do if you found a lost wallet? I think making a survey will help me a lot with coming up with a conclusion on who stole my wallet. Then, Mrs. Chandler told us we had a guess speaker. She also said it was about respect, and different traits. "Hello children. I am here to

8: to talk to you about different character traits." "First, let's talk about respect. We can respect each others personel stuff. At school we should not take each others things. The same with the community. This also ties in with caring, because if you don't steal, you are a caring person. Two character traits you can use today are caring, and trustworthiness." I really don't enjoy guest speakers, but this one stood out. Why was she talking about stealing? Was she talking to me?

9: Chapter 3 | During math class I couldn't stop thinking about my wallet. I made observations all day on Tommy. While my teacher was talking about mean, median, mode, and range. She also had us doing a worksheet. Mean is the average, median is the middle number, mode is what appears most in the data set, and range is when you subtract the least number from the greatest number.

10: I finally figured out what my survey question is. My question is... What would happen if you found a wallet? And then my chocies would be, A) Put it in the lost and found. B) Turn it into the office. C) Keep it to your self. Then I went around the school asking people the question. I had a total of fifty votes. This was the data. Here is my data:What would you do if you found a wallet? | 25 Lost and Found | 17 said turn into office | 8 would keep.

11: My teacher was talking about number lines and dot plots. "An example of a number line could be how many times you have been on a plane. Then you would put a check by the number of times you have been on a plane." "An example of a dot plot would be when the dots go up on your answers. You can use the plane question for this as well. You put the number of dots by the number of times you have been on a plane." said my teacher.

12: Chapter 4 | The next day when I came to school, I was thinking of all my sets of evidence I collected. I marched strait up to Tommy. "Why did you steal my wallet?" I said very angry. He looked taken back. " I didn't steal your wallet." "Then why did you talk to your friends about being rich? Having a new wallet?" "Because my dad just got a promotion and has a bigger salary. But I did find your wallet. It was under your chair, so I turned it into the office." he said. I ran all the way to the office not stopping. When I got the office, I asked for my wallet. The lady asked for my identity and went into the backroom. She finally came back with my wallet and I ran up to class.

13: wallet. I ran back up to class. I finally had my wallet and everything was back to normal.

14: Epiloge | After the skeme with my wallet was over, I made sure that all my zippers in my backpack were closed. Surprisingly, I also have a new best friend. You may know him.

15: Key: Emma:Blue Kendra: White Davis: Red Holly: Orange Angelique: Purple Christina: Green

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