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The Weekly Division

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BC: The Dream Team

FC: The Weekly Division | By: The Dream Team

1: Table of Contents Index on page 13 | Page 3- Biographical Sketch of Great mathmaticians | Page 4- Adds (cont. on page 12) | Page 5- Word Problem: Answer Page 5- Word Problem- Answer Page 5- word problem answer | Page 6- Math Crossword | Page 7- Math Crossword | Page 8- Stressed? | Page 9- Stressed? | Page 2- Word Problem | Page 11- Crossword Solution | Page 10- Math and Space

2: Word Problem Word Problem | Jamal and Salim are selling shoes and pictures at the Taj Ma Hal. There are Asian, American , and Portuguese people visiting. They are selling a variety of American shoes, French shoes, and African Shoes. If there are 5 American, 7 French , and 3 African shoes, as well as 3 Portuguese, 4 American, and 12 Asian people, what is the probability of a Portuguese person buying African shoes.

3: Isaac Newton Isaac Newton may have been one on the greatest mathematicians of all time. He was born on January 4, 1643 in Lincolnshire. He was born 3 months after the death of his father. When Isaac was 3 his mother remarried and went to live with her new husband. This left Isaac in the care of his grandmother. From the age of twelve to seventeen Newton went to school at the Kings school in Grantham, Lincolnshire. He was expelled from that school but let back in so he could complete his education. Newton was motivated by revenge for a school bully so he became the top ranked student in his class. In 1661, he was accepted into Trinity College. This is where he first started making his discoveries. In 1665, he discovered the generalized binomial theorem and began to develop another mathematical theory. The school closed down because of a precaution against the great plague but this gave Newton more time at home to develop his theories on Calculus, Optics, and the law of gravitation. Leibniz and he developed infinitesimal calculus independently. He also discovered Newton’s Identities, Newton’s methods, and classified Cubic plane curves. He also built the first reflecting telescope and studied the speed of sound. Newton’s theories have changed math very much.

4: Math Machine | Having trouble with intercepts? | The Math Machine is a great tutor. It helps you with your super-hard math homework that dumb kids like you can't handle. Call 1-800-529-DUMB for your own math machine.

5: Word Problem: Answer | Jamal and Salim are selling shoes and pictures at the Taj Ma Hal. There are Asian, American , and Portuguese people visiting. They are selling a variety of American shoes, French shoes, and African Shoes. If there are 5 American, 7 French , and 3 African shoes, as well as 3 Portuguese, 4 American, and 12 Asian people, what is the probability of a Portuguese person buying African shoes. | The answer is....: 3/95

6: Cules: | Math Crossword - Round to nearest 1 if necessary - write out answer, example: fiftysix DO NOT PUT SPACES BETWEEN WORDS IN ANSWERS | Down 1.58*3 2.Find circumference of a circle when radius is 2 in. 4.55+41 5.14*4 6.37+62 8.45 divided by nine 9.Square root of 144 | Across 3.42 divided by seven 7.Square root of 324 10.Square root of 256 11.Square root of 6084 12.Square root of 81 13.Find diameter of a circle when circumference is 12.56 | Answers on Page 11

7: Crossword:

8: Stressed? Need Help? We got you covered. Sometimes when you go to study for a test or a quiz you look in your bag and realize, "I did not bring my math book home!", well we found a way that you can study without that book. Genius way- make sure you got all the questions right on your homework and look over your notes to make sure you know all formulas by heart. Grade A way- look over what you missed on your homework study all your notes and take questions you missed from your homework to redo them. Grade B way- TEXT BOOK can be a key word in your vocabulary… but there are always practice worksheets on the text book website. If you have internet access, which you all do, you can just do some practice worksheets, memorize the formulas from your notes, and look over what you missed on your homework and try to understand it better. This way can sometimes guarantee an A. Grade C way- TEXT BOOKS are also very important to you. They explain everything your teacher does not. But if you follow the study Ideas from Grade B and A than you'll be as good as gold. (cont. on net page)

9: F STUDENTS BEWARE- If you have an F in math class than unless you follow all the instructions from the above you are sure to fail. But there are also added things you must do to keep your grade intact. You must do-over the worksheets that you had done in class or for homework. Also, you need to look online for quizzes over the material because there is bound to be one somewhere. TO ALL STUDENTS- If you really want to get a one-hundred do all of these things and it will be sure to help. And to all that this did not help, you may also find the online text book too. ~Meg B.

10: \ MATH AND SPACE: Earth and Sun Many people wondered about the sun, how big it is, or how far it is. The sun is the largest star in the galaxy, and without it, we would freeze to death. About 5 billion years ago, nearly all the cloud's gas was packed into a big, fuzzy ball at the center of the cloud. Then a very important thing happened. Deep inside the ball, the temperature rose high enough for fusion to start. Hydrogen began to turn into helium, making light and heat. What had been a ball of gas became a star: the Sun. And it has been rising and setting every day since. In the middle ages, many people thought the Earth was flat, and the sun and stars circled the Earth. And, when came up with the theory that the Earth is round, people didn’t listen. But around 350 B.C., Aristotle declared the Earth is round. And it wasn't till Galileo when figured out that Earth circles the sun. The Earth is 92.75 million miles (149 million kilometers) from the sun. Earth’s circumference is 24,901 miles (40,075 kilometers), but the sun’s is 2.7 million miles (4,366,813 kilometers). Therefore, the sun is over 100 times larger than Earth. NOW YA KNOW!!! - Rebecca W.

12: Re | Are you tired of your old, boring calculator; wish there could be a cool new calculator with games and apps. Well you wait no longer! The new Calculator-X 5000 has not only addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, but it has games and apps the you download right from your computer! You can play bm tron, Frogger, Pacman, and much more games. In fact, the Calculator-X 5000 is pocket sized, so you can act like your using your calculator in math class, but your really on the 12th level of Pacman. Call now and we will double the offer. But if you buy online (www.calculatorx5000.com), you receive 2 more Calculator-X 5000s with no extra charge! Call or Click NOW!!! The number is 1-800-297-5533

13: Index: Page 1: Table of Contents - Meg B. Page 2: Word Promblem - Meg B. Page 3: Isacc Newton Article - Natalie G. Page 4: Math Machine Advertizment - Meg B. Page 5: Math Promble Answer - Natalie G. Page 6-7: Crossword Puzzle - Rebecca W. Page 8-9: Self-Help Article - Meg B. Page 10: Math and Space Article - Rebecca W. Page 11: Crossword Puzzle Answer - Rebecca W. Page 12: Calculator-X 5000 - Rebecca W. Page 13: Index - Rebecca W. | Organizer- Rebecca W. Designer- Meg B. Editor- Natalie G.

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