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Their Eyes Were Watching God (Copy)

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FC: Their Eyes Were Watching God Imagery

1: Hurston, the author of the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, wrote this novel to show the past by showing imagery. She used her rich words, which contributes the imagery. Imagery is used in literature to refer to descriptive words and format.

2: "She saw a dust-bearing bee sink into the sanctum of a bloom; the thousand sister-calyxes arch to meet the love embrace and the ecstatic shiver of the tree from root to tiniest branch creaming in every blossom and frothing with delight. So this was marriage" (Hurston, pg. 11).

3: Hurston used imagery in this quotation by setting up the idea of dreams. Janie has been dreaming of the perfect marriage. Hurston used this by the pear tree marriage. This quote would go in the dream category, because she was wishing and dreaming this her whole life. This is when she was sixteen and sitting under the pear tree, and dreaming about marriage. She was thinking about how a man and a women would meet, and then their love will grow onto each other by the blossoms. She thought to herself this must be the perfect marriage. She kept dreaming this since she was young, until she found her perfect love.

4: "What make her head tied up lak some ole 'oman round de store? Nobody couldn't git me tuh tie no rag on mah head if Ah had hair lak dat" (Hurston, pg. 49).

5: In this quote it's referring to relationships. Hurston used relationships, by the image of a hair rag. Janie said, how the hair rag made her feel like a slave. In her three relationships, two of them treated her like a slave. One of them made her wear a hair rag. Janie had complicated relationships. Logan made her do all the work in the house. Joe, thought she was uneducated, because she was a women. Finally Teacake was the one that made her be herself. Hurston used imagery in the relationships by using symbols. Logan was the mule, because she was a hard worker; Joe was the hair rag, because he treated her like a slave, and Teacake was the keys, because he gave her the keys to the kingdom. I believe this quote is when the other people in the store was noticing that Joe was treating her unfairly. They thought Janie should wear her hair down. But, from Jodie's jealousy her wouldn't allow her to.

6: "Aw that mule is plenty strong. Jus' evil and don't want tuh be led" (Hurston, pg. 55).

7: This quote is referring to Janie as her expectations. Hurston shows imagery of her expectations by the mule. She wasn't expected by others to be a hard worker like a mule, but from herself. Hurston used this imagery to show people people she's a hard worker. She's not showing people she's a dumb as a mule, but by the mule's work ethics. Janie was working hard like a slave, even during hard times. I believe this quote is saying the mule is Janie. Janie is strong hearted through tough times. Also saying, she would never get led the wrong way. They used bad as for an example for evil.


9: For myself I used imagery for relationships, expectations, and goals also.

10: "Love is like a flower. If you water it too much, it will die. (Savidge).

11: In this quote I said how imagery for relationships is like a flower. I believe my quote is saying that love will grow most of the time. Depending if you really like the person. If you shower them with love all the time, it will soon fade away. Showering with love is like water for the flower, and you will always be the flower.

12: "A dream is like a star. You can see it, if you're in the right light." (Savidge).

13: This quote would go under the dream category. This quote to me means, your dream is your star, if you go in the right directions is life, you can catch it. Depending where you are in the world, you can see stars. In the city it is very difficult, because of all the city lights. If you live in the country, it is really easy to find your star. For the locations I described (city and country) is where you are in life. You can be in the city, which is like being in the gutter, and not finding your star, which is your dream. Or you can be in the country, which is the best place to be, and catch your star.

14: "When your life is in front of the camera 24/7 you're expected to be perfect." (Savidge).

15: This quote is used to show expectations for me. My symbol is a celebrity. In a way Janie was a celebrity for being the mayor's wife at one point of her life. Under the spot light all the time. Celebrities are like this too. They are expected to be perfect all the time because, they're under the camera and in the spotlight. This might mean they could also be role-models for others. That's my symbol for expectations, celebrities and their perfections. Even though we are not celebrities we are under the spotlight, but to other people we are. This makes them the cameras. We have to make fake smiles on bad days like they do. Janie was expected to be quiet and work with two of her husbands.

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